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Lancaster Monday 15/07/13

Posted Monday, 15 July 2013, 3.49pm

NWA Lancaster sold over 1300 prime sheep to a ringside of buyers keen to compete for all types. All lambs sold averaged to 227p/kg. Prime lambs sold to £113 for Beltex X from Bargh Contractors who sold others at £110, £108. Suffolk X lambs reached £97 from WJ Barker. Top price /kg was 270p/kg again from Bargh Contractors with medium lambs to 257p/kg from KM Baxter. Cast Sheep fewer in numbers this week selling to £75 from continentals with mules to £73.

Prime Bulls reached 205p/kg from S &BM Lawrenson & Sons with others at 204p/kg. Lighter bulls reached 201p/kg for Limousin X from J A Airey. Over half the entry were over £1000 today reaching £1224, £1216 from S & B M Lawrenson.

A pair of prime Limousin from J A Bracken reached 227p/kg (£1244) with buyers requesting more next week.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs

SUFF:£100 Oak Head Farm; £97 Brown Edge; £96.50 94.50 Fell End Farm; £93 High House Farm; £92.50 Underley Estate Office; £92 Hallbeck; £92 Orchard House; £92 Old Grange; £91 Keer Holme; £89.50 Greenbank; £89 North Farm. CHAR: £94 Claughton Hall Farm; £94 Capernwray Hall. TEX: £113 £110 £108 2 Old Woodhouse; £100 Yeat House; £99 Scronkey Farm; £97 Bailey Hey Farm; £96.50 Old Grange Farm; £96 Springs Farm; £95 Oak Head Farm; £95 Newhouse Farm; £95 Cragg End; £95 Carolina; £95 Yeat House; £95 Bibbys Farm; £94.50 Lower Highfield; £94 Claughton Hall; £94 Gibsons Farm; £94 High House Farm.Cast Sheep

CONT: £68 Moss House Farm. MULE: £73 Keer Holme; £67 New Parkside Farm; £65 Burrow Heights; £64 Hallbeck; £64 Fanny House Farm; £62 Goose Green; £60 Greenwoods; £60 Oak Head Farm; £60 Cragg End. HORN: £46 Hare Apple Tree. TEX: £75 Sellerley Fields; £75 Newhouse Farm; £70 Burrow Heights; £67 Fairy Hill.

Prime Bulls

HF: 185.5 182.5 Larbreck Hill Farm. LIM: 201.5 Old Croft. SIM: 204.5 Northwoods Farm. AA: 183.5 Larbreck Hill. STAB: 205.5 Northwoods Farm. MON: 181.5 Larbreck Hill.

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