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Lancaster Monday 15/04/13 dairy cattle

Posted Wednesday, 17 April 2013, 4.53pm

Caption: Champion Heifer from W & G Cornthwaite with judge David Clements (right)

The monthly sale of dairy cattle continues to attract both new vendors and purchasers.

Judging was conducted by David Clements from Stoke on Trent.  W & G Cornthwaite led the way in the show by presenting the Champion heifer Garsby Eight Loretta which later sold for £2,450 purchased by ME Wannop & Sons. Reserve champion also came from the Garsby herd of W & G Cornthwaite, this time Garsby Bolivia Naomi which sold for £2100 to D Jolley (Stoke on Trent).

J & B Ellis sold the best of their trio for £2020 with William Drinkall selling his heifer for £1920.

In-calf heifers reached £1580 from FW Herd & Son.

A consignment of cows from J & M Sanderson reached £1620 with others at £1520.

Show Results

Non Halter Led Heifer
1st (Champion)Lot 4 Garsby Eight Loretta sold for £2450
2nd (Reserve) Lot 3 Garsby Bolivia Naomi sold for £2100
3rd Lot 11 Pennine Poppy 1059 sold for £1920

Non Halter Led Cow
1st Lot 8 Sandcrest Duchess 115 sold for £1620
2nd Lot 6 Sandcrest Duchess 107 sold for £1280

Best Pair - Lots 3 & 4 from W & G Corthwaite.

Sale Statistics
N/C Heifers to £2450 av. £1900
N/C Cows to £1620

Next Month’s Sale will take place on
Monday 20th May

Please advise entries by Friday 10th May

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