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Lancaster Friday 1/11/2013

Posted Friday, 01 November 2013, 4.26pm

Lancaster Weekly Sale of Store Cattle & Fortnightly sale of Store Lambs

Store Cattle

The weekly sale of Store Cattle at Lancaster saw 300 head of cattle through the ring. Limousins were the flavour of the day with selling to a top price of £1540 per head for a pair of 21month Limousin Steers from J Capstick & Sons, Whicham Hall. Closely followed followed by H Birkett & Son, North Farm at £1410. Good quality cattle continue to sell well at NWA Lancaster with Angus Steers to £1280 from WH Swindlehurst, Preston closely followed by R & E Ladds, Benson Hall selling to £1260. There were 63 Black and White forward reaching a final call of £1160 for a pair of 14month steers from J Lamb, Old Glasson with JS Clarke & Sons of Godson House at £1150. British Blue Steers sold to £1220 from I & ME Askew, New Hutton.

Heifers sold to a top price of £1310 for a 18month Limousin from S Whitehead, Hole House followed by a strong pen of three 12month Charollais heifers from TN Pye & Ptnrs, Scotforth.

OTM and Cast Cattle

A strong entry of 94 cast cows at Lancaster sold to a top of 139.5ppk for a Hereford cow from JW Thwaites, Eskew Beck with well fleshed cows contnuing to be a strong trade. Dairy cows sold to a top price of 129.5ppk or £1083 from WN & D Smith & Son, Cockerham. Cast Heifers reached 187.5ppk and 184.5ppk for Freisians from FA Brown & Son, Burton in Lonsdale. All cast cows forward averaged 106ppk and all cast cattle averaged 111ppk.

Calves & Stirks

There was a smaller entry of calves and stirks at Lancaster this week with majority being Black and Whites. Calves sold to a top price of £310 for a 12 day old Simmental bull calf from Cote Farm Partnership. British Blue heifer calves sold to a top of £258 from David Wallbank of Tills Farm. Black and Whites from the same home sold to £158 and £152 for five week old calves with all black and white calves being a noticeably sharper trade.

A handful of stirks forward this week with all classes of stirks a sharper trade as majority of men have now got their cattle led in and looking to fill up their sheds. Stirks sold to a top price of £480 for a Limousin Heifer at 6 months old from Trevor Sharp of Burneside. A pair of Simmental bull stirks sold to £418 from MW & PA Rollason of Meathop.

Store Lambs

NWA Lancaster held its fortnightly sale of store lambs with a strong entry of just short of 400 lambs forward with an active ringside of buyers keen to purchase lambs which lead to a very pleasing overall sale average of £58.08 including horned lambs. Lambs sold to a top price of £69 from Tom Entwistle of Abbeystead with a pen of Suffolks, this was closely followed by Peter Thornton who twice sold lambs to £68. Mule lambs from the Ayrton Family at Ouzelthorn sold to £62. Long keep Lonks from Mssers Hey & Son sold to £46.50 with Swales from the Longton Family of Well Brook selling to £37.



FR - £1160 Old Glasson Farm; £1150 Godson House Farm; £1030 North Farm; £1000 Ingrave Farm; £980 Benson Hall. LIM - £1540 Whicham Hall; £1410 North Farm; £1380 Tarnwater Farm; £1330 Adlington Hall Farm; £1220 Arrow Lane; £1190 Wray Farm; £1180 Godson House. CH – £1350 Langthwaite Heights; £1190 Low Fell End; £1170 Arrow Lane. HE - £1320 King Bank Farm; £1160 Yew Tree Farm; £1050 Jolley Fold Farm; £940 Home Farm. SIM - £1260 Sullom Side Farm; £1130 Low Fell End. AA - £1280 Bar Gap; £1260 Benson Hall; £1200 Wearden House; £1200 North Farm. CON - £1170 Old Glasson Farm; £1040 North Farm. MRI - £470 Hill Dale. BS - £810 The Bungalow; £600 Bibbys Farm. ST - £1070 Arrow Lane. BRB - £1220 Raw Head; £1200 Daniel Fold Farm; £1190 King Bank Farm; £1180 Ingrave Farm; £1100 Dunningwell Farm; £1080 Overhouses; £1070 Benson Hall.


FR - £700 Park Farm. LIM - £1310 Hole House; £1100 Bouthwaite Farm; £920 King Bank Farm; £910 Holmes Farm; £760 Gaskell House; £740 Lane End Farm. CH - £1250 Langthwaite Heights; £1060 King Bank Farm; £860 Station Hotel. HE - £1040 Yew Tree Farm; £640 Oddlands Farm. SIM - £1140 Daniel Fold Farm; £990 King Bank Farm; £960 Gaskell House; £860 Low Fell End. AA - £1120 Daniel Fold Farm; £1120 Cracalt Farm; £1040 King Bank Farm; £1000 Croppers Farm; £960 Bull Bank Farm; £960 Bouthwaite Farm; £950 Jolley Fold Farm. WB - £950 Jolley Fold Farm. BRB- £1190 Bouthwaite Farm; £1170 Ingrave Farm; £1040 Wood View; £1000 Dunningwell Farm; £1000 Croppers Farm; £980 Low Woodedge Farm; £890 Overhouses.


FR – 129.5 Cocker House Farm; 129.5 Langthwaite Farm; 127.5 Chapel House; 127.5 Moss House Farm; 124.5 Holme House Farm; 124.5 Milton Moor Farm; 121.5 Halforth Farm; 119.5 Heaton Hall Farm. LIM – 124.5 Thornton Hall; 109.5 Hesketh Lane; 109.5 Fell End Farm. HE – 139.5 Eskew Beck; 124.5 Curwin Hill Farm. SIM – 121.5 Ingrave Farm; 117.5 Marsh House Farm; 114.5 Yarlsber. BA – 137.5 Dubside; 114.5 Holme House; 94.5 Thornton Hall. BRB – 124.5 Hall Bank. AY – 71.5 Deepclough. AA – 104.5 Wearden House; 104.5 Hesketh Lane. SRW – 107.5 Low Sizergh Farm.


FR – 187.5 Half Way House; 134.5 Cocker House Farm; 114.5 Whin Yeats. SRW – 117.5 Low Sizergh Farm.


SHO – 187.5 Cock Hall Farm. GA – 204.5 Cock Hall Farm. CON – 141.5 Cock Hall Farm. BRB – 154.5 Cock Hall Farm.


FR – £158 Tills Farm; £118 Cocker House Farm; £112 Gardners Farm; £105 Heaton Hall Farm. SIM - £310 Cote Farm. SHO - £48 School House.


FR - £320 Kendal House Farm; £215 Old Hall; £ 110 Near the Haven. SIM - £418 Kendal House Farm. AA - £305 Sandvilla . SHO - £150 Near the Haven.


BRB - £258 Tills Farm.


LIM - £480 Gateside Farm.


SUFFOLK-£69 Lentworth Farm; £68 Clifton’s Farm; £66.50 Lane End Farm. MULE - £62 Ouzelthorn Farm; £58 Wyresdale Park Estate; £56 Botton Hall Farm. SWALEDALE - £37 Well Brook. CHAROLLAIS - £56 Higher Hollinhead Farm. TEXEL - £68 Clifton’s Farm; £67.50 LentworthFarm; £67 Lane End Farm; £66 Longstripes Farm; £66 Botton Hall Farm; £64 Wyresdale Park Estate; £ 64 Ripley St Thomas; £62 Lentworth Farm; £62 Greenhead Farm.

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