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J36 Crooklands Tuesday 3rd December 2013

Posted Tuesday, 03 December 2013, 12.59pm

NWA J36 had another entry of over 2000 prime sheep forward at it’s weekly sale with 440 ewes sold.

Prime Lambs

Prime lambs sold to a top price of 222p/kg for a smart pen of Beltex lambs from C Dean and L J Brennand, with others regularly over £2/kg. An SQQ average of 174p/kg was achieved with well fleshed lambs easiest to sell. Over fat and underfinished lambs were a more cautious trade. Mules sold to 170p/kg from J & J A Burrow and M E Wannop & Sons Ltd.

Lambs reached £100 for Texel lambs from D, J & A Freeman with other similar lambs £90-£98, Mules generally £72-£75.

Cast Sheep

Cast sheep saw an improved trade with heavy pure ewes in short supply. Mules sold regularly £52-£60, topping at £71. Mainly hill ewes forward selling to £66 with most £28-£35.

Don’t forget next week is the Christmas Show for Prime Lambs, show at 1 pm

A belly clipping service is available – please arrive in good time to ensure all lambs can be clipped in time.

Top prices

Prime Lambs: Suff: £84.50, £81.50 Nether Houses Farm; £84 Top Thorn Farm; £81 Ackenthwaite Farm, Brown Edge; £80 Salterwath. Mash: £73.50 Red Lodge. Mule: £78, £74 Nether Houses Farm; £76 Nether House Farm; £75.50 Middle Sadghyll; £74 Causeway Farm, Braida Garth. Swale: £59 Tongue House Farm; £50 Overhouses. RFell: £59 Lockbank Farm. Hrnd: £70 Far Highfield, Mosergh Farm; £65 High Low Wood; £60 Low Newton Farm. Char: £80 Borrans Farm; £77, £76 Myers Farm; £75, £70 Far Highfield. Chev: £79 Salterwath Farm, High Borrowbridge; £78, £75.50 Underley Estate; £73 Bracelet Hall. Tex: £98 Wray Farm; £89 Lunds Farm; £88 Underley Estate; £85 Oakfield; £83.50 Red Scar; £83 Causeway Farm. Leic: £60 Hillcroft. Herd: £53 Nether Houses Farm. Belt: £100 Town End; £86 Brown Edge; £85 Far Highfield; £85, £82, £80 Lodge Bank Farm.

Cast Sheep: Suff: £62 Ninezergh; £53 Low Woodedge. Cont: £76 Low Woodedge; £70 Ewan Mill; £62 Crook o Lune. Mule: £71 Underley Estate; £55 Hagg Farm; £54 Crook o Lune, Ashtree Cottage; £53 Meadow Oaks. Swale: £40 Low Deepslack, Yoad Pot; £37 Barrowfield; £36 Town End, Yoad Pot. RFell: £66 Low Deepslack; £41 Ninezergh. Hrnd: £51 Moss End Farm; £39 Well Foot; £38 Middale; £36 Rydal Farm. Chev: £53 Beckfoot Farm; £50, £48 Underley Estate. Tex: £74, £66, £60 Beck House. Leic: £80 Low Newton Farm; £77 Brown Edge. Dales: £60, £37 Castle How. Herd: £22 Middle Fell.

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