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J36 Kendal Thursday 28/03/13

Posted Friday, 29 March 2013, 2.22pm



Store cattle topped at £1200 for strong summering Charollais cross bullocks from Mrs E Tuer with Hereford cross to £1100 from IP Blanc. Heifers reached £1010 again from Mrs Tuer. A run of Blonde cross from JP & S Thorpe regualarly made £875/940.

Yearling cattle reached £900 for BRB bullocks from RT & J Gorst with others £860 from JN & A Woodland. A smart Limousin heifer shown by Richard Gorst raced away to £965. Younger cattle topped at £770 for Limousin heifers from DJ & EA Park and HF bullocks sold to £680.

A full ringside of buyers were in attendance, however with the current feed supplies diminishing on some farms and the spring grass still looking a long way off buyers were cautious with purchasing younger cattle.

The sale of calves continues to attract new vendors with custom ringside for all types. Continental calves continue to sell to a premium with BB 5 week old bulls reaching £350 from DW Cottam and 3 week old Limousins from FG & GCL Stephenson at £280. Heifer calves reached £350 for Limousins from B Wilson with younger heifers £235/£230 from FG & GCL Stephenson.

Native bred bulls reached £350 from J Scott & Co with others £320 from JW & D Robinson. A good run of Stabiliser bulls from RJ & KR Wilkinson regularly £290/£308.

B & W’s sold to 3205 for reared calves from CL & AM Mason & Son with others £180 from AJ & PA Jackson. Young calves generally £40/£60.

Dairy cows topped at £1800 for a fresh 3rd calved cow from EH Fearon with other cows to £1550 from E Lund & Son. Buyers ringside each sale for dairy cattle.


Just a few less cows in this week due to the imminent Easter weekend. Meaty dry cows could have sold all day, but parlour cows slightly easier. A top price of 181.5p/kg was achieved by a Limousin cow from M/s Beck selling to H Norris.

M/s Beck had a real day in the market also selling the top price HF Cow at 165.5p/kg weighing £803kg she sold at £1329 also to H Norris. Cast steers reached 205.5p/kg (£1381) and cast bulls topped at 144.5p/kg (£1322) for an Aberdeen Angus from Simon Wood, Causeway Foot.


FH: 165.5 Town Foot; 157.5 Beck House; 151.5 Elm Tree; 124.5 Monk House; 121.5 High Gateside; 113.5 Deansbiggin; 113.5 Deerslet; 113.5 Black Bull. LIM: 205.5 181.5 Town Foot; 165.5 Cockley Beck; 159.5 Stribers Farm; 151.5 Cockrigg Farm; 139.5 Tock Howe; 139.5 Low Lundhowe. BRB: 139.5 Todds Farm; 137.5 Low Lundhowe. AA: 144.5 Causeway. SH: 155.5 117.5 Strickley; 111.5 School House. CONT: 147.5 Monk Foss. SALER: 69.5 Hutton Roof. BS: 123.5 Strickley. STAB: 127.5 Tock Howe. SRW: 143.5 Holme Head.


FH: £205 Greenlands; £180 Winter Tarn; £60 Brackenfold; £45 Halforth Farm. LIM: £350 Spout House; £280 Deansbiggin; £270 Halforth Farm; £180 Town End. AA: £350 Middle Birkby; £320 Hollins Farm. STAB: £308 £305 £295 High Foulshaw. BRB: £350 £245 Hagg Farm; £235 Winter Tarn; £210 Brackenfold.

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