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J36 Kendal Tuesday 11/06/13

Posted Wednesday, 12 June 2013, 2.14pm

NWA Kendal had over 1200 sheep forward at its weekly sale.

Best meated prime lambs sold to a premium topping at £116 per head for a pair Suffolks from HG Mackereth & Son. Texels topped at £107 & £103 from E Dodgson. Top Price per kilo came from KE Richards who sold a pen of 8 light Texels weighing 33kg at 259.1p/kg (£85.50 per head). Buyers competing for all types producing a market average of 219p/kg.

Prime hoggs still forward in good numbers peaking at £107 for Texel x from J Robinson meaty hoggs regularly 160p-180p/kg. Average 160.8p/kg

Cast Sheep topped at £108 and £102 for Texel ewes from E Dodgson and Suffolks from R & J Dodgson. Mules regularly £70-£78. A large entry of hill ewes reached £70 for Rough Fell with Swales £39-£53. Cast sheep average £53.45

Breeding sheep sold to full value with Mule hoggs and singles reaching £150 from JC Hodgson, older ewes with lambs reached £150 per outfit for Mules from EG Johnson & £135 per family for broken mouthed Cheviots from K & R Buckle.

The monthly sale of pigs once again attracted a large entry all selling to a very competitive trade. Large sows regularly £180 + topping at £220 for Gloucester x from AJ & ME Saggers. Prime pigs £110- £152, Stores £60-£75 with Weaners £40-£60.
Next Month’s Pig Sale – Tuesday 9th July.

PRIME LAMBS – Suff: £116 Whittington Farm; £96 Thwaite Gate, Cracalt; £94.50 High House (Natland); £92 Hollins Farm, Ackenthwaite; £90 Holme House. Masham: £72 Steps Farm. Mule: £80 Grayrigg Hall. Char: £97 Low Foulshaw; £96.50 Cooper House; £94 Trees Farm; £85 Hill Farm. Texel: £107 Spital Farm; £99 Dunkirk; £98 High House (Helsington), Woodhouse; £97 Middle Birkby, Dunkirk; £94 Fairbank Farm, High House (Natland), Crooklands Farm, Birks Farm, Stubb Farm, Old Croft; £93 Ackenthwaite.
PRIME HOGGS – Cont: £87 Market Street. Mule: £62 Overhouses. Swaledale: £83 Grayrigg Hall; £70 Overthwaite. Rough Fell: £80 Moss End Farm (Crooklands); £72 Low Haygarth. Char: £39 Moss End Farm (Lindale). Chev: £88 Ghyll Farm. Texel: £107 Dunkirk; £95 Woodhouse; £90 Hawes Farm; £90 Buckles Farm; £89 Clawthorpe; £86 Market Street, Far Orrest. Jacob: £75 Market Street. Herdwick: £38 Moss End Farm (Lindale).
CAST SHEEP – Suff: £102 Cracalt Farm; £83 Redhills. Cont: £108 Spital Farm; £90 Woodhouse, Trees Farm; £84 Crosscrake, Western Houses. Mule: £73 Thwaite Gate; £71 Far Highfield, Hall Farm; £70 Brown Edge, St Annes Farm. Swaledale: £59 Black Bull Farm; £53 Grayrigg Hall. Rough Fell: £70 Sedbergh Road; £66 Low Greenholme. Horned: £42 Black Bull Farm; £37 High Borrowbridge, Woodside. Chev: £42 Buckles Farm. Leicester: £88 Moss End Farm (Lindale). Herdwick: £42 Black Bull Farm. Beltex: £90 Stubb Farm
PIGS – Sows: £220 Holme Head; £215 Slakes Farm; £202 & £200 High Acres. Boars: £152 Lower Griseburn. Fat Pigs: £150 & £130 (x5) Lockbank; £120 (x2) High Wray; £115 High Hollins. Store Pigs: £75 (x6) Bonnie Mount; £68 (x2) Pyes Bridge. Weaners: £60 (x7) & £50 (x4) Holme Head; £48 (x8) Low Fell End.

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