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Lancaster Friday 10/05/13

Posted Monday, 13 May 2013, 12.00pm

Caption: Champion Hoggs with Lambs at Foot pictured with left Tony Chapman (vendor) and Lewis Cattermole (judge)

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle, Store Cattle, Rearing Calves & Stirks and Breeding Sheep

NWA Lancaster sold over 600 head of stock at its weekly sale with a ringside of buyers for all classes of stock with a noticeable rise in longer keep cattle. Steers reached £1460 for Limousin X from PM&ST Entwistle with others at £1430 from DE & SM Moorhouse. Native bred steers to £1340 for Aberdeen Angus X from L Parsons & Sons and £1220 for Shorthorn X from GJT&V Parkinson. Holstein Friesians reached £1250 with others £1160 from T & CM Kelsall & Sons. Heifers peaked at £1350 for Charolais X from K Whitaker & Son with others at £1300 from JD & GM Bracken. Aberdeen Angus X heifers reached £1170 from FW Herd & Son. A small entry of feeding bulls reached £700 from JW Thwaites.

Cast/OTM cattle averaged 135p/kg and £848 for everything sold topping at 247.5p/kg from Mrs O Butler, 219.5p/kg from TE, JS & SA Carruthers with cows to 174.5p/kg from EJ Ward & Sons. Plenty of meated cows 145p/kg and feeding cows 120p/kg. Top price per head was £1336 from Mrs O Butler, £1301 K & DE Woodhouse and £1113 from EE Thorton & Sons

Calves met a competitive trade selling to £435 for best Simmental Bulls, £340 Limousin and £330 Aberdeen Angus. Heifers reached £335, £330 for reared Limousin X with most today £240-£300. Less dairy bulls were forward reaching £150 for Holstein Friesian and Swedish Red and White with younger sorts £72 - £95. Stirks topped at £545 for Blonde D’Aquitaine X from PA & D Slater who sold heifers to £510. £510 was also achieved for Limousin X from Messrs Young.

The annual prize show & sale of hoggs with lambs attracted a strong entry from local farmers. Judging was conducted by Lewis Cattermole who awarded the first prize rosette in the Continental class to JA Chapman who later received the champion rosette as well. This pen of Texel X Hoggs with smart Dutch Texel lambs later sold for the day’s top price of £200 purchased by the judge. Mule hoggs were in abundance with the red rosette awarded to M Barker, for his pen of Suffolk lambs . Hoggs with singles generally £70-85/life with buyers at the ringside for all types. A feature of this sale was the flock dispersal of Pedigree Zwartbles which sold to keen interest topping at £155 for 2 crop ewes with singles, gimmer hoggs to £102.

Show Results - Hoggs & Lambs
Judge Mr L Cattermole

Class 1 – Mule Hoggs
M Barker £168
2nd J C Hodgson £155
3rd WT& EM Townley & Sons £165

Class 2 – Other Breed Hoggs
1st & Champion
 JA Chapman £200
2nd D France £150
3rd WT & EM Townley & Son £140

Please remember the Young Handlers Show & Sale will be held on Friday 31st May.

STORE BULLOCKS – Fr: £1250 Low Levens; £1160 Brown Brook; £1040 Moss View; £1000 Sullom Side. Lim: £1460 Lentworth Farm; £1440 High House Farm; £1300 Low Moor Head; £1260 Milton Moor. Char: £1380 Greenlands Farm; £1240 Stubbin Head; £1090 Mount Pleasant; £1090 Greenlands Farm. Hfd: £1170 Moss Cottage; £1030 Springfield; £740 Marlholes. Sim: £1240 Stubbin Head; £980 Sullom Side; £940 Slack Farm; £900 Raikes Brook. Blo: £1450 Bradlow; £900 The Dell. AA: £1340 Low Levens; £1330 Underhelm; £1230 Mount Pleasant; £1190 Rowell Farm; £1180 Chestnut House. Short: £1220 Moss View; £950 Meadow Park; £550 Walmsley Fold. MRI: £1360 Lower Thorneyholme. BRB: £1360 Hall Beck; £1300 High Green; £1220 Springfield; £990 Fell End. Mont: £890 Jane Lane Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – Fr: £870 Centre Farm; £860 Hare Appletree. Lim: £1150 Hare Appletree; £1080 Brown Brook, Bouthwaite; £1060 Gaskell House. Char: £1350 Stirzakers Farm; £1300 Greenlands; £1100 Myerscough House. Hfd: £1050 High Green; £960 Jolley Fold; £890 Stonehead. Sim: £1030 Rowell Farm; £960 Bouthwaite. Blo: £1000 Turnover Hall. AA: £1170 HIlderstone; £1060 Hare Appletree; £1030 Kitchen Ground; £1000 Rowell Farm; £990 Park Farm; £980 Raw Head. Short: £860 School House. WB: £960 Jolley Fold. BRB: £1220 Kitchen Ground; £1070 Bouthwaite; £1040 Fell End; £970 Turnnover Hall. Baz: £950 Little Fell; £860 The Grange.
STORE BULLS – Fr: £490 Far Orrest. Lim: £680 Eskew Beck. AA: £700 Eskew Beck. Sim: £500 Eskew Beck.
CAST COWS – 147.5p/kg Lane Ends Farm, Downlands Farm, Greaves Farm. 144.5p/kg Birds Park, Hatters Farm; 141.5p/kg Pasture Barn, Milton Moor, Yew Tree. Lim: 174.5p/kg Intack Farm; 144.5p/kg Deepclough. Sim: 171.5p/kg Intack Farm. BB: 141.5p/kg Mireside; 139.5p/kg Deepclough. Jersey: 134.5p/kg Gulf Farm. AA: 159.5p/kg Steel Croft. Short: 127.5p/kg School House. Mont: 134.5p/kg Lane House. Swedish R&W: 139.5p/kg Dale Barns, Holme Head.
CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 189.5p/kg Dale Barns; 184.5p/kg Greaves Farm, Catshaw Hall; 181.5p/kg Kitchen Ground; 174.5p/kg Mealbank. Lim: 221.5p/kg Elm Bank; 219.5p/kg Red Scar.
CAST/PRIME BULLS & BULLOCKS – Fr: 181.5p/kg Elm Bank. Lim: 247.5p/kg Elm Bank; 189.5p/kg Brown Brook.
BULL CALF – Fr: £150 Deepclough; £145 New Brows; £92 Lower Langthwaite. L im: £340 Deepclough. Sim: £435 Deepclough. AA: £335 Bank End; £200 Deepclough. BRB: £315 Bank End; £270 Deepclough. Swedish R&W: £150 Deepclough.
HEIFER CALF – Lim: £335 New Brows; £200 Deepclough; £170 Forton Hall. AA: £260 Bank End; £220 Deepclough. BRB: £300 Deepclough.
HEIFER STIRK – Lim: £455 Moss End Farm. Blo: £510 Slack Farm. BRB: £440 Moss End Farm.
BULLOCK STIRK – Fr: £390 Slack Farm. Lim: £510 Moss End Farm. Blo: £545 Slack Farm.

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