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Lancaster Monday 22/07/13

Posted Monday, 22 July 2013, 1.43pm

This Monday Lancaster had over 1000 lambs forward at its weekly sale with all lambs averaging 186p/kg with best meated lambs regularly 195-205p/kg topping at 215.5p/kg for Texels from A & E Clarkson Ltd. Suffolk lambs reached 200p/kg for a smart pair from B & J Preston. JH Gardner sold best heavy Texels to £97, Suffolks to £85 from AR Gardner and Charollais to £80 from PD Anderton.

Cast sheep sold to £94 for a pure Suffolk ewe from TM Townley, with continentals to £88 and mules generally £60-£75.

Prime bulls topped at 209.5p/kg for Limousin cross from JA Airey with others at 203.5p/kg. Dairy bulls selling to a top price this week of 162.5p/kg for HF from TD & A Garnder. Top price per head was £1099 for Limousin cross from JA Airey with Charollais cross from K Whitaker close behind at £1061, £1027. More prime cattle needed each week with orders to fill ringside.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs:

DOR:£89 Cabus Nook. SUFF: £85 2 Wellington View; £78 Ellers Farm; £77 13 St johns Ave; £76.5 Ivy Farm; £76 Parks Farm Barn; £75 Knowsley Farm; £75 North Farm; £72 Low Kit Brow; £72.50 Highfield Farm; £72.50 Middle Lea Farm; £70.50 Brown Edge. MULE: £68 Highfield Farm. CHAR: £80 Wyre Farm; £73 Burrow Heights; £72 Middle Ridge Farm; £72 15 Sussex Drive; £67 Stirzakers. CHEV: £73 Highfield Farm. TEX: £97 Moss Cottage; £87 Bailey Hey Farm; £86 Cock Hall Farm; £85 The Dell; £85 Wilson Wood; £83 Brown Brook; £82 Mearsbeck Farm; £81 Parks Farm Barn; £80.50 Stirzakers Farm; £80 Tarnwater Farm; £80 Carr House Farm; £79.50 Old Glasson Farm; £79 North Farm; £78.50 Ellers Farm; £78.50 Hopes Hill. LLEYN: £72 Low Pleasant.

Cast Sheep:

SUFF: £94 Knowsley Farm. CONT: £78 Ewan Mill. MULE: £75 Burrow Heights Farm; £73 Stirzakers Farm; £66 Farleton House; £60 Highfield Farm. TEX: £88 Hazelslack Tower; £86 Sellerley Fields; £76 Moss Cottage; £72 The Dingle; £70 Burrow Heights; £54 Ellers Farm. LLEYN: £53 Low Pleasant.

Prime Bulls:

HF: 162.5 147.5 Larbreck Hill; 159.5 146.5 136.5 Calcalds Farm. LIM: 209.5; 203.5 Old Croft; 191.5 Larbreck Hill. BRB: 192.5 Larbreck Hill. CHAR: 185.5 183.5 Stirzakers Farm.

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