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J36 Kendal Thursday 20/06/13

Posted Thursday, 20 June 2013, 4.09pm

J36 Rural Auction Centre’s Fortnightly Sale

The sale of rearing calves saw Limousin x bulls (8 wks) sell to £420 & £380 from B Wilson, native breeds £292 for Angus x from RJ & J Gardner. Heifer calves reached £350 for Limousin x from Messrs Fishwick and British Blue x from HJ Robinson & Son. Weaned calves reached £410, £405 & £400 for Montbeliarde bulls from JS & I Wilson.

The sale of dairy cattle saw a pedigree new calved cow, fresh into her second lactation, sell for £1880 from J & PA Jackson who also sold 5th calvers to £1550. Ayrshire heifers sold to £1350 with 4th calved cows £1200 from Kirkby & Longworth. Next sale of dairy cattle – Thursday 4th July – already entered 2 new calved heifers & 1 new calved cow.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle enjoyed an averaged of 140p/kg for all sold. Best meated Continental cows regularly sold for over 150p/kg topping at 209.5p/kg for Limousin x, with dairy cows reaching 151.5p/kg from JD Inman and DJ & S Stainton. OTM heifers reached 227.5p/kg with cast bulls to 167.5p/kg for pure Charolais. OTM heifers topped the market at £1562 per head closely followed by bulls a t£1489 and cows at £1472.

Cows with calves at foot topped at £1600 for a pure Limousin with bull calf. Cross bred cows to £1200 with heifer calves.

Store cattle sold to a full ringside of buyers competing for all types. Ten month old Limousin steers from DJ & MJ Hoggarth sold to £1095 with other at £975. Native bred cattle sold to £795 for Luing x from Low Moor Howe Farms. Heifers sold to £1090 for Limousin x from K & B Walker, 15m Simmental x £860 from R & JM Harper, 8m Limousin x £870 from DJ & MJ Hoggarth. Native heifers £780 for Highland x from Low Moor How Farms. Dairy bulls sold to £425 for 8m.o. from Edmondson Bros, 10m steers £475 from B Sykes.

Next fortnightly sale: Thursday 4th July – Entries for catalogue requested by Thursday 27th June.

Top prices:
CAST COWS – Fr: 151.5p/kg Beck House, Strickland Hill; 149.5p/kg Bridge End; 145.5p/kg Town Foot; 144.5p/kg Holmescales; 129.5p/kg Bradley Farm, Lupton Hall. Lim: 209.5p/kg & Holme Farm; 189.5p/kg Spital Farm; 181.5p/kg Fellfoot Farm; 171.5p/kg Riddings Farm; 149.5p/kg Fell House. Hfd: 144.5p/kg Tock How. Blo: 131.5p/kg Riddings Farm. BB: 157.5p/kg Low Newton Farm; 147.5p/kg Howe Farm; 134.5p/kg Orphan Crag. Shorthorn: 139.5p/kg Fell House. Galloway: 144.5p/kg Yew Tree. Saler: 149.5p/kg Fell House. Swedish R&W: 124.5p/kg Ravens Lodge. Sussex: 139.5p/kg Middle Sadghyll.
CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 187.5p/kg Holmescales; 177.5p/kg Town Foot; 149.5p/kg Old Glasson. Lim: 227.5p/kg Holme Farm.
CAST BULLS – Char: 167.5p/kg Orphan Crag.
BULL CALVES – Fr: £195 Natland Mill Beck; £170 & £150 Elm Tree. Lim: £420 & £380 Spout House; £260 & £250 Halforth Farm; £250 & £195 Monk Foss: £200 Lupton Hall. AA: £292 & £200 Natland Mill Beck; £250 Warton Grange Farm; £222 & £190 Lower Rowell. Mont: £410, £405 & £400 Monk Foss.
HEIFER CALVES – Lim: £350 Middle Sadghyll; £235 Monk Foss; £220 & £210 Halforth Farm. BRB: £350 Elm Tree; £285 Ravens Lodge; £262 Wraysholme Tower.
STORE BULLOCKS – Lim: £1095 & £975 Old Hall. Luing: £795 High House Farm. Fr: £425 & £320 Wall End.
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £1095 Smithy Cottage; £870 & £820 Old Hall. Sim: £860 Hebblethwaite. Highland: £780 High House Farm. Luing: £775 High House Farm.
BREEDING CATTLE - Lim Cows & Calves: £1600 Well Head; £1200 Old Glasson.
DAIRY CATTLE – Fr Cows: £1550 Winter Tarn. Ayr Cows: £1200 Sella Farm. Fr Hfrs: £1880 Winter Tarn. Ayr Hfrs: £1350 Sella Farm

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