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J36 Kendal Tuesday 26/03/13

Posted Tuesday, 26 March 2013, 5.06pm

Caption: 1st Prize spring Lamb from JA & R Geldard

Prime Lambs

The first Spring Lambs of the season were forward for sale which included the Easter Prize Show & Sale of individual Spring Lambs. The 29 lambs forward sold to a very competitive trade selling to 9 different High Street Butchers and major Abattoirs, who were all keen to secure all weights.

The pre-sale judging was in the very capable hands of Mr Andrew Dawson of Sedbergh, who awarded the Championship Rosette to a pure Charollais Lamb from Messrs J A & R Geldard of Levens. This went on to sell for £122 and was bought by Mr John Bowling of Wigan on behalf of Irvings Butchers of Ulverston.


Continental Lambs

1st J A & R Geldard, Low Foulshaw 43kg £122 Irvings Butchers

2nd J A & R Geldard, Low Foulshaw 41kg £124 Michael Lomax

3rd S Middleton, Dale View 38kg £97 Michael Lomax

Suffolk/x Lambs

1st F E & C M Robinson & Son, Warth Sutton 38kg £110 Michael Lomax

2nd J & O Galbraith & Son, Endmoor Farm 44kg £91 Michael Lomax

3rd J & O Galbraith & Son, Endmoor Farm 38kg £90 Andrew Dawson

Prime Hoggs

A smaller show of Prime Hoggs were forward with all weights and classes greatly sought after. These topped at 232.9p/kg for a pen of Texel x Hoggs from Messrs M W & M R Black of Staveley and a top price of £108 per head for a pen of Continental lambs from Messrs D Jackson & Son of Crook. The large portion of hoggs forward were hill breed and a very pleasing overall average of 188.12p/kg was achieved/

Cast Sheep

All classes, once again, remain a firm trade with ewes topping at £124 for Continental x ewes from Mr A Thompson of Selside. Rams topped at £130 from Messrs N Cooper & Sons of Broughton in Furness.

Mule/Masham ewes were up to £95 with plenty £80-£90. Horned sheep were up to £75 for a pen of Rough Fell ewes from J Wilson & Sons of Appleby.

Breeding Sheep

Ewes & Lambs to £168 and £72.50/life

The opening sale of ewes with lambs at foot attracted a pleasing entry of 194 forward selling to a full ringside of keen buyers. Continental ewes with twin Texel lambs sold to £168 from A Metcalfe with others £160 from S & B Capstick and £158 from Messrs Jenkinson. Singles topped at £145 for Texel ewes with month old lambs from Messrs Jenkinson, whose consignment averaged £57/life. Aged Mule Ewes sold to £162 with buyers competing for all types.

Please advise of sheep and lamb entries by Monday 2pm to help with advising buyers.

Top prices:

Prime Lambs:

Char: £124, £122, £110, £109, £104, £102 Low Foulshaw; £97 Dale View, Orphan Crag Barn. Suff: £107 Low Brundrigg; £91, £90 Endmoor Farm. Dorset: £98, £96 Beckside Barn.

Prime Hoggs:

Suffolk: £97 The Coach House; £90 Aynsome Manor; £83 Fell House, Helm Croft, Chapel House; £81.50 Crabtree Farm; £80 Helm Croft; £78 Fell House. Mule: £88, £77.50, £76.50 Red Scar; £87 High Cark House; £82.50 Mint Close; £77.50 Thwaite Gate Farm; £74 Skelwith Fold Farm. Swale: £76.50 Skelwith Fold Farm; £71 The Coach House; £65 Birch Bank; £63, £56 Overthwaite Farm; £62.50, £57 Burneside Hall; £57 Well Foot. Rough Fell: £68 High Borrowbridge. Char: £100 Kingsland; £68.50 Ellerthwaite; £67 Poppy Farm; £63 Pyes Bridge. Chev: £79 Helm Croft; £75, £66 Burneside Hall. Tex: £108, £92.50 Cunswick Hall; £97 Beck House; £95 Orphan Crag Barn; £94 The Coach House; £93 Millness Hall; £92 Fell House, Helm Croft, Red Scar. Tees: £74 Murthwaite.

Cast Sheep:

Suff: £79, £52 Warth Sutton. Cont: £130 (ram) Troughton Hall; £124, £110 Poppy Farm; £110 Aynsome Manor; £106, £93 Kingsland; £103 Orphan Crag Barn. Mash: £95 Southfield Farm. Mule: £89 Garnett House; £88 Borrans Farm; £85 Matson Farm; £83 Low Brundrigg, Mill Bank. Swale: £57 Warth Sutton; £55, £52 (ram) Skelwith Fold; £44 Matson Farm. Rgh Fell: £75, £54 Southfield Farm; £60 Mosergh Farm. Tex: £104 The Borrans; £98 Farleton House; ) £98 (ram) Beck House; £78 Garnett House. Leic: £76 Matson Farm; £66 The Borrans. Tees: £104, £103 (ram) Murthwaite; £61 Farleton House. Herd: £53, £37 Poppy Farm; £40 Troughton Hall. Suff: (ram) £112 Aynsome Manor.

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