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Lancaster Friday 06/12/13 Christmas Show

Posted Friday, 06 December 2013, 5.01pm

Caption: 1st Prize Pair of Bullocks from J Capstick & Son (Right), with judge John Bowling

Caption: 1st Prize Beef Bull & Heifer Calves from Wallbank Farms Ltd, with judge Jim Whitworth (right) & Vendor David Wallbank


Store Cattle
NWA held the Christmas Show and Sale of Store Cattle at Lancaster today, a strong entry was put before the judge, John Bowling, Wigan. The champion pen of steers was awarded to J Capstick & Son, Whitcham Hall who received the Tom Owen Memorial Trophy and later sold to the day’s top price of £1580 purchased by Rod Owen. A buoyant trade today saw 53 steers sell in excess of £1200. The prize winning pair of heifers from R Capstick & Son sold for £1170. Young feeding bulls sold to £810 for Lim x from GE & JA Hayhurst.




Show Results

Pair Bullocks
J Capstick & Son - £1580 - Rod Owen
2nd DE & SM Moorhouse - £1560 - Rod Owen
3rd DE & SM Moorhouse - £1560 - Rod Owen

Pair Heifers
R Capstick & Son - £1170 – Frank Towers
2nd GR & A Foy - £880 – Frank Clarkson

Cast Cows
Cast/OTM cattle averaged 112p/kg for cows, 173p/kg for heifers and 141p/kg for steer. Best continentals sold to 191p/kg for Lim x from Barlow Bros, Dairy cows sold to 184.5p/kg from EW & RM Towers. OTM heifers reached 207.5p/kg from E Dodgson with steers to 204p/kg from M & RW Stirzaker.

Highest Price Continental £/KG
E Dodgson, Spital Farm - Lim Hfr - 207.5ppk

Highest Price B&W £/KG
EW & RM Towers, Holme Head – B&W Cow – 184.5ppk

Highest Price £/Head
Barlow Bros, Littlewood Hall Farm – Lim Cow - £1551.15


The prize show and sale of calves saw a much stronger entry forward with all types easily sold. The champion calf, a BRBx bull from regular vendor David Wallbankm Abbeystead sold for £500 to the judge Jim Whitworth. Other continental bulls were generally £280-£410 with the second prize bull from JC Hodgson, Dent selling to £450, again to the judge.

Black & White bulls sold to £182 for the first prize from JM Capstick, Brentbeck Farm, better rearing calves regularly £130-170, with others regularly £75-£100, the sale average for 30 B&W’s was a pleasing £96.

Show Results

Beef Bull 
1st Wallbank Farms Ltd – BRB
2nd JC Hodgson – BRB 
3rd G & ME Woodhouse – BRB 

Beef Heifers
Wallbank Farms Ltd – BRB
2nd T & CM Kelsall & Sons – BRB
3rd EA & E Lund & Sons – Longhorn

B&W Bulls
1st JM Capstick
2nd Wallbank Farms Ltd
3rd GH Sanderson

Thank you to all our vendors, regular and new for your continued support at North West Auctions. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for all the photos of our Christmas Shows, photos to follow online too.

STORE BULLOCKS – Fr: £1060 Heaton Hall; £1020 Squires Gate; £920 Old Glasson; £860 High Green. Lim: £1580 Whicham Hall; £1560 High House; £1400 Far Mount Barrow; £1240 Thornbush; £1200 Holmegarth. Char: £1500 Far Mount Barrow; £1260 Intack Farm; £1240 Langthwaite Heights; £1080 Kitchen Ground. Hfd: £1000 Daniel Fold. Sim: £1210 Far Mount Barrow; £920 Hartrigg; £900 Heaton Hall. Blo: £1390 Intack Farm; £1280 Far Mount Barrow. AA: £1300 Cuerdale Hall; £1270 Intack Farm; £1240 Daniel Fold; £1210 Squires Gate. Shorthorn: £1340 Cock Hall. Parth: £1240 Far Mount Barrow. BRB: £1450 Abbotson Farm; £1230 Bouthwaite; £1210 Cock Hall; £1170 North Farm; £1080 Sullom Side; £1070 Pasture House, Lower Castle O’Trim. Mont: £1180 Ingreave Farm; £1080 Daniel Fold.
STORE HEIFERS – Fr: £840 Heaton Hall; £810 Kitchen Ground. Lim: £1250 Whelpside; £1190 Far Orrest; £1180 Ingrave Farm; £1020 Cropper Farm; £980 Staffords Farm, High Green. Char: £1120 Langthwaite Heights. Hfd: £810 Tarngate. Sim: £1220 Langthwaite Heights; £1050 Littlewood Hall. Blo: £1180 Intack Farm. AA: £1120 Cuerdale Hall; £1040 Underhelm; £1020 Cropper Farm; £980 Staffords Farm. Shorthorn: £740 School House. BRB: £1170 Fell End; £980 Pasture House; £950 Stubb Place Farm; £940 Staffords Farm; £880 Parkside Farm, Hall Bank.
STORE BULLS – Lim: £810 Brunstow. Sim: £700 Stonehead.
BULL CALVES – Fr: £182 Brantbeck Farm, Netherbeck Barn; £175 Hood Ridding; £150 Ancliffe Hall; £130 Pump House; £110 Tills Farm. Lim: £240 Caw House. Sim: £288 Pump House. AA: £258 Brown Brook. BRB: £500 Tills Farm; £450 Dillicar; £258 Boldens Farm.
HEIFER CALVES – AA: £330 Knowsley Farm. BRB: £320 Tills Farm; £140 Brown Brook. Longhorn: £90 Pump House.
CAST COWS – Fr: 184.5p/kg Holme Head; 127.5p/kg Borrans Farm; 124.5p/kg Heaton Hall, Abbotson Farm; 117.5p/kg Barnfield Farm; 114.5p/kg Greaves Farm. Lim: 191.5p/kg Littlewood Hall; 157.5p/kg Spital Farm; 127.5p/kg Intack Farm; 124.5p/kg Cringleber. Hfd: 104.5p/kg Goose Green. Sim: 127.5p/kg Intack Farm; 121.5p/kg Cringleber. Blo: 109.5p/kg Fell End. BB: 121.5p/kg Goose Green. AA: 121.5p/kg Cringleber. British White: 159.5p/kg Staffords Farm. Mont: 124.5p/kg Cringleber; 117.5p/kg Dale Barns. Swedish R&W: 121.5p/kg Holme Head; 114.5p/kg Dale Barns.
CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 181.5p/kg Heaton Hall; 174.5p/kg Sweetings Farm; 159.5p/kg Hoggetts Lane Farm. Lim: 207.5p/kg Spital Farm; 199.5p/kg Station Hotel; 189.5p/kg Brow Foot. Char: 187.5p/kg Cringleber. AA: 184.5p/kg Brow Foot. BRB: 189.5p/kg Brown Edge. Swedish R&W: 191.5p/kg Holme Head.
CAST/ YOUNG BULLS & OTM STEERS: Lim: 204.5p/kg Station Hotel. Char: 174.5p/kg Salisbury Farm. Fr: 177.5p/kg Cock Hall; 129.5p/kg Calcalds Farm; 121.5p/kg Boon Town; 114.5p/kg Sandvilla. Hfd: 109.5p/kg Shorrocks Farm.

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