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Lancaster Monday 2/12/13

Posted Monday, 02 December 2013, 11.37am

Lancaster Monday 2.12.13

Prime Lambs

Lambs forward in very similar numbers this week, however a lack of better quality lambs forward, trade topped at 183ppk twice, from Bargh Contractors & JD & EM Brown, with 40kg Texel lambs on both occasions. Top price per head was achieved by AG Butler, Hambleton on two counts, with both Texels & Suffolks, reaching a final call of £80.

Well finished lambs were good to sell, with others lacking in meat being harder to place. An overall market average of 168.9ppk this morning, a fraction better than last Monday.

Cast Sheep

Half as many ewes forward this morning in comparison to last week. T & CM Kelsall & Sons, Chipping topped trade at £82/head with strong Texel ewes. Good quality continentals regularly £50-£65 per head, with the best sorts in to the eighties. Not so many mules forward this morning, well fleshed ewes sold to the mid-fifties, with plainer sorts harder to place. Market average of £47/head for all ewes forward this morning.

Prime Bulls & Clean Cattle

Only a handful of prime cattle forward this morning, prime bulls topped at 206.5ppk for a Limousin bull weighing in at just over 500kg from S & BM Lawrenson & Son. Black & Whites sold to 159.5ppk from David Whitaker, Bay Horse. Clean cattle topped at 165.5ppk for a Simmental heifer from P & A Bell, Pilling. Prime cattle averaged 164.5ppk and Prime Bulls averaged 159ppk right through.


Prime Spring Lambs – SUFFOLK - £80 Parks Farm Barn; £78.50 North Farm; £75 Fell End Farm; £74.50 Bradlow Farm; £74 Oak Head Farm; £72 Kitchen Ground Farm; £72 Knowsley Farm. MASHAM - £74 Allcocks Farm. MULE - £75 North Farm; £75 Holme House; £73.50 Brown Brook; £73 Isle of Skye Farm; £72.50 Fell End Farm; £72 North Farm; £71 Parks Farm Barn; £70 Ouzelthorn Farm; £68 Quarry House Farm; £68 Yeat House. HORNED - £67 Bradlow Farm; £57 Brown Brook; £54.50 Yarlsber; £54.50 Marshaw Farm; £53.50 Oak Head Farm. CHAROLLAIS - £76.50 North Farm; £75 Parks Farm; £71 Gaskell House; £65.50 Stirzakers. CHEVIOT - £74 North Farm; £65 Marshaw Farm. TEXEL - £80 Parks Farm Barn; £78.50 North Farm; £77.50 Brown Brook; £77 Parks Farm Barn; £77 Salisbury Farm; £76.50 Broseley Hall Farm.

Cast Sheep – MASHAM - £56 Lundholme Farm. MULE - £53 The Dell; £45 Ellers Farm; £35 Bradlow Farm. CHEVIOT - £38 Cragg Farm. TEXEL - £82 Brown Brook; £62 Newhouse Farm; £62 Fell End Farm; £56 Bradlow Farm; £51 Sandy Hill Farm.

Prime Bulls – FRI - 159.50p/kg Stirzakers Farm. LIM – 206.50p/kg Northwoods Farm.

Prime Cattle – SIM – 165.50p/kg Village Farm

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