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Lancaster Friday 03/05/13

Posted Friday, 03 May 2013, 4.56pm

OTM to £1633 – STORES to £1540 – CALVES to £395

NWA Lancaster had forward 504 head of stock at this Friday’s weekly sale with an increasing number of buyers in attendance each week with regular orders to fill from throughout the Northern Counties.

Cast/OTM cattle sold to a market average of 140p/kg for an entry of predominantly dairy cows, with the top 10 averaging 176.5. Leading the prices this week was M Downey with a Lim X cow selling at 189.5p/kg, 184.5p/kg from T & M Halhead and JE Bracken. Dairy cows topped at 161.5p/kg from EW & RM Towers. OTM heifers reached 247.5p/kg from Norbreck Genetics Ltd with HF to 187.5p/kg from MG & J Parker. Top price per head was £1633 from Norbreck Genetics Ltd, with well fleshed cows £1000 plus.

Store cattle continue to sell the recent high prices with steers averaging £918 and heifers £788. David Moorhouse topped the sale with a smart pair of Limousin steers at £1540, with others £1520 from H Chapman & Son. Native steers reached £1350 for AA from FW Herd & Son and Herefords to £1340 from AJ & D Knowles.

Heifers reached £1310 for Charollais from K Whitaker & Son with others at £1200 for BRB from J Barnes and AA from SJ Brass.

A large number of dairy bred steers sold to £1140 from J & R Waller with others at £1120 £1000 (x4). A smart entry of yearling sucklers from AG Riley reached £980 for Limousin heifers with others at £960. Buyers ringside for all types each week.

Rearing Calves sold to £395 for Lim x from JW & TE Sharp with a strong run of AA from JB & JB Lawson reaching £350. Dairy bulls reached £175, £170 for HF from Drinkall Bros with stronger coloured bulls £100 plus.

Young stirks reached £480 for BB steers from M/s Young with heifers to £430 for Simmental from JS Taylor. Dairy stirks reached £330 from R Gregory.

Breeding sheep sold to full value with JT & B Fox selling Texel cross shearlings with twins at £188, with mules to £160 from TM Townley. Singles reached £132 from S & W Dickinson.

Next week in the sheep ring is the Annual SHOW & SALE of Hoggs with Lambs. Classes for:

Pen of 5 Mule Hoggs with Lambs

Pen of 5 Any Other Breed Hoggs with Lambs.

Judging at 12noon. Please advise office of entries to allow for cataloguing and advertising


 Fr:£1140 Hallbeck; £1000 Hare Apple Tree, Spital Farm; £820 Cockrigg. Lim: £1540 High House; £1520 Millbeck; £1250 Oak Head; £1220 High House; £1220 Hare Apple Tree. Char: £1410 Millbeck; £1320 High House; £1210 Ingrave Farm; £1190 Old Woodhouse; £1160 Cragg Farm. Hfd: £1340 Windly Hill; £1280 Spital Farm; £1100 Springfield. Sim: £1300 Corney Hill; £1180 Cragg Farm; £1170 Ingrave; £980 Westnourne. Blo: £1490 Millbeck; £950 Slack Farm. AA: £1350 Hilderstone Farm; £1250 Westbourne; £1140 Springfield House; £1100 Cropper Farm. MRI: £910 Bouthwaite. BRB: £1460 Millbeck; £1410 Hall Croft; £1390 Cracalt; £1300 Ingrave Farm; £1070 Bouthwaite. Mont: £970 Cragg Farm. Baz: £660 Little Fell. SR&W: £700 Cabus Nook.
STORE HEIFERS – Fr: £1170 Marlholes. Lim: £1090 Bouthwaite; £1060 Lambrigg Head; £970 Moss Head; £960 Mearsbeck. Char: £1310 Stirzakers; £1030 Bouthwaite; £940 Beningbrough Farm; £870 Cobble Hey. Hfd: £1180 Nutgill; £890 Sandholme Mill. Sim: £1130 Stonehead. Blonde: £740 Slack Farm. AA: £1200 Nutgill; £920 Cropper Farm; £880 Stirk Hey; £840 Sandholme Mill. Shorthorn: £740 Cabus Nook. Galloway: £940 Beningbrough Farm. WB: £1130 Sandholme Mill; £760 Lane House. BRB: £1200 Beckside; £1140 Bouthwaite; £1080 Harrison Farm, Nutgill; £990 Hole Beck; £940 Turnover Hall, Low Woodedge. Mont: £1000 Lane House.
STORE BULLS – Lim: £1420 High House. AA: £640 Little Fell.
CAST COWS – Fr: 161.5p/kg Holme Head; 159.5p/kg Shorrocks Farm; 149.5p/kg Raw Head; 147.5p/kg Catshaw Hall; 144.5p/kg Lower Langthwaite, Park Farm; 139.5p/kg Stirzakers Farm. Lim: 189.5p/kg Mount Murray; 184.5p/kg Upp Hall, New House Farm; 181.5p/kg Dubside; 159.5p/kg Cragg End; 154.5p/kg Isle of Skye Farm. Char: 114.5p/kg Mount Murray. Hfd: 134.5p/kg Middle Salter. Sim: 179.5p/kg Upp Hall; 159.5p/kg Mount Murray. Blonde: 177.5p/kg Dubside; 131.5p/kg Mount Murray. AA: 154.5p/kg Mount Murray. Gal: 121.5p/kg Mount Murray. SR&W: 144.5p/kg Kiln Hall; 134.5p/kg Holme Head.
CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 187.5p/kg Lodge Farm; 174.5p/kg Lawsons Farm. AA: 154.5p/kg Cabus Nook. BRB: 247.5p/kg Norbreck Hill.
BULL CALVES – Fr: £175 Catshaw Hall; £125 Flodder Hall; £115 Lower Brow Top; £110 Blackleach House; £95 Pump House. Lim: £395 Flodder Hall. Hfd: £250 Lower Brow Top. AA: £350 Bank End. BRB: £335 Bank End; £180 Manor House. Mont: £160 White Lund.
HEIFER CALVES – Lim: £360 Flodder Hall. AA: £335 Bank End. BRB: £350 Flodder Hall; £225 Bank End; £185 Pump House.
BULL STIRKS – Fr: £255 New Brows
HEIFER STIRKS – Lim: £340 Moss End Farm. Sim: £430 Farmdale. AA: £425 Charnock House. BRB: £420 Moss End Farm.
BULLOCK STIRKS – Fr: £330 Coverdales; £315 Sellerley. Hfd: £380 Farmdale. BRB: £480 Moss End Farm.

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