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NWA Lancaster Monday 05/08/13

Posted Monday, 05 August 2013, 6.22pm

Prime Lambs a stronger trade in NWA Lancaster

Prime Lambs
Prime lambs at Lancaster averaged 206ppk topping at £117 per head. An entry of 1264 prime lambs sold to a ring of eight eager buyers keen to fill their orders. As per usual quality lambs and best finished lambs in strongest demand. The day’s trade was topped at 231ppk for a pen of good conformation lambs from A G Stafford, this was closely followed by Robin Dean of Chipping selling a pen of 28 Texel lambs to 226ppk. The day’s top price was from Graham Surtees selling heavy Suffolk lambs to £117 per head. Drinkall Bros of Catshaw Hall had the next top price of the day selling heavy Texel lambs to £110 per head.

Cast Sheep
The imminent end of the Muslim festival saw cast ewes in strong demand today with all classes of ewes a good trade. Trade was topped by Smiths of Cocker House with three Suffolk rams selling to £116. Cast ewes topped at £100 for powerful Texel x ewes with Texel ewes averaging just short of £70 per head. Mule ewes topped at £73 a head with plenty of pens of ewes carrying flesh in the late sixties. All cast sheep forward today averaged £55.

Prime Bulls
A better quality show of bulls forward this morning at Lancaster meeting a strong trade averaging 193ppk. The trade was topped at 212.5ppk from S & B M Lawrenson & Son with a Charolais x bull. The top price of the day was from the Swarbricks of Benson Farm selling to £1331 for a British Blue bull. The majority of the bulls today came to over a thousand pounds. Black and white bulls topped at 171ppk from JS & KM Wilson with black and whites averaging 167ppk.

Top Prices:
PRIME LAMBS - SUFF: £117 Rowallen House; £99 Booth Hall; £92 Hallbeck; £87 Appletree; £84 Brown Edge, Bradlow Farm; £83 Ancliffe Hall. Cont: £70 Springfield Farm. Mule: £76 Long Streets; £75 Burnt House, Highfield Farm; £71.50 Gunnerthwaite. Char: £88.50 Old Glasson; £85 Stirzakers Farm; £83 Claughton Hall; £81.50 Burnt House; £80 Capernwray Hall, Wyre Farm. Chev: £77.50 Beckfoot Farm Cottage. Texel: £110 Catshaw Hall; £107 Hutton Roof Hall; £96 Old Woodhouse; £91.50 Old Glasson; £90 Claughton Hall, Birch Croft; £88.50 Hallbeck, Tenters Farm; £88 Hall Trees Farm; £87.50 Low Kit Brow
CAST SHEEP - SUFF: £116 Cocker House; £88 Goose Green; £60 Ancliffe Hall; £50 Hall Croft Barn. Masham: £48 Middle Lee. Mule: £73 Wyre Farm; £72 Wyresdale Park; £70 Curwin Hill, Barrow Greaves; £69 Burrow Heights; £68 Barrow Greaves; £67 Ancliffe Hall, Lentworth Farm. Horned: £52 Catshaw Hall; £50 Wyresdale Park; £34 Hazelslack Tower. Chev: £60 Goose Green. Texel: £100 Intack Farm; £99 Hall Trees Farm; £88 Farleton House; £86 Lentworth Farm; £85 Ancliffe Hall; £82 Ellers Farm; £74 Farleton House. Leic: £96 Appletree Farm. Jacob: £65 The Dell.
PRIME BULLS – Lim: 211.5p/kg Northwoods Farm. BRB: 206.5p/kg Yeat House; 202.5p/kg & 198.5p High House; 201.5p/kg & 192.5p/kg Bensons Farm. Char: 212.5p/kg & 200.5p/kg Northwoods Farm. Mont: 195.5p/kg Bensons Farm. Fr: 171.5p/kg High House; 158.5p/kg Yeat House.

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