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J36 Kendal Tuesday 09/04/13

Posted Thursday, 11 April 2013, 8.47am

Prime Sheep

North West Auctions J36 Kendal sold 1265 prime sheep which experienced a competitive trade for all classes of stock.

Prime hoggs reached £101 from F Barnes with plenty in the mid to late £90’s. Well fleshed hoggs regularly 215-220p/kg topping at 240p/kg from BJ Bowness. Prime Spring Lambs sold to £120 for Texel x from J & R Waller and 295p/kg for Texel x from MB Townley. All lambs averaged £116 with buyers requesting lambs to meet weekly orders.

477 cast sheep also met a competitive trade for all types, well fleshed Continentals regularly away at £110-£130. The sale topped at £140 for a Suffolk from H Wilson. Mules to £95 with most £75-£87. Hill breed ewes to £80 with majority £47-£55. Sale average £64.39.

Top prices:

PRIME HOGGS – Texel: £101 Crow Trees; £100 Brow Head; £99 Strickland Hill; £98 Birds Park, Nook Farm; £96.50 Moor House; £96 Bellingham Road; £95 Parks Farm Barn. Suffolk: £100 Hartrigg; £94 Holme House; £87 High Underbrow, West Plain; £83.50 Hall Farm; £80 Brow Head. Masham: £85 Swallowmire; £76 Killington Drive; £74 Buck Bank. Mule: £89 High House; £85 Buck Bank; £80 Borrans; £76 Crabtree. Swaledale: £71.50 Hartrigg; £70 Troughton Hall, Parks Farm Barn, Holme House. Rough Fell: £63 High Borrowbridge; £58 Crabtree Farm. Horned: £70 Audlands Park; £53 Beckside. Char: £86 Finsthwaite House; £85 Buck Bank; £78 Parks Farm Barn. Chev: £76 Hartrigg. Leicester: £70 Strickland Hill.

CAST SHEEP – Suffolk: £140 Ashstead; £118 Ackenthwaite; £94 Abbey Drive; £78 Low Bendrigg. Cont: £130 Moor House; £118 Gaisgill Row; £112 Kirket Nook; £100 Claughton Hall Farm, Dubside; £98 Curlew Rock. Masham: £90 Killington Drive. Mule: £95 Birds Park; £94 Hood Ridding; £91 Ashstead; £90 Hallbeck, Deansbiggin, Ackenthwaite; £87 Moor House, Strickland Hill. Swale: £70 Buck Bank; £66 Scar Sykes; £58 Nether House. Rough Fell: £80 Killington Drive; £77 Moss End Farm; £72 Swallowmire; £70 The Glen. Horned: £80 Moor House; £69 Crabtree Farm, Holme Bank. Char: £64 Deansbiggin. Chev: £85 Holme Bank. Texel: £122 Silverhow Farm; £101 Strickland Hill; £90 Holme Bank; £86 Moor House. Leicester: £107 Catshaw Hall; £104 Moss Head; £94 Strickland Hill. Dalesbred: £72 Holker. Herdwick: £40 Low Bendrigg.

Breeding Sheep
The Sale attracted an entry of 355 ewes with lambs which sold to a full ringside of buyers, eleven making purchases with many more present but awaiting the arrival of grass. The first consignment of shearlings from J & M Wilson sold to a top price of £210 on two occasions for Mule and Suffolk shearlings with Texel Lambs. Aged Texels sold to £158 from S & B Capstick with others AT £65/life from Messrs Jenkinson, Penrith. Mule ewes (4crop) reached £138 from M Sykes. Please advise of entries by Monday to assist with informing buyers.

Don’t forget the Special St Georges Day Prize Show & Sale of Ewes & Shearlings with Lambs at Foot on Tuesday 23rd April.

Prices to Note
Mule Shlgs with Twins: £210, £208
Suffolk Shlgs with Twins: £210, £205
Mules Ewes (bm) with Twins: £140, £138, £132
Texel Ewes (bm) with Twins: £158, £155
Texel Ewes (bm) with Singles: £130, £128, £118

The Monthly sale of pigs attracted another strong entry of 92 with 16 buyers making purchases.
The sale was topped by C Ronson with his consignment of In-pig sows selling to £142. Cast sows reached £140 from S Pollock with others £108. Prime pigs were a tremendous trade selling to £132 from AJ & H Clarke with no less than another 9 lots over £100. Store pigs reached £70 for Tamworth x GOS from JM Poole with weaners regularly £25-£35 topping at £40 for Tamworth x from S Hartley.

We would ask vendors to enter pigs with the Market Office to assist us with informing buyers – this sale only 3 pigs were

Please note: vendors and purchasers must be pre-registered with BPEX before buying & selling pigs and an electronic licence from BPEX must obtained using the on-line licencing system before pigs are moved. For more information please go to

Prices to Note
In-pig sows: £142, £130, £122
Sows: £140, £108, £95
Prime Pigs: £132, £124, £108, £105
Store Pigs: £70, £60, £59
Weaners: £40, £37

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