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J36 Kendal Tuesday 28 May 2013

Posted Wednesday, 29 May 2013, 11.26am

Prime Lambs

Once again a full ringside of buyers ensured that all classes met a very pleasing trade as new season lambs show a slight drop in price this week, falling in line with the national trend, with buyers being more selective with well finished lambs commending the premium price. Lambs topped at £110 a head for Texel X lambs from S & B Capstick of Old Hutton and a top price of 264.9p/kg for Texel X lambs from Mr G Bell of Kirkby Lonsdale. Once again it was good to see several new faces selling lambs at J36.

Prime Hoggs

As the hogg season draws to a close, it was plain to see a lot of vendors were on their last draws of the season. However all classes were good to sell, with well fleshed hoggs still in excess of £2 per kg topping at 213p/kg and a top price of £94 per head was seen on several occasions.

Cast Sheep

These saw very little change on the week, topping at £116 for Texel X Ewes from K Armer of Kendal. Suffolk X Ewes to £112 from M S Ellwood of Kirkby-in-Furness. Mule Ewes to £78 and Horned ewes to £58.

Breeding Sheep
An entry of over 200 sheep with lambs at foot sold to a competitive trade from a ringside of keen buyers, twelve successful today with several leaving empty handed. Younger sheep reached £165 for Mule Hoggs with Suffolk lambs from JC Hodgson with other £162 from R & E Holmes. Continental hogs reached £150 again from R & E Holmes. Older sheep peaked at £158 for Texel x ewes with twins from K & R Buckle, others £155, £152 from W & W Paterson.

Next week’s sale to include 25 Cheviot ewes with Texel / Beltex lambs.

PRIME LAMBS – Suff: £110 LowHouse; £102 Hallbeck; £99 High House, Cracalt, Red Lodge; £98 High Biggarsbank; £97 Hodgson Green, Ackenthwaite, Hawkrigg End, Low Brundrigg; £96 Park House; £95 Birds Park. Char: £89 Warth Sutton; £88 Low Stanger Thwaite. Texel: £107 High House; £102 Horrace Farm; £100 Carlingwha; £98 Red Lodge; £97 Birks Farm; £96 Tranthwaite Hall; £95 Park House.
PRIME HOGGS – Suff: £94 Crabtree Farm, Park House; £89 Stockbridge; £86 Rigg Thwaite. Mule: £94 Birds Park; £93 Barrowfield; £91 Whelpside; £83 Black Bull Farm. Swale: £70 Whelpside; £55 Stockbridge, Buckles Farm; £46 Howe Farm. Rough Fell: £75 Moss End Farm. Scotch B/F: £75 Rigg Thwaite. Char: £90 Black Bull Farm; £84 Stockbridge; £68 Finsthwaite House. Texel: £92 Rigg Thwaite; £90 Stockbridge; £88.50 Mansergh High; £83 Scroggs Farm; £76 Clawthorpe Lodge. Teeswater: £88 Steps Farm. Herdwick: £68 Finsthwaite House; £48 Moss End. Dorset: £70 Brow Head.
CAST SHEEP – Suff: £112 Heathwaite; £90 Whinfield. Cont: £116 Rinkfield; £104 Crewgarth; £89 Low Tarn Green, Red Lodge; £86 Cracalt; £80 Sunny Bank. Masham: £43 Scroggs Farm. Mule: £78 Crewgarth, Whinfield; £76 Hollins Farm, Mansergh High; £75 Barker Knott; £74 Catshaw Hall. Horned: £58 Crewgarth; £50 Catshaw Hall. Leicester: £64 Fell End. Teeswater: £64 Gowan Bank.

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