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Lancaster Monday 25/03/13

Posted Tuesday, 26 March 2013, 9.44am

NWA Lancaster 25-03-13

Spring Lambs to £140 and 332p/kg

NWA Lancaster held its Easter Prime Lamb Show and Sale which saw 22 young lambs forward. The winning 42kg Charolais lamb was from JA & R Geldard which later sold for £130 to Whitakers Butchers, Blackburn. Spring lambs were keenly competed for by a ringside of buyers with orders to fill, seeing lambs sell for £140/head and 332p/kg. We have orders for spring lamb every week now.

The sale of prime hoggs saw better3/4 bred hoggs regularly 220/240p/kg topping at 256p/kg from P Lawrenson and £105 from C & A Fletcher. A strong market average of 203p/kg included a large consignment of true hill bred hoggs, with well fleshed continentals selling to a premium.

Cast sheep topped at £122, £120 for strong continental ewes from GH Sanderson, 8 other pens of sheep also broke the £100 barrier. Mules generally £64-£80 with hill bred ewes topping at £60.

Prime bulls reached 225p/kg for a young Limousin cross from HF & KA Hodgson with first cross beef bulls 205p/kg for Charollais cross from K Whitaker & Son. Dairy bulls reached 197p/kg from TD & A Gardner. Top price per head was £1360 for Charollais cross from K Whitaker and Son, over half the bulls realised £1000 plus. More prime cattle requested by buyers every week to meet demands.

Top Prices

£105 Ashton Barn; £102 Sandy Lane Farm, Walmsley Fold; £100 North Farm; £97 Curwin Hill. Suffolk: £98 Walnut Tree; £95 North Farm; £81 Tarnwater Farm; £77 Downlands Farm. Cont: £83 Parks Farm Barn. Mule: £89.50 Sandy Lane Farm; £80 Croziers Croft. Horned: £78 Parks Farm Barn; £77 Curwin Hill. Char: £96 Throstle Grove Farm; £94 Sandy Lane Farm; £91 North Farm; £84 Stirzakers Farm. Chev: £86 Tarnwater Farm; £73 Parks Farm Barn.

PRIME SPRING LAMBS – Char: £140 Low Foulshaw. Cont: £130 Burrow Heights. Suffolk: £134 Hall Croft Barn; £126 Fleetwood Road; £94 Springfield. Texel: £90 Springfield.

CAST SHEEP – Suffolk: £102 Downlands Farm; £100 Burrow Heights. Cont: £69 Curwin Hill. Mule: £88 Downlands Farm; £79 Cocker House Farm; £72 Burrow Heights; £71 Pilling Lane. Char: £92 Curwin Hill. Texel: £122 Blackleach House; £114 Hall Croft Barn; £100 Downlands Farm, Conder Mill; £99 Stirzakers Farm; £82 Newhouse Farm. Horned: £60 Pilling Lane.

PRIME BULLS – Lim: 225.5p/kg Howriggs; 195.5p/kg Larbreck Hill. Char: 205.5p/kg Stirzakers Farm. Swedish R&W: 194.5p/kg Larbreck Hill. Fr: 175.5p/kg Yeat House; 166.5p/kg Calcalds Farm.

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