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J36 Kendal Tuesday 19/03/13

Posted Wednesday, 20 March 2013, 5.03pm

Prime Hoggs
Once again the best quality export type hoggs were very keenly sought after, regularly 210-220pp/kg but fell well short of buyers requirements, topping at 227.9p/kg for a cracking pen of Texel x hoggs from Mr D Clarke of Underbarrow. A top price per head of £120 was achieved for a pure Charollais hogg from Mr J Stott of Crosscrake. The sale was made up predominantly hill breed hoggs, of which well finished hoggs met a strong trade but a lot of plain light weight hoggs were much harder to place.

Cast Sheep
Once again all classes of Cast Sheep met a strong trade with the best cast ewes regularly £100 plus, topping at £108 for a pen of Charollais Ewes from Messrs J A & R Geldard of Low Foulshaw. Mule Ewes were mainly £80-£90 and Horned Ewes to £65 with plenty of £35 to £45 with only the very lean plain ewes less than £20

PRIME HOGGS - Suffolk: £102 Dawson Fold; £98 Nook Farm; £90 Birds Park Farm; Cracalt Farm; Hartrigg. Mash: £87 Swallowmire; £83.50 Birds Park Farm; £80 Yealand Manor. Mule: £91 Bowkerstead; £90 Barrowfield, Mutton Hall, Holme House; £86.50 Far Orrest. Swale: £79 Turners Hall; £69 Bridge Stone; £65 Holme House. Rough Fell: £75 Boundary Beck; £72 Bridge Stone; £63.50 High Borrowbridge. SBFace: £75 Flodder Hall. Horn: £92 Mutton Hall; £80 Ashfield Farm. Char: £120, £86, £80 Crosscrake; £101 Hill Farm; £97 Low Foulshaw. Tex: £104 Mutton Hall; £102 Burney End; £99 Brow Head, Summer Close Farm; £98 Orphan Crag Barn; £96 Crosscrake Farm, Low Gregg Hall. Lleyn: £92 Low Foulshaw. Herd: £85 Beech Tops; £82, £80 Turners Hall Farm; £75, £73 Town Head Farm.
CAST SHEEP - Hamp: £94 Endmoor Farm. Suff: £80, £62 Broomfield; £73 Greenbank Farm. Cont: £96 Hawkrigg End; £90 Bank House Farm; £89 Ulpha Farm; £85 Middleshaw Hall. Mash: £78 Brow Head. Mule: £93 Low Barrows Green; £87 Hollins Farm; £85, £80 Sunny Bank Farm; £80 Ulpha Farm. Swale: £54 Swallowmire; £37 Barrowfield. Rough Fell: £65 Cooper House; £45 Swallowmire; £40 High Swinklebank. Char: £108,£104,£103 Low Foulshaw Farm. Leic: £94 Main Street; £77 High House. Herd: £55 Barker Knott.

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