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Lancaster Monday 08/04/13

Posted Wednesday, 10 April 2013, 9.44am

NWA Lancaster Auction Mart
Sale Report – Monday 8th April 2013 – Primestock

Prime hogs sold to a market average of 201p/kg topping at 258p/kg for Texel x from AG Butler who sold others at 253p/kg. Well fleshed lambs selling to a premium lead by R Jones, Sandvilla selling cheviot hogs at £110, plenty of hogs £92/£98.

Spring lambs experienced competitive bidding with John Geldard selling his best to 333p/kg and £141. Buyers requesting lambs to be in the 38kg - 42kg range.

Cast sheep sold to £128 for continentals from RA Holmes and TM Townley with other strong sheep regularly £100 - £125. Meated mules £75 - £93 with hill ewes £45 - £76. Buyers requesting more ewes each week.

Prime bulls sold to 207.5p/kg for BRBX from P & A Bell with dairy bulls to 201.5p/kg from TD & A Gardner. More prime cattle needed each week.

Top Prices



 Suffolk: £108 Sandy Lane Farm; £99 North Farm; £98 North Farm; £94 Sowerby Lodge. Texel: £103 Parks Farm Barn, North Farm; £101 Sandy Lane Farm, Inverbervie. Cont: £93 Sandy Lane. Mule: £95 Kitchen Ground; £92 Sowerby Lodge, North Farm; £90 Sandy Lane Farm; £80 Longstripes. Horned: £90 Parks Farm Barn; £65 Longstripes; £62 Thornbush. Char: £102 Sandy Lane Farm; £100 North Farm; £94 Sowerby Lodge; £85 Parks Farm Barn. Chev: £110 Sandvilla; £98 Inverbervie; £78.50 Tarnwater.

PRIME SPRING LAMBS – Suffolk: £105 Springfield Farm. Char: £141 Low Foulshaw; £99 Springfield Farm.

CAST SHEEP – Suffolk: £94 Elm Bank. Cont: £98 Sowerby Lodge. Masham: £90 Old Glasson. Mule: £93 Knowsley Farm; £90 Ashton Barn; £87 Elm Bank; £85 Kitchen Ground, Burrow Heights. Horned: £58 Elm Bank; £51 Quarry House. Char: £128 Keepers Cottage; £124 Borrans Farm, Wyre Farm. Chev: £98 Sandvilla; £80 Cragg Farm; £60 Inverbervie. Texel: £128 Knowsley Farm; £126 Newhouse Farm; £96 Keepers Cottage; £96 Ashton Barn.

PRIME BULLS – Sim: 206.5p/kg Village Farm, BRB: 207.5p/kg, WB: 205.5p/kg Village Farm.
Fr: 169.5p/kg, Sho: 169.5p/kg, Mont: 201.5p/kg, SRW: 185.5p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm.

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