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J36 Kendal Tuesday 16/04/13

Posted Wednesday, 17 April 2013, 5.27pm

Prime Hoggs
A very mixed show of prime hoggs were presented to an increased ringside of buyers with well fleshed hoggs selling to a premium price and plainer sorts being harder to cash. The best export types fell well short of buyers requirements with many vendors now coming to the tail end of the hoggs. The best hoggs regularly 215 – 225p/kg topping at 226.3p/kg for a pen of Texel x from MW & MR Black of Staveley. Well finished heavy hoggs also sold to well regularly 185-195p/kg. A top price of £100 per head was achieved on several occasion for hoggs.

Spring Lambs
More lambs are now required on a weekly basis to enable buyers to fulfil orders with Hampshire lambs from J & O Galbraith & Son of Endmoor selling to £100 per head and Suffolk x lambs to £105 per head from WJ Barker of Arkholme.

Cast Sheep
Well fleshed cast sheep continue to sell to the recent high rates but with a lot more plain ewes about these were a shade easier on the week. Continental ewes to £123 with plenty more £115-£120. Mule ewes to £103 with majority £80-85. Swaledales to £68 with plenty £55-65 and Rough Fells to £74.

Breeding Sheep
A smaller number forward this week a head of the St. Georges Day Prize Show & Sale next week. Plenty of buyers ringside saw older ewes with lambs sell to £118 for singles with others at £55/life. Already entered for next week 120 sheep with lambs at foot (further entries invited).

Top Prices
PRIME HOGGS – Texel: £99 Red Scar; £98 Millness Hall; £97.50 Birds Park; £94 Howriggs, Orphan Crag; £93.50 Southfield; £93 Scroggs. Suff: £100 Southfield; £94.50 Underhelm; £90.50 Arnside Tower; £90 Moss Howe, High House. Masham: £96 Southfield. Mule: £98.50 Southways; £94 Red Scar; £90 High Deepslack; £89 Howriggs. Char: £88 Tarnside; £86 Scroggs; £83 Orphan Crag; £81.50 Cautley Farm. Chev: £74 Hartrigg; £64 Toadpool. Swale: £77.50 Southways; £68 Haveriggs; £65 Bridge Stone; £62.50 Ouzelthorn. Rough Fell: £78 Boundary Beck; £77 Southfield; Bridge Stone; £76 Far Orrest. Jacob: £73 Tarnside; £69 Far Orrest. Herdwick: £75.50 Boundary Beck; £71 Crossings Cottage; £60 Rakesmoor.
CAST SHEEP – Hampshire: £96 Endmoor Farm. Suffolk: £120 Nether Houses; £98 Ninezergh; £96 Moss Howe. Cont: £123 Causeway; £100 Endmoor Farm; £99 Underhelm; £97 Red Scar; £88 Johnscales, Sandham Farm. Masham: £66 Southfield. Mule: £103 Wray Farm; £84 Ackenthwaite; £82 Storth End, Braida Garth; £80 Causeway. Swale: £68 Nether Houses; £58 Rakesmoor, Low Newton Farm. Rough Fell: £74 Hole House; £58 Howriggs. Texel: £112 Underhelm; £86 Poppy Farm; £80 Storth End. Leicester: £99 Nether Houses; £97 Low Newton; £76 Red Scar. Jacob: £33 Johnscales. Herdwick: £32 Gilpin Farm.

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