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NWA J36 Crooklands Thursday 15th August 2013

Posted Friday, 16 August 2013, 9.13am

Yearling Stores to £1075, Dairy Cattle to £2020, OTM’s to 184.5p/kg & £1503,
Store Lambs to £73

Store Cattle were greeted with a competitive trade from a ringside of buyers which once again contained several new faces. Heifers and calves reached £1600 for a Limousin x Heifer with calf at foot from R & A Galbraith. Steers reached £1075 for yearling Limousin steers from SH Wightman who sold British Blue x at £940. Native steers reached £800 for Angus x. Heifers sold to £1000 for British Blue x from MJ Waller with yearlings from GG Long to £850. A run of pure Herefords sold to £800 & £795 from RC & SC Cleasby. Dairy bred steers sold to £790 from RW Nicholson. The Next Fortnightly Sale on Thursday 29th August will include a Prize Show & Sale of Beef Breeding and Store Cattle – please advise entries for catalogue by Thursday 22nd August.

Cast/Feeding cows & OTM Clean Cattle reached 157.5p/kg for Continentals from DJ Clarke with dairy bred cows to 147.5p/kg from JD Inman. Top price per head for cows was £1133. Heifers sold to 140.5p/kg (£854) with bull 184.5p/kg (1503) from A Dixon & Son

Another large entry of calves attracted new buyers once again. Continentals reached £318 for bull calves from RJ & KR Wilkinson with heifers to £278 from RA & E Edmondson. Dairy bulls topped at £268 twice from Messrs Brown with all sold averaging £92. Shorthorn bulls sold at £100 from JR Handley.

A pleasing entry of dairy cattle were greeted by a ringside of buyers keen to make purchases. R & J Dodgson led the way with a strong heifer, 10 days calved giving 27 litres selling for £2020. Ayrshire heifers reached £1450 from DR & C Galbraith who sold cows to £1420. New Calved Cows sold to £1420 and averaged £1260 and New Calved Heifers sold to £2020 and averaged £1550. Next sale Thursday 29th August – please advise entries.

Store Lambs saw a competitive trade for all types to produce an average of £56.45. Top price was £73 from JR Handley for a pen of Charollais lambs. Other shorter keep lambs £65-£71. Medium keepers to £64.50 from MJ Waller, with only smallest lambs under £48.


Cast Cows:  Lim: 157.5p, 156.5p,147.5p Orphan Crag Barn; 127.5p Howe Farm, Middle Sadghyll. BB: 145.5p Crabtree Farm; 122.5p Moss Howe Farm. AA: 144.5p Natland Mill Beck Farm, Orphan Crag Barn. FR: 147.5p, 140.5p Strickland Hill; 135.5p Orphan Crag Barn; 129.5p Hagg Farm; 113.5p Lambrigg Head Farm. Sim: 118.5p Luneside. Pie: 118.5p Middle Sadghyll.

Cast Heifers: FR: 140.5p, 124.5p Hollins Farm. Lim: 133.5p The Lodge. AA: 114.5p The Lodge.

Cast Bulls/Strs: Stab: 184.5p Kit Crag. Char: 170.5p Kit Crag. Lim: 144.5p, 139.5p Singleton Park

Store Cattle:

Steers: Lim: £1075, £850 Low Woodhouse; £750 Green Lane End Farm. BB: £940, £900, £750 Low Woodhouse. Mont: £790, £695, £680 Green Lane End Farm. AA: £800 Low Woodhouse; £640 Ghyll Foot Cottage. SRW: £750 Green Lane End Farm. FR: £500 Deerslet Farm.

Heifers: Lim: £850, £820 Rathvale Farm; £705 Green Lane End Farm. Here: £800, £795, £775 Angerton. AA: £800 Low Woodhouse; £765 Rathvale Farm. BB: £1000 Carlingwha; £875, £770, £750 Low Woodhouse; £825, £750 Lane End.

Bulls: AA: £440 Ghyll Foot Cottage. FR: £400 Jenkin Crag Farm.

Heifers & Calves: Lim: £1600, £1020 Carter House; £1220, £1000 High Hollins.

Bull Calves:  FR: £268, £170, £150, £125 Kiskin Farm; £240 Rakesmoor Farm; £165, £150, £140 Elm Tree Farm. Lim: £330, £300 Rakesmoor Farm; £260, £242 Monk Foss Farm. Here: £240 Strickland Hill. AA: £220 Bellart Howe. Short: £100, £85 School House. Stab: £318 High Foulshaw. BB: £220 Hollins Farm; £210, £190 Wraysholme Tower.

Heifer Calves: Lim: £350, £240 Rakesmoor Farm; £278 High Barns; £270 Spout House; £235, £230, £200 Monk Foss Farm; £235 Halforth Farm. Brit White: £290 Bellart Howe. BB: £275, £230 Wraysholme Tower.

Store Lambs: Char: £73 School House; £55, £50.50 Sandgate Farm. Suff: £62.50, £57 Sunny Brow; £61 Low Hundhowe; £55 Quarry Top; £52 Grate Farm. Tex: £69, £64.50 Carlingwha; £68, £65, £62.50 High Ghyll Farm; £64 Newoaks Farm; £61.50, £60.50 Espland.

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