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NWA J36 Crooklands Tuesday 06/08/13

Posted Wednesday, 07 August 2013, 3.13pm

Prime Lambs to 224.3p/kg & £110 per head, Cast Sheep to £110 per head

NWA J36 held its weekly prime sheep sale with just shy of 3,000 sheep sold to a full ringside of buyers with new faces continuing to attend this popular sale.

Prime lambs sold to a superb 224.3p/kg for a pen of smart Texel lambs from J & JM Harper. Plenty of pens over £2 per kilo with Beltex to 210p/kg from B & AC Barnes, Charollais 209p/kg from GG Long and Mules to 194p/kg from A & L Huddleston. Texel lambs from TH & D Cornthwaite led the market at £110 per head closely followed at £108 by J & M Dixon. Well bred, well fleshed lambs selling to a premium with all lambs today averaging 193p/kg.

A large entry of Cast sheep with numbers continuing to rise and new buyers in attendance. Heavy ewes reached £110 from BM & JM Haddow, most £95 - £105. Mules sold to £80 from JA Airey. Horned ewes peaked at £67 with leaner sorts £25-£38.

PRIME LAMBS – Texel: £110 Low Tarn Green; £108 Harrison Farm; £105 Birkhaw; £95 Brown Edge; £94 Cockrigg; £90 Smithy Cottage, High House (Helsington), Barker Knott. Suffolk: £93 Rathvale Farm; £92 Southways; £85.50 Raw Head; £84 High House (Natland); £83 Gamswell Farm; £82.50 Swallowmire. Beltex: £84 Gamswell Farm; £80 Poppy Farm, Hawkin Hall. Char: £93 Black Bull Farm; £86 Rathvale Farm; £82.50 Capplethwaite Hall; £80 Stirzakers Farm; £79 Low House. Mule: £79 Arklid Farm; £74.50 Ashstead; £73.50 Barbon Fell House; £71 Cooper House; £69.50 Moss End Farm; £67 Low Rough Hill. Rough Fell: £65 Moss End Farm.
CAST SHEEP – Suff: £102 Strickland Tenement; £100 Birkhaw; £89 Viver Mill. Cont: £108 Parr Bank, Horrace Farm; £95 Helm Croft, Gibraltar Farm; £92 Underley. Mule: £80 Old Croft; £78 High House (Kirkby Lonsdale); £77 Arklid. Swale: £54 Hall Farm; £50 Barrowfield. Rough Fell: £63 Moss End Farm . Horned: £67 Arklid; £62 Moss End Farm; £55 Preston Patrick Hall. Chev: £31 Woodside. Texel: £110 Viver Mill; £102 Low Rough Hill; £98 Gamswell Farm. Leicester: £104 Preston Patrick Hall, Sykes Farm, Sykes Farm. Jacob: £29 Moss End Farm. Herdwick: £52 Poppy Farm; £41 Stang End

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