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Lancaster Monday 30/12/13

Posted Monday, 30 December 2013, 11.08am

Prime Lambs

It was the final sale of prime lambs for 2013 this morning North West Auctions Lancaster, which included the young handlers show and sale, which was well supported by local youngsters. An overall entry of just short of 700 lambs forward this morning, averaged 179ppk a lump better on the week. Trade topped at 250ppk (£115) for a very smart Texel lamb from James Baxter, who also won the Young Handlers Lowland Class.

Suffolks sold to a top of £90/head for a pen of 50kg lambs from G Riley, Bolton le Sands and averaged £77/head. Mules sold to a top of £80/head from Amy Ayrton, Yates Farm, winner of the Young Handlers Hill Bred class. With other mules regularly in the high £70s averaging £74/head. A good run of Charollais lambs from the Lawrenson family of Chorley, sold to £91 with others regularly in the £80’s, averaging £81/head. Texels sold to a top of £115, with others regularly in the £90’s with all Texels forward averaging £79.

Many thanks to all the young handlers who supported today’s show, great to see keen youngsters in the auction. Thank you to our judge today James Cookson and the shows sponsor, Andrea Gardner, on behalf of Myerscough College.

Young Handlers Show Results

Hill Bred Lamb

1st Amy Ayrton – £80 - J Cookson.

Lowland Lamb

1st James Baxter - £115 – G Riley

2nd Alistair Prickett - £83 – G Riley

3rd John Bargh - £104 – G Riley

Cast Ewes

An entry of just over 20 ewes this morning sold well, topping at £114 for a Texel tup from T & CM Kelsall & Son, Brown Brook. Other continentals regularly £80 upwards. With the overall average of £75 for all cast sheep forward.

Reminder that there IS a sale tomorrow (Tuesday) at J36, please note the altered time of 12pm for this week only.

And finally NWA wishes you all a Prosperous New Year.

Top Prices:

Prime Lambs: SUFF: £90 Maddison Avenue; £86 £85 £79 £78.50 North Farm; £78 Thornbush; £77 Brown Edge, North Farm; £76.50 High House, Underley Estate. MASH: £78 Holme House. MULE: £80 Yates Farm; £79 Brown Edge; £76 Burnt House, Lower Brow Top, Holme House; £75 Nether House, Thornbush; £73 Sykes Farm, £71.50 Rooten Brook; £71 Curwin Hill; £70.50 Dillicar. HRND: £71 Nether House; £70 Isle of Skye; £65 Nether House, Lower Brow Top; £63 Curwin Hill; £58 Dillicar. CHAR: £91 £88 £82 Walmsley Fold; £70 Old Glasson; £76.50 Burnt House; £72 Rooten Brook. CHEV: £76 £74 £73 Underley Estate; £75 Old Woodhouse. TEX: £115 Bibbys Farm; £104 Old Woodhouse; £97 Hutton Roof Hall, Lower Brow Top; £95 Underley Estate; £91 Walmsley Fold; £90 Brown Brook; £89 Walsmley Fold; £88 Bibbys Farm, North Farm. LEI: £73 Brown Edge.

CAST EWES: SUFF: £89 Church Weyr. MULE: £67 High House; £65 Brown Brook; £64 Middle Lee Farm. CHEV: £72 Underley Estate. TEX: £114 Brown Brook; £92 Old Woodhouse; £91 Hutton Roof Hall; £90 £74 Moorville

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