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J36 Kendal Tuesday 19/02/13

Posted Wednesday, 20 February 2013, 3.50pm

A large show of almost 2,200 prime sheep were presented to an increased ringside of buyers and all classes of hoggs met a wonderful trade especially considering half the entry was made up of hill breed hoggs with only grass fed hoggs being a shade easier on the week. The best Continental hoggs regularly well over £2 per kilo topping at 221.6p/kg for Texel x hoggs from R & A Easterby of Westhouse and a top price per head of £91 for Texel x hoggs from Mr P Cummings of Holme. Hill bred hoggs also met a strong demand with buyers looking to purchase well finished hoggs.

A large show of 680 cast sheep were presented to a full ringside of buyers who were keen to secure all classes of sheep. Ewes topped at £100 per head for Texels from Mr RG Blackburn of Great Strickland and cast rams sold to £96 from Mr M Barker of Halton. The sale was made up of predominantly plainer Mule and Hill breed ewes which were a shade easier on the week.

Top prices:
Prime Hoggs - Suffolk: £85, £80 Nether Houses Farm; £84.50 North Farm; £84 Birks Farm; £78.50 Brow Head, Arnside Tower Farm; £78 Helm Croft, Woodside Farm. Masham: £73 Killington Drive; £68 Swallowmire. Mule: £73 Cockrigg Farm; £72.50 Bank House Farm, Nether Houses Farm. Swaledale: £68 Arklid Farm; £66, £63 Nether House Farm. Rough Fell: £75 Killington Drive; £65.50 Nether House Farm; £62 Croft Foot Farm. Scot BF: £74.50 Bank House Farm. Charollais: £88 Crosscrake; £79, £75 The Galleon; £76, £75.50 Birks Farm; £70 Bracelet Hall. Cheviot: £72 Brow Head; £57.50, £57 Hartrigg. Texel: £91, £89 Holme Field; £90, £85 Bank House Farm; £86, £84 Steel Croft; £85.50, £85 North Farm; £84 Helm Croft, Low Tarn Green. Herdwick: £67.50 Tarn Foot; £63 Hawkrigg End; £59.50 Poole Bank Farm; £58.50 Nether Houses Farm.
Cast Sheep - Suffolk: £92 Hawkrigg End; £80 (ram) Nether Houses Farm; £74, £60 Ninezergh. Mule: £75, £60 Deansbiggin; £64 Hawkrigg End, Lowgill Farm; £60 Fellside Farm. Swaledale: £35 Middle Sadghyll; £28 Nook Farm, Low Sizergh Farm. Rough Fell: £61, £51 (ram) Riddings; £56 Moss End. Horned: £54 (ram), £50 (ram) Tongue House Farm; £53 Ghyll Farm; £52 Lunesdale House; £51 Nether House Farm; £50 High Borrowbridge. Charollais: £80 School House; £50 (ram) Gilpin Farm; Cheviot: £54 School House; £49 Cornkbeg. Texel: £100 Chapel House; £96 (ram) Halton Park Farm; £90 Cockrigg; £74, £72 Low Tarn Green; £71 Hawkrigg End. Lleyn: £45 Sunny Bank. Leicester: £86, £53 Tongue House Farm; £67 The Borrans; £60 (ram) Gilpin Farm; £58 Middle Sadghyll.

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