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Lancaster Monday 10/06/13

Posted Monday, 10 June 2013, 12.43pm

Prime Lambs
More numbers forward for sale this week. Quality lambs still realising a premium with others harder to place. Medium weights averaged 232.7p/kg in line with other centres. Brian Wood topped the market with a top price per head of £125 for a smart 42kg Texel x lamb (298p/kg). The top price per kilo of £3.08 was paid for a quality pair of Texel x lambs from Andrew Butler selling at £123 per head. A pen of 11 Suffolks from ST Birkett sold at £99.50 per head. Light lambs from D & DW Prickett sold at £76 for 32kg Beltex x.

The Prime hogg season is coming to a close, 71 forward this week selling to £89 per head & 208p/kg.

Cast Sheep
All classes of cast sheep were slightly dearer on the week especially the leaner ewes. Suffolks topped at £110 from AR Gardner, Texels £100 from Ripley School, Mules £81 from EE Thornton & Sons and Charollais to £92 from T & E Burrow. Overall average £71.08.

Prime Cattle
It was nice to see some clean cattle in the ring today which met a flying trade. Three quality Limousin heifers from JE Bracken sold to 229.5p/kg £1264.55. Prime bulls sold to 207.5p/kg and £1238.78 for British Blues from JS & KM Wilson & Son and Limousins from TD & A Gardner sold to 206.5p/kg. Dairy bulls from GA Haston & Son sold at 195.5p/kg.

Top Prices:
PRIME LAMBS - Suff: £99.50 Hall Croft Barn; £99 Brown Edge; £97 Booth Hall; £96 Lower Highfield; £95 Downlands Farm; £94 Highfield Farm; £93 Hill Top. Char: £99 Burrow Heights; Fell End; £89.50 Springfield Farm; £80 Stirzakers Farm. Texel: £125 Middle Ridge; £123 Parks Farm Barn; £120 Springfield Farm; £112 Brown Edge; £111 Moss Side Farm; £110 Corney Hall. Dorset: £87 Cabus Nook Farm.
PRIME HOGGS - Suff: £65 Brockthorn. Mule: £81 Oak Tree; £79 Barrow Greaves. Texel: £89 Middle Ridge; £79 Barrow Greaves, Oak Tree; £77 Farleton House; £73 Throstle Grove.
CAST SHEEP – Suff: £110 Wellington View; £64 Downlands Farm. Mule: £81 Downlands Farm; £78 Lower Highfield; £76 Downlands Farm; £74 Burrow Heights. Char: £92 Throstle Grove. Texel: £100 Ripley; £92 Moss Side Farm; £90 Downlands Farm; £88 Corney Hall. Herdwick: £37 Pott Yeats.
PRIME BULLS – Lim: 206.5p/kg, 205.5p/kg & 199.5p/kg Larbreck Hill. BRB: 207.5p/kg & 198.5p/kg High House. Mont: 195.5p/kg Lane House. Fr: 170.5p/kg High House.
CLEAN CATTLE – Lim: 229.5p/kg, 223.5p/kg & 211.5p/kg New House Farm.

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