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J36 Kendal Thursday 14 February 2013

Posted Friday, 15 February 2013, 3.19pm

North West Auctions cattle sales got off to a flying start at the new market at J36.

The sale commenced with a large show of 50 Calves which were greeted by a large ringside of buyers from throughout the North West. All classes of calves were a fantastic trade with vendors happy with prices achieved. Prices peaked at £510 for a well grown 8 week old BB x bull purchased by local farmer, Jim Whitworth. Plenty of continental bulls £280+.

Heifers were in short supply with keen interest in continentals for suckler replacements, topping at £350 for a BB from R Cowin, with 13 sold averaging £246.

Black & whites were a very competitive trade for all types, best month old calves regularly £110-£140 from M H & A R Robinson, with younger types £45-£80.

Congratulations to all vendors on a high quality show of calves

A large show of 70 Cast Cows and clean cattle were put before a full ringside of 12 active buyers with all classes of cattle selling to a tremendous average of 142.07p/kg for cows and 193.62p/kg for cast bulls and clean cattle.

Dairy bred cattle were regularly 130p-140p/kg, topping on several occasions at 147.5p/kg

A marvellous show of continental cows peaked at 214.5p/kg for a young British Blue x cow from R H Boyren of Colton. The top price per head was £1452 for a pure British Blue cow from J A & J Harper of Sedbergh.

A nice entry of Dairy Cattle from 4 vendors attracted keen interest from throughout the north with 10 buyers ringside keen to purchase. The sale commenced with a heifer from regular supporter Jeff Burrow, Thursgill. She was 2 weeks calved giving 25 lts, which raced away to a top price of £2,500 – purchased by M E Wannop & Son, Morecambe. David Whitaker, Galgate sold a true Friesian type heifer for £2,100 and J Allonby & Son, Grayrigg sold a

Mr Frosty sired heifer giving 25 lts for £1,700. All cattle sold averaged £1,825.

The next sale is Thursday 28th Feburary.

A huge ringside of buyers were present for the opening Store Cattle sale, with a lot of buyers leaving empty handed, but all glad they had attended the Opening Sale and will be back in the future.

There were some great runs of cattle forward with young summering bullocks, 9-10 m.o. from T M W & H Hodgson, topping at £990.

Heifers topped at £970 for Simmental heifers from M Bateman & Son of Firbank. Closely followed by a pair of pure, 10 m.o., Limousin heifers from W G Wilkinson of Coniston.

Store Bulls were up to £950, also from W G Wilkinson, with all bulls averaging £830.

Overall a very successful first sale with all buyers leaving the market highly delighted with their trade.

The flock dispersal of Lleyn/Lleyn x sheep on behalf of J J & M I Longton, Low Bank House, sold to keen interest, topping at £122 for shearlings scanned to Beltex for March with others £118, £110, £108.

Store Hoggs sold to a much improved trade, topping at £52 for Texel x with others £51, £48.

Valentine’s Prize Awards

Highest priced dairy heifer £2,500 HF J & J A Burrow

Highest priced OTM cow/head £1,452 BB x J A & J Harper

Highest priced OTM cow/kg 214p/kg BB x R H Boyren

Highest priced Store heifer £970 Sim x M Bateman & Son

Highest priced heifer Calf £350 BB R Cowin

Highest priced of pen 3 or more bullocks

1st £1085 Cha Messrs Pitts

2nd £990  Lim TMW & H Hodgson

Highest priced pen of 3 or more heifers

1st  £940  Lim    JD, EM & JA Atkinson

2nd £880  Stab   A Dixon & Son

After the first week of trading, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and if anyone has any comments that would enable us to amend things which we may have overlooked, please feel free to contact us. We would appreciate feed-back.

Top prices:

OTM Cows: BB: 214.5p/kg Hill Park; 204.5p/kg Capplethwaite Hall; 149.5p/kg Bowston Hall; 129.5p/kg, 124.5p/kg Mutton Hall. BritB: 209.5p/kg Helm Croft. Blo: 187.5p/kg, 144.5p/kg, 127.5p/kg High Row; 179.5p/kg Dendron Farm. Stab: 187.5p/kg Kit Cragg; 181.5p/kg, 164.5p/kg Low Foulshaw. Lim: 181.5p/kg Bramaskew; 174.5p/kg Common Farm; 167.5p/kg Low House; 157.5p/kg Dendron Farm; 151.5p/kg Helm Croft, Bowston Hall. Sim: 179.5p/kg Common Farm. Ang: 154.5p/kg, 147.5p/kg, 144.5p/kg, 141.5p/kg Ellers Farm. Fr: 147.5p/kg Arklid Farm, Toadpool; 139.5p/kg Town House, Strickland Hill, Moss House Farm; 137.5p/kg Strickland Hill; 131.5p/kg Far Audlands. Short: 141.5p/kg, 131.5p/kg 129.5p/kg Strickley. Here: 144.5p/kg Lane Ends Farm.

OTM Heifers: Lim: 204.5p/kg Stribers Farm.

OTM Bulls/Strs: Lim: 207.5p/kg, 204.5p/kg, 199.5p/kg Town Foot. Stab: 169.5p/kg Kit Crag.

In calf Cows: Ang: £750, £690, £680 Keerfalls Forest Farm.

Store Bullocks: Char: £1085 Stockbridge. Sim: £1005, £810 Marsh Farm; £840 Bannerigg Farm; £790 West Plain Farm. Cont: £1005, £800 Marsh Farm. Lim: £990, £940, £930 Arklid Farm; £940 Dendron Farm, Stang End. BritB: £940, £915 Marsh Farm. Ang: £915 Dendron Farm. Blo: £745, £700, £615 Grange House Farm. Fr: £695 Arklid Farm.

Store Heifers: Sim: £970 Moors; £800 Marsh Farm; £725, £605 Poole Bank. Lim: £950, £940, £905 Lowgill Farm; £940 Riddings, Low Groves Farm; £875 Tilberthwaite; £870 Dendron Farm. Stab: £880, £840, £820, £765 Kit Cragg. Here: £850 Riddings. BritB: £800 Marsh Farm; £700 Riddings; £690 Moss Side Farm. Char: £695 Tock How Farm. Blo: £690 Grange House Farm; £675 Moss Side Farm.

Store Bulls: Sim: £1200 Manor Farm. Lim: £950, £945 Tilberthwaite; £905, £835, £775, £720 Valley View; £865 Low Hall; £760, £660 Low Newton. BritB: £725, £570 Low Newton. Stab: £695 Tock How Farm. Blo: £635 Grange House Farm.

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