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J36 Kendal Tuesday 30/04/13

Posted Wednesday, 01 May 2013, 4.38pm

Spring Lambs
More Spring lambs are needed to fulfil buyers’ requirements with lambs to £113 from  TW Nelson & Son, Stainton and JD Inman & Sons, Witherslack with a top price per kilo of £2.69 and an overall average of 257.56p/kg.

Prime Hoggs
A good show for the time of year with a full ringside of buyers competing very strongly for well fleshed hoggs with plenty regularly in excess of 230p/kg and topping at 246.20p/kg.  A cracking run of hoggs from J Hadwin & Son of Mansergh averaging well over the one hundred pounds per head for 46 sold. Heavy hoggs also sold to a strong trade with several buyers looking to purchase big hoggs which topped at £112 per head for Texel x hoggs from J & J Huck of Burneside.

Cast Sheep
Big heavy ewes fell short of buyers requirements and once again maintained the recent high rates with the leaner type sheep being just a shade easier on the week.  Ewes topped at £110 for Suffolk ewes from RA Batty, Kendal closely followed by F & SA Edmondson, Ulverston.

Sale of Sheep with Lambs at Foot
Another strong entry of 421 sheep with lambs sold to a ringside of buyers containing several new faces with the promise of grass and warmer weather. Younger sheep made up the majority of the sale with home bred Mule shearling with twin lambs from AR Edmondson selling at £198 (x2), £195 with Suffolks at £188, others at £180 from Stanley Cook Farming. Older ewes topped at £202 for Mules from TC Altham with Texel x with twins to £195 from D Cockett, £195 AR Edmondson and £175 from D & D Thompson & Baird.  Entries now requested for Annual Show & Sale of Hoggs with Lambs at Foot on Tuesday 14th May.

Top Prices
SPRING LAMBS – Suffolk: £113 Strickland Hill; £106 Low Brundrigg; £103 Cracalt; £101 Redhills. Texel: £113 Cockrigg.
PRIME HOGGS – Suffolk: £108 Southfield Farm; £93 High Chapel; £85 Deansbiggin; £84 Hodgson Green. Cont: £93 Scroggs; £89.50 Kirkby Hall; £89 Beech Tops. Masham: £98.50 Southfield Farm. Mule: £95 Cooper House; £92 Hartrigg; £91 High Row; £82 Brow Head. Swaledale: £80.50 Kirkby Hall; £79 High Row; £78 Hall Farm. Rough Fell: £87 Southfield Farm; £74 High Borrowbridge. Char: £107 Mansergh Hall; £92 Floraire; £85 Herdmans House; £83 Lynacres, Finsthwaite. Chev: £82 Brow Head. Texel: £112 Garnett House; £109 Nook Farm; £108 Kendal House; £104 Holme Field; £103 Mansergh Hall; £100 High Chapel. Leicester: £92 Flodder Hall; £86 High Row. Herdwick: £61 Herdmans House; £60 Crossings Cottage.
CAST SHEEP – Suffolk: £110 Redhills; £99 Nether Houses; £76 Trees Farm. Cont: £102 Cockrigg; £99 Trees Farm; £95 Floraire. Mule: £81 Nether Houses; £79 Larkrigg; £78 Deansbiggin, Nook Farm; £77 Castle How. Swaledale: £51 Cooper House; £49 Overthwaite; £46 Beech Tops. Rough Fell: £77 Moss End Farm; £64 Sedbergh Road; £60 Cooper House. Scotch B/F: £73 Flodder Hall. Horned: £55 Nook Farm. Char: £84 Trees Farm. Chev: £67 Low Bendrigg. Texel: £90 Kendal House; £78 Castle How. Leicester: £88 Nether Houses. Dalesbred: £55 Fell End. Herdwick: £59 Crossings Cottage.


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