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Lancaster Friday 20/12/13

Posted Friday, 20 December 2013, 3.01pm

Last Friday sale of the year at NWA Lancaster sees a strong trade in all three rings.


A reasonable entry for the last sale before Christmas was met by a brilliant trade. Regular vendor David Wallbank of Tills Farm, Abbeystead topped trade again this week with a 6 week old British Blue Bull which reached a final call of £348. British Blue heifers sold to £112 for a 3 week old BB Heifer, from J Hoggarth & Son, Slyne. A run of Limousins from JR Pye, Hatters Farm sold to £280 for bulls. Angus bulls from the same home sold to a top of £295. A total entry of 29 was made up of 21 Holstein/Friesians, which saw a very brisk trade. B&Ws topped at £185 again from Wallbank Farms Ltd, who had another at £182. Best calves were regularly £185-£150, with others frequently over £100. All B&Ws sold to an exceptional average of £92.


A reduced entry of OTMs this morning as a number of abattoirs have closed for the festive season. Cast cows sold to a top price per kilo of 139.5ppk on two occasions, firstly from J Capstick & Son, Millom with a Limousin and secondly from J Maxwell, Halton with a Charolais and a top price per head of £1043 from A R Edmondson, Broughton Beck. Friesians sold to a top of 114.5ppk from C G Birkett, Carnforth, with an overall average of 91.7ppk for all 10 forward. A sale average of 112ppk for all cows forward. Cast Steers topped at 184.5ppk from A & E Clarkson, Thurnham.

Store Cattle

A lesser entry of store cattle this morning, left buyers short of requirements, however trade was sharp and a fraction better on the week. Store cattle sold to a top of £1500 from JA Salthouse, Elswick for a 23month Charollais steer, a pair of Charollais steers from the same home sold to £1370. Limousin steers sold to a top of £1340 from J Capstick & Son, Millom and averaged a respectable £1163. Blue steers sold to £1200 from GE Turner, Inglewhite & J & M Cottam, Nether Kellet. B&W bullocks sold to £1050 from J & M Cottam, Nether Kellet and averaged £880.

All classes of steers forward averaged £1110, £30 up on the week.

Heifers sold to a top of £1180 for British Blues from DJ Casson & Son, Slyne & J & M Cottam, Nether Kellet. Angus heifers sold to a top of £1090 again from JA Salthouse, Elswick, who must be on commended on the quality of their cattle forward today.

The next Friday sale is January 3rd 2014, North West Auctions would like to wish all their customers a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


STORE BULLOCKS– FR - £1050 Hill Top; £970 Old Glasson Farm; £930 Aynsome Manor Farm; £890 Park Farm. LIM - £1340 Whicham Hall; £1230 North Farm; £1100 Wilson House Farm; £1090 Whinney Garth. CH - £1500 Wilson House Farm. HE - £1260 Billinge Hall; £1110 Windy Hill Farm. SIM - £880 Kate Farm. AA - £1340 Wilson House Farm; £1230 North Farm; £1200 Park Farm; £1190 Billinge Hall Farm; £1170 Windy Hill Farm; £1160 Bouthwaite Farm. SHO - £1390 Cock Hall Farm. FKV - £1010 Low Kit Brow. BRB - £1200 Scotch Green Farm; £1200 Hill Top; £1190 North Farm; £1180 Billinge Hall; £1160 Bouthwhaite Farm.

STORE HEIFERS– LIM- £1080 Bouthwaite Farm; £1020 Wilson House Farm; £980 Rowell Farm; £940 Ivy Farm; £840 Aynsome Manor Farm; £820 Fell End Farm. CH - £1160 Wilson House Farm; £900 Ivy Cottage. AA - £1090 Wilson House Farm; £1090 Rowell Farm; £1010 Jolley Fold Farm; £960 Croppers Farm. BS - £1010 Jolley Fold Farm. BRB - £1180 Hill Top; £1180 Beaumont Gate; £1140 Rowell Farm; £1080 Bouthwaite Farm; £1040 Croppers Farm; £990 Ivy Cottage.

CAST COWS– FR – 114.5 2 Netherbeck Barn; 107.5 Hazelslack Tower Farm; 104.5 Manor House Farm. LIM – 139.5 Whicham Hall; 134.5 Hawkswell Farm; 129.5 High House Farm; 114.5 Halton Park Farm. CH- 139.5 Whinney Garth; 129.5 Gilthwaiterigg. HE – 131.5 Whinney Garth. BRB – 119.5 Gilthwaiterigg. AA – 124.5 Gilthwaiterigg; 121.5 Halton Park Farm.

CAST/PRIME BULLS & BULLOCKS– FR – 184.5 Cock Hall Farm; 164.5 Old Glasson Farm; 131.5 Docker Farm. LIM – 154.5 Whinney Garth.

BULL CALF– £185 Tills Farm; £180 Cocker House Farm; £125 Hood Ridding Farm; £125 Holly House Farm; £110 Hatters Farm. LIM - £280 Hatters Farm. AA - £295 Hatters Farm. BRB - £348 Tills Farm.

HEIFER CALFBRB - £112 Manor House Farm.

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