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NWA J36 Crooklands Tuesday 13 August 2013

Posted Wednesday, 14 August 2013, 12.18pm

NWA J36 held it’s weekly sale of Prime Sheep with 2,430 sold to a ringside of 12 buyers.

Well-bred lambs continue to sell to a premium, topping at 225p/kg for a smart pen of Beltex x lambs from F Joel. Plenty of pens were195p/kg – 210p/kg. Charollais reached 202p/kg from R A & C Benson. Texels 202p/kg from J W Palmer with Suffolks 193p/kg from T H Garnett & Son. Mules reached 180p/kg from A Dixon & Son. Lambs reached £97 for Beltex x from J A Chapman, followed by J Stott with Texels at £92.

Buyers continue to compete for all types with lambs ranging from 27kg – 50 kg, averaging 184p/kg throughout.

Cast Sheep

Over 700 Cast Sheep saw meated ewes continue to sell well with over-fat and leanest ewes harder to sell. Continentals generally were £68-£82. Mules £55-£65 with hill ewes £28-£48


The monthly sale of pigs saw over 140 forward with something for everyone. £180 was the top price achieved for a sow from Slakes Farm, with plenty over £150 with prime pigs £120-£150.

Stores reached £72 from Plumpton Foot Farm with others at £60

A large entry of weaners this month saw the best £48 from Lonsdale Terrace.

Top prices

Prime Lambs: Suff: £89 New Close; £86 Lambrigg Head; £85 Long Green Head; £83.50 Park House Farm; £82.50 Whittington Farm; £82 Hawes Farm; £81 Swimmers Farm. Tex: £97 North Lodge; £92 Kingsland, White House; £91 Mansergh High; £86 Mid Town House; £85 Westhouse Lodge; £84.50, £83 High Chapel Farm. Char: £86, £83 Greaves Farm; £86, £85 Myers Farm; £85 Kingsland; £83 Westhouse Lodge. Beltex: £88, £82 Westhouse Lodge; £83 Crook o Lune Farm; £82.50 Trees Farm; £81 Grayrigg Foot; £80 Lambrigg Head. Dors: £70.50 Mutton Hall. Mule: £71 Croft Foot Farm; £70 Flodder Hall; £69 Crabtree Farm; £68.50 Kit Crag; £67.50 Nether House Farm; £66 Gamswell. RghFell: £72.50 Croft Foot. Mash: £60 Low Garths.

Cast Sheep: Cont: £93 Greaves Farm; £88, £77 Davy Bank; £78, £74 Trees Farm; £74 Stubb Farm, High Chapel Farm; £72 High Wray Farm; £70 Gibraltar Farm. Horned: £56, £50, £48 Croft Foot Farm; £49 Sedbergh Road, Nether Houses Farm; £45 Gamswell Farm, Low Gregg Hall; £43 Yarlsber; £42 Gatesgarth. Leic: £60 Kit Cragg. Herd: £66 Gatesgarth; £58 Newoaks Farm; £42 Chapel Farm. Mule: £64 Gibraltar Farm; £63 Grayrigg Foot; £64 Ashtree Cottage; £58 Greaves Farm.

Pigs: Sows: £180, £175 Slakes Farm; £150 High Acres Farm. Boars: £165, Low Howgill. Fat Pigs: £150, £130 High Hollins; £120 Lincolns Inn. Store Pigs: £72 Plumpton Foot Farm; £60 Temple House; £52 Hazel Head Farm. Weaners: £48 Lonsdale Terrace; £44 Cobble Hey Farm.

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