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Lancaster Monday 04/03/13

Posted Monday, 04 March 2013, 11.56am

PRIME HOGGS to £104 per head & 232p/kg

North West Auctions held its weekly primestock sale which saw an improved trade for all classes of sheep with hoggs averaging 181p/kg and cast ewes £62 per head.

P Lawrenson, Brindle sold a strong run of Texel x hoggs to a top price of 232p/kg with plenty of Continental hoggs 190-220p/kg. Alan Bargh sold the best of his Texel x hoggs to £104 with most ‘in spec’ hoggs £80-£90. Horned hoggs sold to £79 from FK & F Woodhouse and 172p/kg for Barker Farms.

Cast sheep sold to £122 for best Continental ewes from ST Birkett. Mules regularly £66-£70 with horned ewes £45-£52.

An improved entry of prime bulls were rewarded with a competitive trade which saw the £2/kg barrier broken on 6 occasions topping at 215.5p/kg for Limousin x from HR & KA Hodgson with S & BM Lawrenson & Son reaching 213.5p/kg again for Limousin x. Dairy bulls reached £2 per kilo for Montbeliarde from GA Haston & Son. This week ten bulls sold for over £1000 and seven over £1100 topping at £1431 from S & BM Lawrenson & Son. A shortage of prime cattle today left buyers unable to fill orders. Please advise of entries.

PRIME HOGGS – Texel: £97.50 & £94.50 Walmsley Fold; £89.50 North Farm; £87.50 Corless Mill; £87 Lower Langthwaite Farm, Brown Brook. Chev: £104 & £89 North Farm; £72 Hutton Roof Hall, Cragg Farm; £67 Parks Farm Barn. Suffolk: £84 North Farm; £81 Knowsley Farm; £67 Birks Farm. Masham: £76 Fell End. Mule: £73 & £72 Hillam House Farm; £68.50 Longstripes; £65 Low Moor Head; £63.50 Sykes Farm. Horned: £79 Fell End; £64 Birks Farm; £63.50 Parks Farm Barn; £63 Sykes Farm.
CAST EWES – Texel: £122 Hall Croft; £90 Burrow Heights; £73 Hutton Roof Hall; £70 Cock Hall. Suffolk: £83 Tarnwater Farm. Mule: £70 Brown Brook; £69 Burrow Heights, Hall Croft; £66 Tarnwater Farm. Horned: £63 Fell End; £47 Catshaw Hall. Milk Sheep: £89 Lathwaite Farm.
PRIME BULLS – Lim: 215.5p/kg & 208.5p/kg Howriggs; 213.5p/kg & 211.5p/kg Northwoods; 196.5p/kg & 195.5p/kg High House; 188.5p/kg Beech Tops. Sim: 198.5p/kg & 197.5p/kg Village Farm. BB: 199.5p/kg High House. Mont: 200.5p/kg & 197.5p/kg Lane House. Fr: 169.5p/kg Calcalds Farm; 159.5p/kg High House.

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