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J36 Kendal - Thursday 9th May 2013

Posted Friday, 10 May 2013, 4.08pm

Cast Cow

Once again another cracking show of cows were presented to an increased ringside of buyers. All classes of cattle were strongly bid for with Black & White cows to 171.5p/kg with plenty more cows 145 – 155p/kg. Continental cows sold to 219.5p/kg with many more cows 180-190p/kg. Cast heifers to 245.5p/kg for a very well finished Blonde x heifer from JA & J Harper, Sedbergh. Clean bullocks sold to 219.5p/kg for a Limousin from JD & M Beck, Tebay. Many more cows can be handled to fulfil buyers’ orders. An overall market average of 155.3p/kg for cows and 202.71p/kg for cast heifers and clean cattle.


Another strong entry of calves sold to a ringside of buyers, once again containing several new faces from throughout the North West. Continental bulls reached £430 for Mont x from JS & I Wilson with AAx £400 from J Scott & Co., BRB £400 from JS & I Wilson. Younger bull calves £380 from C Parsons and £350 from B Wilson and RR & JA Knowles. Weaned heifers reached £470 & £400 for best Lim x with younger calves £300 from BRB x from JW & D Robinson & Sons. Dairy bulls sold to £150 for a plainer show of younger calves.

Store Cattle

Store cattle sold to 52 purchasers from throughout Northern Counties, North Wales and the Midlands with all stock selling to full value. Steers sold to £1260 for Lim x from H & AT Threlkeld with a further 11 lots over £1000. Yearling cattle reached £1170 for Blonde x from SJ & NS Wood. Heifers topped at £1160 for AAx from MJ & JD Handley with others at £1130 & £1110. Yearling heifers in abundance today topping at £985 for a pen of 10 month old Blonde x from BL Swindlehurst. More young bulls met with buyers’ approval reaching £1000 for Lim (3) from DJ & MJ Hoggarth, £930 for AAx from MJ & JD Handley with younger 7 m.o. bulls £745 from G & ID Postlethwaite.

Top prices:

CAST COWS – Fr: 165.5p/kg Cragg Farm; 157.5p/kg Jenkin Crag; 155.5p/kg Ackenthwaite; 149.5p/kg Capplerigg; 145.5p/kg Espford. Lim: 219.5p/kg Bridge End; 217.5p/kg & 185.5p/kg Old Hall; 169.5p/kg Mountain View; 169.5p/kg Arklid; 151.5p/kg Hazelgrove Lodge; 149.5p/kg High Wray. Char: 197.5p/kg & 179.5p/kg Kit Cragg. Sim: 181.5p/kg Langdale; 161.5p/kg Bowston Hall. BB: 157.5p/kg Common Farm. AA: 169.5p/kg Bowston Hall; 139.5p/kg Bannerigg. Shorthorn: 153.5p/kg Thrang. Stab: 209.5p/kg Kit Cragg; 179.5p/kg Low Foulshaw.

CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 171.5p/kg & 163.5p/kg Ackenthwaite; 137.5p/kg Jenkin Crag. Lim: 239.5p/kg Bridge End; 211.5p/kg Mountain View. Blonde: 245.5p/kg Capplethwaite Hall.

CAST/OTM BULLS & STEERS – Fr: 177.5p/kg Low Bracken Hall. Lim: 219.5p/kg & 215.5p/kg Town Foot. Stab: 199.5p/kg & 193.5p/kg Low Foulshaw. BRB: 207.5p/kg Low Bracken Hall.

BULL CALVES – Fr: 150 Monk Foss; £55 Myers Farm; £42 Ackenthwaite. Lim: £380 Town House; £350 Spout House; £310 Deansbiggin. AA: £400, £340 & £330 Middle Birkby. Mont: £430 & £350 Monk Foss; £210 Low Stanger Thwaite. BRB: £400 Monk Foss; £350 Myers Farm; £300 New Close; £255 Sunny Bank.

HEIFER CALVES – Lim: £470 Monk Foss; £400 Town House; £310 Spout House; £200 Deansbiggin. BRB: £300 & £260 Hollins Farm; £270 Myers Farm.

STORE BULLOCKS – Fr: £955 Kirkby Hall; £845 Nether Houses; £695 Elm Tree; £680 Flodder Hall; £650 Gutterby. Lim: £1260 Bowkerstead; £1135 Scroggs Farm; £1130 Nether Houses; £1050 Lane Head; £985 Hall Farm; £980 Bowkerstead. Blonde: £1170 Causeway; £800 Howe Farm; £775 Low House. AA: £640 Ghyll Foot. Stab: £675 Low Fell End. BRB: £1075 Scroggs Farm; £920 The Coach House; £705 Elm Tree.
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £1030 Stribers; £940 Low Deepslack; £860 Riddings; £805 Old Hall; £790 Singleton Park; £780 Mountain View. Char: £695 Croft Foot; £600 Dawson Fold; £575 Riddings. Sim: £735 Riddings; £560 Piked Howe. Blonde: £985 Low House; £860 Riddings; £740 Causeway. AA: £1160 Archers Hall; £925 Flodder Hall. Stab: £790 Cragg House. BRB: £770 Riddings; £685 The Coach House; £665 Elm Tree.

STORE BULLS – Fr: £530 Walton Hall. Lim: £1000 Old Hall; £745 Riddings. Blonde: £610 Riddings. AA: £930 Archers Hall; £600 Ghyll Foot. BRB: £745 Riddings.

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