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J36 Kendal Tuesday 07/05/13

Posted Wednesday, 08 May 2013, 2.03pm

Prime Lambs
A larger show of some 84 Spring Lambs forward today and with numbers still very light on the ground throughout the country, all classes were good to sell and being some 30-40 pence per kilo ahead of the corresponding week last year. Lambs topped at £111 per head for a pen of Suffolk x from R & J Dodgson of Natland and a top of 226.70p/kg from P & SA Edmondson of Barrows Green and leaving a very pleasing overall average of 246.71p/kg.

Prime Hoggs
Theses were also once again very good to sell especially the well fleshed hoggs with a good run of 70 well finished Masham & Rough Fell hoggs from J Wilson & Sons of Appleby averaging 209.66p/kg. The best Texel x hoggs still regularly in excess of 230p/kg. Top price per head of £109 was paid for a pen of five Texels from D Towers. Overall sale average 199.22p/kg with the majority of hoggs being hill bred.

Cast Sheep
A smaller entry of cast sheep than previous weeks with the plainer end of the sheep forward being some £8 - £9 a head dearer on the week. Sheep topped at £104 per head for BFL from Messrs Dixon, Selside. A shortage of the best Continental ewes but those forward still selling to the £100 mark. Mule ewes to £91 and regularly £82-£86. Horned ewes to £77 for a pen of Rough Fell from RI Dixon, Low Newton.

Breeding Sheep
222 Breeding Sheep with lambs sold to a top price of £168 for Mule ewes with Suffolk twins from J R Fothergill, with Texel x shearlings at £162 from T C Altham. S & W Dickinson sold best 2 crop ewes with lambs to £65/life.

Only a small number of hoggs forward ahead of next week’s show and sale, saw Mules with singles £160 from R & B J Cleasby.

Next week’s sale (14th May) includes Annual Show & Sale of Hoggs with lambs at foot

SPRING LAMBS – Hampshire: £90 Endmoor Farm. Dorset: £99 Hawkin Hall. Suffolk: £111 Cracalt; £108 Hawkrigg End; £105 Lodge Farm, Orphan Crag Barn; £103 Carlingwha; £100 Hollins Farm. Texel: £108 Crockrigg; £107 Meadow House; £102 Low Barrows Green; £100 Carlingwha; £99 Hallbeck.
PRIME HOGGS – Suffolk: £103 Curwin Hill; £97.50 Southfield; £94 Mosergh Farm; £86 Greenbank. Masham: £108 Southfield; £91 Curwin Hill. Mule: £94 Black Bull Farm; £86 High Wray; £79 Curwin Hill; £74 High House. Swale: £76 Nether House; £67 Curwin Hill; £62 Southways. RF: £86.50 Southfield; £63 Crabtree Farm. Scotch B/F: £84 Curwin Hill; £71 Southways. Horned: £90 Black Bull Cottage; £84 Keerfalls; £70 Black Bull Farm; £68 Southways. Char: £70 Sunny Bank; £58 Kate Farm. Texel: £109 Curwin Hill; £106 Southfield; £100 Beck House, Woodside; £97.50 Mansergh High; £96 Brow Head; £94 Millness Hall, Brow Head. Herdwick: £85 Orphan Crag Barn; £73 Black Bull Farm. Beltex: £96 Crake Hall.
CAST SHEEP – Suffolk: £93 Kit Cragg; £90 Briar Thrang. Cont: £103 Gibraltar Farm; £98 Midfield; £94 Green Head; £93 Briar Thrang; £92 Hawkrigg End. Mule: £91 Briar Thrang; £86 High Hallbeck; £84 Kate Farm; £83 Mint View, Hagg Farm. Swale: £43 Yoad Pot. RF: £77 Low Newton; £74 Midfield; £60 Kate Farm. Horned: £64 Low Fields; £59 Low Newton; £52 Curwin Hill. Texel: £88 Curwin Hill; £86 High Underbrow; £83 Kate Farm. Leicester: £104 Kit Cragg; £91 The Borrans.


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