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Lancaster Friday 27/09/13 Show and Sale of Bullocks

Posted Friday, 27 September 2013, 4.46pm

Friday 27th September 2013

Weekly Sale of Store Cattle including the Annual Prize Show of Bullocks

Store Cattle

The annual show and sale of four Bullocks at Lancaster. The Pre-Sale judging was conducted by Mr. Rod Owen of Widness was presented with a lineup of extremely impressive pens of four bullocks. The champion pen was awarded to David and Maggie Kelly of Nether Hall Farm with four strong 18month old Limousin steers selling for £1580 to Frank Towers of Curwin Hill. The 2nd and 3rd prize rosettes were awarded to Stuart Cornthwaite of Brookhouse selling for £1440 and £1500 to Frank Towers of Curwin Hill. Thanks goes to our pre-sale show sponsor the Farmers Guardian.

An impressive entry of cattle forward at Lancaster sold to a sharper trade with the day’s top price a pair of Limousin steers from Nether Hall Farms selling for £1760 to Frank Towers of Curwin Hill with cattle from the same home also selling to £1710. An annual consignment of thirty continental steers from Stuart Cornthwaite of Brookhouse sold to £1600 and averaged a very impressive £1500. Native bred cattle as always good to sell at Lancaster with Angus steers selling to £1400 from JS Clark & Sons, Godson House Farm to DNO Scott & Son, Newton Villa with a trio of Hereford Steers from AJ & D Knowles, Windy selling for £1310. Heifers sold to a top price of £1370 for a Limousin from Tim Robinson of Rowell Farm. There were thirty cattle selling for £1500 or more today with all steers forward averaging £1049 and heifers averaging £908.

Friday 4th October is the normal weekly catalogued sale of store cattle to include the annual prize show of heifers.

OTM and Cast Cattle

Cast and OTM cattle sell to a stronger trade than the previous week at Lancaster. Cast steers sold to 194.5ppk from EE Thornton & Sons with cast heifers twice selling to 177.5ppk from the Blands of Tarnside Tower Farm and JH Towers of Tunstall Hall. Black and whites sold to 179.5ppk from the Smiths of Cocker House Farm. Limousin cows sold to 167.5ppk from Ballacutchel Farm of Isle of Man. All cast cows forward averaged 129ppk with Black and Whites averaging 118ppk.

Calves & Stirks

A smaller entry of 40 calves and stirks forward today sold to a brisk trade for all classes forward. Bull calves sold to £310 for 3 week old British Blue bull calves from RT Halhead, Norbreck Farm. Three week old Limousin bull calves sold for £250 from Andrew Dawson of Brow Top Farm. Three week old British Blue heifer calves sold to £210 from RT Halhead, Norbreck Farm. Black and white bull calves sold to £165 from TL Baldwin & Son closely followed behind by Smiths of Cocker House selling Black and White bull calves to £160 and £142. All black and white bull calves forward today averaged a very respectable £79. Stirks continue to be a buoyant trade with six month old name sired Hereford heifers selling to £435.

Entries to date Friday 4th October: 7 name sired AA bull & heifer calves, 2 Char bull & heifer calves, 6 BrB & AA 6/7mo Stirks.



FR- £1120 Moss Croft; £1090 Squires Gate Farm; £1090 Whitehaven; £1030 Old Glasson Farm; £1000 Downlands Farm; £980 Leylands Farm. LIM- £1760 £1710 £1580 Nether Hall Farm; £1560 Lane House Farm. CH-£1600 £1440 Lane House Farm; £1240 Langthwaite Heights; £980 Rye Close; £880 Whaitber. HE- £1310 Windy Hill Farm; £1270 Corney Hill Farm; £1270 King Bank Farm; £1100 High House Farm; £1090 Rowell Farm; £1010 Markfield Farm; £600 Moss House Farm.SIM- £1590 Lane House Farm; £1410 Gibraltar Farm; £1240 Crooklands Farm; £1220 King Bank Farm; £910 Friars Moss BA- £940 High House Farm. BRB- £1760 Nether Hall Farm; £1390 Church Farm; £1360 Gibraltar Farm; £1360 Greenlands Farm; £520 Ballacutchel Farms. AA- £1400 Godson House Farm; £1380 Millbeck; 1370 Cock Hall Farm; £1260 Rowell Farm; £1200 Myerscough Hall; £1190 Low Levens; £1160 The Bungalow; £1120 Forton Bank; £1110 Milton Moor Farm. SHO- £1080 Cock Hall Farm; £840 West Lynn; £810 Cabus Nook Farm. FKV- £1230 Leylands Farm. NR- £1040 Old Glasson Farm. ST- £1200 Moss Croft. MO- £1280 Godson House Farm; £1230 Leylands Farm. BAZ- £1380 Yarlsber SRW- £690 Bull Bank.


LIM- £1370 Rowell Farm; £1210 Underhelm Farm; £1140 Greenlands Farm; £990 King Bank Farm; £990 Jolley Fold Farm. HE- £1090 Underhelm Farm. SIM- £1040 Daniel Fold Farm BRB- £1190 Yew Tree Farm; £1090 Willow Shaw Farm; £1040 Lodge Farm AA- £1290 Daniel Fold Farm; £1220 Myerscough Hall; £1120 Raw End Farm; £1100 Underhelm Farm; £1090 Milton Moor Farm. SHO- £700 King Bank Farm. SA- £960 Greaves Farm


FR- 179.5 Cocker House Farm; 141.5 Strickland Hill; 139.5 Low Deepslack; 134.5 Tunstall Hall; 131.5 Ancliffe Hall Farm; 129.5 Mansrigg Hall; 129.5 Lucas Farm; 127.5 Lower Langthwaite Farm . LIM- 167.5 Ballacutchel Farms ; 161.5 Mansrigg Hall; 129.5 Hill Fell Gate CH- 127.5 Ballacutchel Farms. HE- 139.5 Mosergh Farm. SIM- 144.5 Ballacutchel Farms . BRB- 131.5 Ballacutchel Farms; 114.5 High Fell Gate. WB- 139.5 Ballacutchel Farms. SD- 159.5 Hatters Farm


FR- 177.5 Tunstall Hall; 177.5 Arnside Tower Farm; 147.5 Low Deepslack; 144.5 Redbank Farm .LIM- 174.5 Mearsbeck Farm.


LIM- 194.5 Dowlands Farm .CH- 144.5 Ballacutchel Farms.


FR- £165 Forton Hall Farm; £160 Cocker House Farm; £140 Brantbeck Farm; £125 Blackwood End; £115 Tills Farm; £102 Blackwood End ; £100 Lower Langthwaite Farm .LIM- £250 Lower Brow Top; £230 Forton Hall Farm .BRB- £310 Norbreck Farm.


BRB- £210, £195, £190 Norbreck Farm.


LIM- £400 Gateside Farm .HE- £435, £405, £395 Longwood House.


LIM-£310 Gateside Farm.

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