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Lancaster Friday 20/09/2013

Posted Friday, 20 September 2013, 12.35pm

Friday 20th September 2013

Store Cattle Prices Sharper than Previous Week

OTM and Cast Cattle

The trade was cast cows was as expected and followed market trends as the trade dropped throughout the week. Plain cows and cows straight out of the parlor sold between 70-80ppk. The top price of the day was a cast steer from TE & A Galbraith of Crooklands selling for 214.5ppk. Cast heifers sold to 211.5ppk for a Simmental from Norbreck Genetics. Cast cows sold to 181.5ppk from E & N Wright & Sons of Allcocks Farm with a Friesian. The easier trade led to all Black and whites averaging 106ppk with all cattle forward averaging 111ppk and cast heifers averaging 154ppk.

Store Cattle

There was a much improved show of Store Cattle with prices slightly in excess of last week. An impressive entry of over 540 store cattle forward sold to a ring full of buyers meaning a buyer for every class of cattle forward. Top price of the day a pair of Simmental steers from B Clark of Hill Fell Gate selling for £1590 to RT Owen Ltd. Heifers sold to £1310 from JM & F Gillett of King Bank Farm with a Limousin selling to Frank Towers of Curwin Hill. All steers forward averaged £975 with heifers averaging £911 with an impressive eleven cattle breaking the £1500 barrier.

Calves & Stirks

Calves and Stirks continue to be a strong trade at Lancaster with another strong entry of 75 calves and stirks forward. Bull calves sold to £330 for a Hereford from Drinkall Bros of Catshaw Hall to David France of Isle of Skye. Simmental bull claves sold to £265 from Cote Farm Partnership to Sam Hargreaves. British blue heifer calves twice sold to £255 from David Wallbank of Tills Farm and Philip Halhead of Norbreck Genetics. Striks continue to be a strong trade with a good following of buyer’s week on week. The top price stirk came from John Young of Lindale selling a six month old British Blue steer selling for £545 selling to John Towson. Heifer stirks sold to £450 for Saler heifers from AR Tattersall of Chorley selling to Tim Robinson.

Store Lambs

A nice show of Store Lambs forward with prices exceeding vendor’s expectations. Texels sold to £62, Mules to £56, Charollais to £59 & Cheviot to £58. Leading to a very pleasing average of £58. Please note next sale of Store Lambs is October Hill Fair day on Saturday 5th October 2013.



FR- £1190 Low Levens; £1190 Hallbeck; £1120 Moor House; £1110 Fairfield LIM- £1430 Crooklands Farm; £1390 Far Mount Barrow Farm; £1390 Hampsfield Hall; £1360 Ashley House; £1330 Endmoor Farm; £1310 Squires Gate Farm; £1290 King Bank Farm; £1280 North Farm; £1270 Whitehaven CH- £1500 Head House; £1390 Clarkson’s Farm; £1290 Far Mount Barrow Farm; £1200 Ashley House; £880 Croft Foot Farm HE- £1360 Toulbrick Farm; £1220 Kilburn House; £1200 Windy Hill; £1110 Daniel Fold Farm SIM- £1590 Hill Fell Gate; £1270 Ashley House; £1250 Far Mount Barrow Farm; £1240 Daniel Fold Farm; £1240 Whitehaven; £1110 King Bank Farm BA- £1360 Toulbrick Farm; £1220 Cock Hall Farm; £1110 Rowell Farm; £850 Slack Farm AA- £1360 Millbeck Farm; £1260 Low Levens; £1360 Shaws Farm; £1320 Moss View; £1300 Parkside Farm; £1250 Millbeck Farm SHO- £1180 Millbeck Farm; £1060 Longlands Farm; £600 Parks Farm Barn GA- £860 Cinderbarrow Farm CON- £1110 Cock Hall Farm MRI- £570 Hill Dale BS- £1080 Rowell Farm BRB- £1510 Head House; £1510 High Fell Gate; £1500 Moor Farm; £1480 Abrahams Farm; £1450 Crooklands Farm; £1400 Far Mount Barrow; £1370 Endmoor Farm; £1360 Low Kit Brow; £1260 Low Woodedge Farm MO- £1140 Fanny House Farm SRW- £1120 Fanny House Farm; £1110 Fairfield; £940 Squires Gate Farm; £660 Bull Bank Farm; £660 Bibbys Farm; £600 College Green


FR- £1070 College Green LIM- £1310 King Bank Farm ; £1180 Sandholme Farm; £1180 Rowell Farm; £1140 Lodge Cottage; £1140 Ingrave Farm; £1130 Bradia Garth; £1120 High Fell Gate; £1100 Brow Foot Farm; £1100 Booth Hall; £1060 Chestnut House Farm; £1050 Low Pleasant CH- £1230 Toulbrick Farm; £1010 Bradia Garth; £870 King Bank Farm; £760 Fleetwood Farm HE- £1120 Toulbrick Farm; £1080 Croppers Farm; £1020 Windy Hill Farm; £670 Ben Cragg Farm SIM- £1190 Toulbrick Farm; £1160 King Bank Farm; £1120 High Fell Gate; £1000 Nether Hall Farm; £960 Jolley Fold Farm; £840 Bradia Garth; £800 Corney Hill Farm; £640 Low Hall Beck AA- £1250 Toulbrick Farm; £1200 Sandholme Farm; £1120 Low House Farm; £1100 Park Farm; £1090 Plumpton Hall Farm SHO- £960 Jolley Fold Farm CON- £1280 Ingrave Farm ST- £770 9 Sand Lane BRB- £1300 Abrahams Farm; £1190 Toulbrick Farm; £1170 Yew Tree Farm; £1160 Ingrave Farm; £1120 Bouthwhaite Farm; £1090 Fell End Farm MO- £640 Lane House


FR- £550 Braddup Farm AA- £750 Newton Villa


FR 181.5 Allcocks Farm; 147.5 Holmescales Farm; 137.5 Langthwaite Heights; 137.5 Cockrigg Farm; 131.5 Hawkin Hall; 129.5 Allcocks Farm; 129.5 Birks Farm; 129.5, 127.5 Bank End Farm; 124.5 Bracken Lea Farm LIM- 139.5 Bank Farm; 134.5 Jubilee Farm; 129.5 Low House; 127.5 Hill Top; 127.5 Dunkenshaw Farm; 114.5 Leakses Farm; 111.5 Far Orrest; 107.5 Brunstow; 104.5 Leakses Farm; 104.5 Braida Garth SIM- 174.5 Bradia Garth; 149.5 King Bank Farm; 137.5 Hill Top; 119.5 Kate Farm BA- 134.5 Braida Garth; 131.5 Far Orrest; 119.5 Dunkenshaw Farm BRB- 139.5 Jubilee Farm; 139.5 Botton Hall Farm; 119.5 Oak Head Farm JE- 61.5, 44.5 Hallbeck AY- 79.5 Lower Brow Top AA- 124.5 Bank Farm; 104.5 Bradia Garth GA- 64.5 Kate Farm MO-119.5 Hawkin Hall; 74.5 Lane House


FR- 174.5 Allcocks Farm; 134.5 Cockrigg Farm; 109.5 Foxdale Cottage SIM- 211.5 Norbreck Farm


FR- 174.5, 169.5 Corney Hall Farm; 157.5, 117.5 Blackleach House Farm LIM- 214.5 Crooklands Farm; 197.5 Houlker Barn Farm


FR- £280 Boundary House; £185 Hood Ridding Farm; £160 Cote Farm; £148 Catshaw Hall Farm; £115 Tills Farm; £115 Holly House Farm LIM- £225 England’s Head Farm HE- £330 Catshaw Hall Farm SIM- £265 Cote Farm; £230 Cat House Farm AA- £235 Hatters Farm BRB- £248 Norbreck Farm; £195 North Farm MO- £390 103Bury Lane

HEIFER CALF– LIM- £169 England’s Head Farm; £150 North Farm SIM- £290 Bury Lane AA- £210 Hatters Farm SA-£450 103 Bury Lane BRB- £430 103Bury Lane; £255 Tills Farm; £255Norbreck Farm


LIM- £395 Moss End Farm AA- £400 Moss End Farm BRB- £415 Moss End Farm


LIM-£470 Moss End Farm BRB- £545 Moss End Farm; £475 Pilling Lane


MULE-£56 Marl House CH- £59 Anderton Fold Farm; £59 Ashlack Hall CHEV- £58 Cragg Farm TEX- £62 Anderton Fold Farm; £59 Marl House

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