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J36 Kendal Thursday 25 April 2013 - Grassday

Posted Monday, 29 April 2013, 11.32am

Caption: The Champion animal with Stuart Maycock (Dugdales Nutrition) judge, Mr John Mellin, owner, Mrs Jill Harper & Domino Phillips (Carr Billingtons)

Caption: Reserve Champion with Mr John Mellin (judge) and Mr John Maxwell (owner)

A large entry of cattle were forward for our Annual Grass Day Show and Sale of Store Cattle.

A wonderful turn out of buyers, considering the lack of grass growth, were stood ringside to ensure all classes of cattle were sold to a very competitive trade.

The pre-sale judging was carried out by Mr John Mellin of Wigglesworth, who had some cracking cattle placed before him to judge. After judging the 6 classes, John awarded the Championship Rosette to a superb Continental Breed 12 month old Bullock from John and Jill Harper of Sedbergh, which went on to sell for £1,390 to Mr J Crichton of Egremont. The Reserve Champion went to John Maxwell of Lancaster for a Limousin bullock, which sold for £1,200 to the judge.

The Show was very kindly sponsored by Carrs Billington, Dugdale Nutrition, Quattro Products & Farmers Guardian

Limousin Heifer Class

1st R T & J Gorst, The Coach House sold for £920 to Mr Wilcock

2nd J G & P H Thompson, Poppy Farm sold for £1070 to Mr Mellin

3rd S M Watson, Old School House sold for £980 to Mr Birkbeck

Belgian Blue Heifer Class

1st R T & J Gorst, The Coach House sold for £1010 to Mr Wilcock

2nd R T & J Gorst, The Coach House sold for £900 to Mr Mellin

3rd J Maxwell, Cottams Farm sold for £780 to Mr Wilcock

Any other Breed Heifer Class

1st J A & J Harper, Capplethwaite Hall sold for £1370 to Mr Wilcock

2nd A M S Robinson, New Hall sold for £950 to Mr Bell

3rd J A & S M Allen, Barker Knott sold for £830 to Mr Gore

Limousin Bullock Class

1st & Reserve champion J Maxwell, Cottams Farm sold for £1200 to Mr Mellin

2nd R T & J Gorst, The Coach House sold for £1120 to Mr Mellin

3rd J G & P H Thompson, Poppy Farm sold for £1270 to undisclosed buyer

Any other breed Bullock Class

1st & Champion J A & J Harper, Capplethwaite Hall sold for £1390 to Mr Crichton

There were some outstanding runs of cattle forward selling to as far afield as Oxfordshire, South Wales, the Midlands and Yorkshire as well as may local farmer buyers.

Store Cattle topped at £1,490 for a ring full of 20 month old black Limousin bullocks from Messrs A E Atkinson & Son of Endmoor with heifers to £1,370 from J A & J Harper of Sedbergh.

On the day, and with the lack of grass around, which meant buyers were rather more cautious of particularly long term grazing cattle, the majority of customers would be well satisfied with their trade.

We thank you all for all your support on what was a very long day.


A late entry of dairy cattle sold to full value with a 3rd calved Friesian type cow reaching £1,780. A consignments of yearling heifers reached £670 from R J & J Gardner.


Another strong entry of calves was greeted by a full ringside of buyers competing for all types.

Beef calves fell short of buyers’ requirements with bulls to £380 for Lim x from J S & I Wilson, with others at £370 for BrBx from D W Cottam. Heifers reached £320 for a Lim x with BrBx £300 from R R & J A Knowles.

Dairy Bulls reached £285 for Mont x from J S & I Wilson, who sold others at £270 & £240. HF reached £175 from H J Robinson & Son, others at £160, £150, £140. There were plenty of younger calves forward with an average of £68


A full ringside of buyers ensure all classes of cattle met the strongest trade witnessed to date with Cows averaging 162.9p/kg and over age Heifers averaging 176.75p/kg.

Cont cows peaked on several occasions at 227.5p/kg. Firstly for a tremendous pure Limousin cow from Alistair Thompson of Selside and again from J W & H M Metcalfe of Gatebeck who also secured the top price per head on the day of £1,827.44.

Dairy bred cattle topped out at 159.5p/kg for a well fed cow from J D & M Beck of Tebay with plenty more cows 135-145p/kg. Only the very plain cows didn’t quite break the £1/kg barrier.

Many more cows can be handled to fill our buyers’ orders.

Top prices

Store Cattle:

Blks: Fr: £790 Guttery Farm, £745 Carter House. Lim: £1490, £1440, £1390 Stubb Farm; £1390 Capplethwaite Hall. Char: £1360, £1300 Greenhills Farm; £1100 Hartrigg; £1025 Ulpha Farm. Here: £1120, £1095 Greenhills Farm; £1060 Angerton; £820 Ulpha Farm. Sim: £1240, £1225, £1185, £1170 Greenhills Farm. Blo: £1390 Craglands Park; £1230, £1170 Goose Green; £1130 Causeway Farm; £1020 Low House; £960 Garnett House. Ang: £1400 Craglands Park; £1000 West Plain Farm; £990 Bank Ground; £940 Ellers Farm. Sho: £550 High Farm. Luing: £980, £890 High House Farm. Stab: £910 Park House Farm. BrB: £965 Greenhills Farm, £950 Riddings Farm; £940 High Biggarsbank.

Hfrs: Lim: £1370 Capplethwaite Hall; £1120, £1100 Sinkfall; £1100, £1090 Low Tarn Green; £1080 Garnett House; £1070 Poppy Farm. Char: £950, £855 New Hall. Here: £640 Ulpha Farm; £575 Angerton. Sim: £850 Low Fell End; £810 Brow Head; £720 West Plain Farm. Blo: £1130 Goose Green; £990 Causeway Farm; £950 Low House, £830 Barker Knott; £800 Capplethwaite Hall. Ang: £780 Ulpha Farm; £740 Sunny Bank; £650 Wyke Farm. Parth: £940, £765 Millbeck. Luing: High House Farm. BrB: £1110 Lockbank farm; £1010 The Coach House; £1010 Sinkfall; £960 Barnfield Farm; £930 Mire House Farm.

Bulls: Fr: £540 Carter House. Lim: £1060 Crabtree Farm; £825 Dendron Farm. Char: £700 Low Groves Farm. Here: £800 Mint Close. Blo: £840 Crabtree Farm. BrB: £745 Low Newton Farm.

OTM Cattle:

Cows: Fr:159.5p/kg Town Foot;157.5p/kg Swallowmire. Lim: 227.5p/kg Poppy Farm; 179.5p/kg,161.5p/kg Troughton Hall. Char: 165.5p/kg Tock How. Here: 149.5p/kg Tarn Foot; 144.5p/kg Lane Ends Farm. Sim: 179.5p/kg,169.5p/kg Tottlebank. BB: 177.5p/kg Riddings; 167.5p/kg Poppy Farm. Ang: 209.5p/kg Underhelm Farm; 169.5p/kg Cooper House. Sho: 177.5p/kg, 151.5p/kg Bank House Farm. Sal: 155.5p/kg Tottlebank. BrB: 215.5p/kg Low Bracken Hall.

Heifers: Fr: 177.5p/kg Cragg Farm; 129.5p/kg Thursgill. Lim: 183.5p/kg Long Green Head. Ang: 181.5/kg Toadpool. BrB: 201.5p/kg Low Bracken Hall.

Bulls/Strs: Fr: 191.5p/kg Underhelm Farm. Lim: 217.5p/kg, 211.5p/kg Town Foot.

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