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J36 Kendal Tuesday 2 April 2013

Posted Wednesday, 03 April 2013, 11.52am

Weekly sale of Sheep with lambs at foot

Another pleasing entry of 149 sheep and lambs sold to a competitive trade with buyers ringside for all types. £190 was achieved by P Stephenson for his pen of Mule Shearlings with twins, with Suffolk x from the same home to £175.

Older sheep reached £165 for Texel x with twins from A P Metcalfe with Mules £160. Singles reached £118 from S & B Capstick.

Please advise of entries by Monday, to assist with informing buyers – Next week’s sale to include 20 Mule & Suffolk x Shearlings with strong Continental lambs.

Prime Lambs

Only the 9 lambs forward and with several buyers looking to purchase a few, a strong trade was seen for all weights sold. A top price was £116 per head for a pair of Charollais lambs from J A & R Geldard of Low Foulshaw. An overall average of 254.66p/kg. More lambs are now needed to fill buyers’ orders.

Prime Hoggs

A very mixed show of hoggs forward with the best quality hoggs in strong demand, topping at 221.4p/kg for a pen of smart 42kg Texel x hoggs from B Bowness of Kendal. Heavy hoggs also sold well, to a top of £98/head for a pen of Cheviot x from K A Lambert of Lupton. Once again, a lot of horned hoggs forward which would be just a shade easier than the previous week.

Cast Sheep

An excellent show of cast sheep met a fantastic demand being some £12-£15 dearer on the week, with the best heavy ewes regularly £110-£120 per head with a top of £124 for a pen of Texel x ewes from D & D W Prickett of Farleton. Hill ewes also met a very strong demand to £91 per head for Cheviot ewes from T H & D Cornthwaite of Grange over Sands. Rough Fell ewes to £77 and Swaledale ewes to £51.

Mule & Masham ewes were regularly £80-£90 with a top of £99 per head for a pen of Masham ewes from J Wilson & Son of Appleby.

Top prices:

Prime Lambs:

Char: £116, £111 Low Foulshaw.

Prime Hoggs:

Suffolk: £89 Brow Head, Low Chapel Farm; £84, £73.50 Hall Farm; £83, £72.50 Crabtree Farm; £77 Hodgson Green Farm; £73 Hawes Farm; £72 Barker Knott. Mule: £82 Old Hall; £77 Crabtree Farm; £77, £75 Fold Farm; £73 Greaves Farm. Swale: £75, £74 Old Hall; £69 Middale; £60 Nether House Farm. RghFell: £62 Crabtree Farm; £58.50, £50 Lincolns Inn Farm; £58 Sowermire. Scot BF: £89 Flodder Hall. Hnd: £75 Haveriggs. Char: £75 Kirket Nook. Chev: £97, £87 Old Hall; £89, £88, £85 Crow Trees. Tex: £98, £90 Brow Head; £94 Greaves Farm; £93, £91 Bellingham Road. Herd: £76.50, £74 Old Hall.

Cast Sheep:

Suff: £108 Cooper House; £104, £94 Ninezergh; £103 Hawes Farm. Cont: £124 Farleton House; £120 Ashtree Cottage; £112 (ram) Cooper House; £108 (ram), £102 (ram) Silverhow Farm; £108 Middleshaw Hall; £107 Green Close; £102 Kendal House Farm; £101 (ram) Ashtree Cottage. Mash: £99, £84 Southfield Farm. Mule: £93 Warth Sutton Farm; £91 Toadpool; £90 Hawkrigg End; £87 Ninezergh. Swale: £51 Nether House Farm; £47 Low Deepslack; £46 High Deepslack. RghFell: £77, £57 Southfield Farm; £70 Cooper House. Hnd: £67 Town End; £54 Longwell. Chev: £91, £75 Low Tarn Green. Tex: £110, £109, £102, £100 Silverhow Farm; £100 (ram) Town End; £108 Lundholme. Leic: £128 (ram) Town End; £100, £94 Longwell. Char: £120 (ram) Longwell.

Sheep & Lambs:

Mule Shearlings with twins £190

Suffolk Shearlings with twins £175

Texel Ewes with twins £165, £160

Mule Ewes with twins £160, £158

Texel Ewes with singles £118 (x3), £115

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