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Lancaster Monday 26/08/13

Posted Monday, 26 August 2013, 11.24am

Prime Lambs Similar Trade to Previous Week

Prime Lambs

Prime lamb trade at NWA Lancaster was in line with other markets at the end of the previous with lambs averaging 174ppk as more hill bred lambs coming forward to the market as buyers looking for well fleshed lambs. The trade topped at 190ppk by R & DM Cardwell of Stalmine and K Whitaker & Son of Bay Horse selling Texel x lambs to David Stamper. Top price of the day came from Ken Kelsal of Brown Book selling Texel lambs to £80. Mule lambs sold to 171ppk from Brian Carter with mule lambs averaging 168ppk.

Cast Sheep

Cast sheep continue to be a similar with a pen of Pure Texel ewes from Ken Kelsal of Brown Brook topping the trade at £99. Mule ewes sold to £64 from J M Sanderson of Lower Highfield with all mules averaging £54. Horn ewes to £37 with all sheep forward averaging £53.

Prime Bulls

Just a handful of bulls forward today with Limousin bulls from Peter Cummings of Holme selling to 214.5ppk and 213.5ppk for good conformation bulls with all bulls forward averaging 206ppk.

Top Prices:


Suffolk: £75 Claughton Hall; £74 Fell End; £73 Ellers Farm; £72.50 Hall Croft Barn; £71.50 Fell End; £71 Old Grange; £70 Bradlow Farm; £69.50 Underley; £69 Old Grange. Masham: £73 Holme House; £70.50 Yarlsber. Mule: £71 Yarlsber, Holme House; £70.50 Isle of Skye; £70 Cragg End. Charollais: £71 Claughton Hall; £69.50 Burrow Heights. Cheviot: £68 Underley. Texel: £80 Brown Brook; £79.50 Lane House; £79 Inverbervie; £78.50 Fell End; £78 Moss Side; £77 Claughton Hall; £76 Stirzakers, Claughton Hall, Moss Side; £75 Ellers Farm, Lane House.

Cast Sheep:

Mule:£64 Lower Highfield; £63 North Farm; £61 Greenbank, North Farm; £60 Greenbank; £51 Ellers Farm; £44 Brown Brook, £39 Greenbank; £38 Greenbank, Yates Farm; £23 Brown Brook. Masham: £37 Farleton House. Half Bred: £67 Upper Greenbank; £64 Upper Greenbank; £52 Upper Greenbank; £34 Upper Greenbank. Horned: £37 Deepclough; £28 Kays Farm; £27 Holme House; £23 Deepclough. Charollais: £76 Stirzakers. Texel: £99 Brown Brook; £77 Stirzakers; £60 Oxlands Holme; £56 Newhouse; £53 Stirzakers; £44 Oxlands Holme; £25 Oxlands Holme; £12 Oxlands Holme.

Prime Bulls:

Lim:199.50 Northwoods; 214.50 Holme Field; 213.50 Holme Field; 197.50 Holme Field.

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