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Lancaster Monday 24/06/13

Posted Monday, 24 June 2013, 12.20pm

Lambs to 313p/kg (£123) at a busy Lancaster Monday

An increased ringside of buyers forward this week, 10 ringside representing 18 outlets. A complete market average of 244p/kg for all lambs sold ranging from 32kg to 47kg. The £3/kg barrier was broken today on several occasions with AG Butler leading the way with Beltex cross at 313p/kg for lambs grading 38kg. Plenty of well fleshed Texels and Suffolks 250-270p/kg with Suffolks reaching 273p/kg from N Park. Texel sired lambs topped the sale at £123 from FA Nowell & Ptns and JK & BE Townley, Charollais to £105 and Suffolks £113.

Cast sheep reached £110 for fit Texel ewes with others between £90-£100. Best mules at £96 averaging £67 with horned ewes to £50.

Prime bulls reached 209p/kg for BRB from E & N Wright & Sons with Char cross at 205p/kg from WE Robinson. Dairy bulls peaked at 187.5p/kg for British Friesian from E & N Wright & Sons. Plenty of bulls over £1000 topping at £1239 for Char cross from WE Robinson.

More bulls required next week with particular requests from buyers for clean cattle.

Top Prices:

Spring Lambs

SUFF: £113 Blackleach House; £109 Highfield Farm; £107 Keepers Cottage; £104 Fell End Farm; £104 Lower Highfield; £101 Birds Park Farm; £99 Downlands Farm; £97 Kitchen Ground Farm; £96.50 Booth Hall; £96 North Farm; £95 Hill Top; £95 Brown Edge; £94 Barrow Greaves Farm. CHAR: £105 Claughton Hall Farm; £105 Capernwray Hall; £101 Oak Head Farm; £99 Burrow Heights; £94 Springfield Farm. CHEV: £101 Highfield Farm; £79 Borran Lane. TEX: £123 Mearsbeck Farm; £123 Oak Head Farm; £120 Intack Farm; £120 Parks Farm Barn; £115 £113 Brown Edge; £113 Blackleach House Farm; £110 Booth Hall; £110 Moss House Farm; £109 Burrow Heights; £108 Fell End Farm; £108 Downlands Farm; £108 Cock Hall Farm; £107 5 Holme Field.

Cast Sheep

SUFF: £83 Tenters Farm. MULE: £96 £70 Cock Hall Farm; £68 £61 Hill Top. HORN: £50 Allcocks Farm. CHAR: £84 Low Foulshaw Farm. TEX: £110 Parks Barn Farm; £92 Lower Castle O Trim; £92 Askew Hill; £77 Moss House Farm; £69 Cock Hall Farm; £69 Corney Hall Farm. LLEYN: £100 £86 £84 £80 Low Foulshaw Farm; £72 Corney Hall Farm.

Prime Bulls (p/kg)

HF: 187.5 Allcocks Farm; 168.5 Larbreck Hill. HE: 193.5 Shepherds Farm. SIM: 193.5 Larbreck Hill; 183.5 Shepherds Farm. BRB: 209.5 Allcocks Farm; 188.5 186.5 Larbreck Hill. MON: 179.5 Lane House. CHAR: 205.5 203.5 Shepherds Farm; 200.5 194.5 Stirzakers Farm.

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