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J36 Kendal Thursday 23/05/13

Posted Thursday, 23 May 2013, 4.58pm

Another Busy Day at J36

NWA Kendal saw over 300 cattle forward at its fortnightly sale with a full compliment of 47 buyers from throughout the Northern counties andNorth Wales.

Cast/OTM cattle averaged 138p/kg selling to 215.5p/kg (£1812) for an OTM Limousin Steer from JD & M Beck. OTM Heifers topped at 213.5p/kg (£1323) from D & SA Robinson. Cast cows reached 184p/kg for best meated continentals with medium cows regularly 130p/kg and above. Dairy cows reached 154p/kg from AE & M Hayhurst and £988 from W Garnett & Son.

Prime cattle continue to come forward at this sale welcomed by buyers’ ringside for all types. Prime bulls sold to 213p/kg (£1236) from JA & R Geldard, with clean heifers 199p/kg (£1041) from J & ME Bateman.

With the long awaited arrival of grass a larger entry of younger stores forward this week with buyers competing for all types.

Steers reached £1170 for 15month Charollais cross from H & AT Threlkeld with others not far behind at £1075. A smart year oldLimousinfrom JA & J Harper reached £1010. First time vendor at J36 D Cockett, Ingleton sold his best pen of 3Limousincross steers for £980.

Heifers reached £1175 for a Blonde cross from JA & J Harper with aLimousinfrom J & ME Bateman making £1070. A ring full of yearlingLimousincross from JA & KJ Allen reached £770. Native heifers to £935 forHerefordcross from IP Blanc. Yearling bulls topped at £1080 fro bestLimousincross from WG Wilkinson with others at £900.

Another increased entry of over 70 rearing calves and stirks sold with a competitive trade for all types. Bull calves sold to £370 for month old calves from B Wilson (Lim X) and BJ Bainbridge (BA X). Best BRB to £290 from JW & D Robinson & Sons, £280 RR & JA Knowles.

Heifer calves reached £310 for BRB from JS & I Wilson with Lims to £260 from B & MJ Nelson & Son.

Dairy bred bulls reached £415 for reared Montbeliarde from JS & I Wilson, £210 for HF from RJ & KR Wilkinson, with 3week old Shorthorns to £95 from M/s Robinson, Old Hutton.

Stirks forward in greater numbers selling to £530 forLimousinbulls from BR Longton, £480 fromF & TEParkwith £480 for reared BRB from JS & I Wilson and £460 from P Stephenson. Heifer stirks to £415 for weaned BRB from P Stephenson.

An entry of dairy cattle sold to £1620 for true Friesian types from James Lamb with others at £1600. A single heifer calf made £240.

The next usual fortnightly sale is Thursday 6th June with 2 Newly Calved Ayrshire Cows already entered.

Store Steers:

HF: £420 Rakesmoor Farm. LIM: £1045 Bowkerstead; £1010 £885 Capplethwaite Hall; £980 Wilson Wood; £885 Bridge Stone; £785 Crosscrake Farm. CHA: £1170 £1075 Bowkerstead. SIM: £945 Poole Bank Farm. BA: £945 Causeway Farm. AA: £630 Low Stennerley. RPOLL: £835 72 Craig Walk; £735 Poole Bank Farm. BRB: £990 Capplethwaite Hall; £680 Croft Meadow House; £665 Sowermire; £650 Howe Farm.

Store Heifers:

LIM: £1070 £840 Lowgill Farm; £790 Fold Farm; £770 £750 St Annes Farm. HE: £935 £800 Long Garth. SIM: £900 Crag House; £620 Town Head Farm. BA: £1175 £1070 Capplethwaite Hall. AA: £570 Howe Farm; £570 Natland Mill Beck. STA: £615 Fold Farm. BRB: £880 £855 £810 Town Head Farm; £780 Riddings.

Store Bulls:

LIM: £1080 £900 Tilberthwaite.

Cast Cows:

HF: 154.5 Natland Park; 147.5 Ackenthwaite; 143.5 Town Foot; 129.5 Far Audlands; 125.5 Capplerigg; 123.5 Stubb Place; 123.5 Green Head; 119.5 Lupton Hall. LIM: 184.5 Town Foot; 173.5 Tilberthwaite; 165.5 Bowston Hall; 163.5 Lambrigg Head; 161.5 Low House; 157.5 Long Garth; 149.5 Fellfoot Farm; 147.5 Fold Farm. CHA: 143.5 Borwick Fold. HE: 129.5 Low Lundhowe. SIM: 135.5 Brow Head. BA: 143.5 LowNewton Farm; 137.5 St Annes Farm. BRB: 149.5 Ulpha Farm; 147.5 Moss Howe Farm. AA: 154.5 Moss Howe Farm. SH: 141.5; High Farm 131.5.

Cast Heifers:

HF: 169.5 Lupton Hall. LIM: 213.5 Oakfield; 199.5 Lowgill Farm.

Cast Bulls/Steers:

LIM: 215.5 Town Foot. STA: 213.5 207.5 Low Foulshaw.

Bull Calves:

HF: £100 Monk Foss Farm; £65 Myres Farm; £60 Wyke Farm; £60 Woodhouse Farm; £48 Lupton Hall; £40 Cracalt Farm. LIM: £370 £350 Spout House; £305 Monk Foss Farm. BA: £200 Halforth Farm. AA: £145 Wyke Farm. SH: £95 Strickley; £88 School House. STA: £52 High Foulshaw. BRB: £290 Hollins Farm; £280 Myers Farm; £270 Cinder Barrow

Bull Stirks:

HF: £210 High Foulshaw. LIM: £530 Stonethwaite; £480 Borwick Fold; £450 Monk Foss Farm. AA: £470 Stonethwaite. BRB: £480 Monk Foss Farm; £460 £445 Cleatop Farm. MON: £415 Monk Foss Farm.

Heifer Calves:

LIM: £260 £190 Halforth Farm; £210 £200 Monk Foss Farm. STA: £150 High Foulshaw. BRB: £290 Myers Farm.

Heifer Stirks:

BRB: £415 £350 Cleatop Farm; £355 Monk Foss Farm

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