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Lancaster Monday 15/04/13

Posted Wednesday, 17 April 2013, 11.35am

NWA Lancaster Auction Mart
Sale Report – Monday 15th April 2013 – Primestock

Spring lambs starting to come forward in greater numbers with lambs regularly 250-300p/kg topping at £137 for Charollais from JA & R Geldard. All spring lambs averaged £112.

Prime hoggs reached £97 for well fleshed continentals with most £84-£92. Please be aware of broad teeth now coming through as this must be declared prior to sale.

Cast sheep reached £118 for continental ewes, plenty over £90 with a good entry of 160 sheep averaging £66.

Prime bulls reached 229p/kg for best continentals from A Clark & Johnson with others 217p/kg. Dairy bred bulls to 208p/kg from S & BM Lawrenson & Son with SRW to 184p/kg from JM & AG Swarbrick.

Clean heifer sold to 231p/kg twice for Lim X from JE Bracken with numbers falling short for buyers demands.

Top Prices

Spring Lambs - Suffolk:£129 Cocker House Farm; £104 167 Fleetwood Road South; £93 Springfield Farm. Char: £137 Low Foulshaw Farm; £90 Springfield Farm

PRIME HOGGS – Suffolk: £95 North Farm; £80 Middle Ridge Farm; £74 Hall Croft Barn; £70 The Dell. Cont: £65 Hillam House Farm. Mule: £86 North Farm; £75 Middle Ridge Farm; £73 Hillam House Farm; £62 Low Moor Head Farm. Horned: £84 Rigg Farm; £70 Parks Farm Barn. Char: £93 North Farm; £92 Inverbervie; £84 Lane House; £49 North Farm. Chev: £97 Inverbervie. Texel: £97 Middle Ridge Farm; £97 North Farm; £94 Inverbervie; £93 Hall Croft Barn. Lleyn: £94 Moss Side Farm; £54 Low Foulshaw Farm.

CAST SHEEP - Suffolk:£102 Hall Croft Barn; £68 Bradlow Farm; £62 North Farm; £46 The Dell. Masham: £91 Ancliffe Hall Farm. Mule: £86 Cocker House Farm; £84 Brown Brook; £84 North Farm; £83 Gibsons Farm. Horned: £45 Brown Brook. Char: £118 Brown Brook; £100 North Farm. Texel: £115 Gibsons Farm; £98 Burrow Heights Farm: £96 The Dell; £96 Hall Croft Barn. Lleyn: £92 Low Foulshaw Farm. Gritstone: £34 Deepclough.

PRIME HEIFERS – Lim:231.50p/kg New House Farm.

PRIME BULLS – Lim:229.50p/kg Far Orrest; 217.50p/kg Northwoods Farm. Ang: 196.50p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm. BRB: 208.50p/kg Northwoods Farm. MONT: 196.50p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm; 195.50p/kg Lane House Farm. SRW: 184.50p/kg Bensons Farm.

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