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J36 Kendal Tuesday 25th June 2013

Posted Friday, 28 June 2013, 9.40am

Prime Lambs.  An increased number of lambs once again met a solid trade for all classes and weights sold with all lambs greatly sought after with both High Street butchers and major abattoir outlets looking to purchase sheep. With some firms being back in the market place after a period of absence and good to see them returning to the live ring. Although not quite seeing the highs of the previous day’s trade, an overall market average of 226.04p/kg fell well in line with the day’s national averages and still being some 24p/kg dearer than the same week 12 months ago. Lambs 38-42 kg were the easiest to sell. Lambs topped at £115/head for a pen of continental lambs from M Blease of Carnforth. Closely followed at £114/head for Suffolk x lambs from M G & J Parker of Wennington. A top price per kg of 255.3p went for a cracking pen of Texel x lambs from Messrs A E Atkinson & Son of Endmoor.

Prime Hoggs A few still coming forward and these topped at £85/head for Texel x hoggs from M W & M R Black of Staveley, and a top of 190.7p/kg with an average of 133.19p/kg

Cast Sheep A very similar trade to last week with a top call of £97 for Texel x ewes from Mr G H Bell of Kirkby Lonsdale.


PRIME LAMBS – TEX: £101, £99.50 Cockrigg Farm; £100 The Borrans, Helm Croft, Spital Farm, Red Lodge; £98 High House Farm; £97 Burnt House, Stubb Farm; £96.50 Green Lane End Farm. Suffolk: £114 Lodge Farm; £106 HighHouse Farm; £100 Nether House Farm; £100 The Barn; £98 Raw Head; £97 Hollins Farm; £97 Cracalt Farm. CONT: £115 The Barn; £94 Park House; £91 Baycliffe Farm; £91 Mosergh Farm; £89 Crabtree Farm. ROUGH: £67 Steps Farm. CHAR: £109 Dale View; £100 Nether House Farm; £99 Oak Head Farm; £90 The Barn; £89.50 Myres Farm; £89 Hill Farm; £87 Crook O Lune Farm. BELTEX: £92 Red Lodge; £91 Burnt House.

Prime Hoggs – SUFF: £79 Larkrigg; £54 The Galleon. MASH: £45 Mosergh Hall. MULE: £83 Howe Farm; £83 Brow Head; £64 Black Bull Cottage. SWALE: £52 Overhouses; £46 Howe Farm. ROUGH: £53 Moss End Farm. HORN: £71 Black Bull Cottage. CHAR: £75 Lynacres. TEX: £85 Scroggs Farm; £82 £74 Clawthorpe Lodge; £74 Lynacres; £69 Moss End Farm. HERD: £59 Borwick Fold Farm; £51 Howe Farm; £49 Tongue House Farm.

CAST SHEEP – SUFF:.£92 The Barn; £85 Mountain View. CONT: £92 The Barn; £85 Red Lodge; £84 Beckfoot Farm Cottage; £76 Crosscrake Farm. MASH: £54 Thwaite Gate Farm. MULE: £77 Ackenthwaite Farm; £75 Millness Hall; £71 The Galleon; £71 Endmoor Farm; £70 Brackensghyll. SWALE: £60 Helm Croft; £56 Brow Head. ROUGH: £72 Steps Farm; £70 Croft
Foot Farm. TEX: £97 £88 Red Lodge; £79 Cantsfield Hall; £76 Endmoor Farm. LEIC: £80 Low Newton; £54 Helm Croft. HERD: £35 £23 Moss End Farm; £34 Brow Head.

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