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J36 Crooklands Tuesday 5th November 2013

Posted Tuesday, 05 November 2013, 11.32am

Prime Lambs

Again, another large show of some 2,850 prime lambs and cast sheep were put before a full compliment of buyers, who were looking to purchase all classes and weights of lambs. However, lambs were just a shade easier on the week, but were still being a very satisfactory trade and some 14p/kg dearer than on the corresponding week last year.

Lambs topped at £94/head for a pen of Texel x lambs from Messrs L A & M Lambert of Lupton and a top price per kg of 213p/kg for a pen of smart Texel lambs from Mr P Cummings of Holme.

Cast Sheep

These topped at £90/head for Charollais x ewes from K R & C A Williamson of Barbon and also for Texel x ewes from TE, JS & SA Carruthers of Underbarrow with Mule ewes to £65

Top prices

Prime Lambs: Hamp: £58.50 Moss End Farm. Dors: £83 Brow Head. Suff: £94 Meadow Oaks; £93 Nether House Farm; £91 Must Hill; £89 Nether Houses Farm; £88 Brow Head; £87 Lawsons Farm. Cont: £79.50 Brow Head; £79 Orchard House; £77 Nether Houses Farm; £76.50 High Foulshaw Farm; £76 Ninezergh; £75 Baycliffe Farm. Mash: £72 Middale Farm. Mule: £78.50 Nether Houses Farm; £75.50 Sheepbarrow Close; £75 Havera; £74 Flodder Hall, High Borrowbridge, Low Hall. Swale: £55 Oak Head Farm; £54 Bank House Farm; £46 Overhouses. Rgh Fell: £55, £54.50 Birkhaw; £53.50 Archer Hill; £53 Steps Farm. SBF: £72 Flodder Hall; £50 Beckside Farm. Char: £83.50, £75 Myers Farm; £75 Hawkrigg End; £74.50 Barker Knott. Chev: £73 High Borrowbridge; £72.50 Underley Estate. Tex: £94 Brow Head; £90 Moor House; £87.50 Holme Field; £87 Barker Knott; £86 Millom Castle; £85 Foredales Farm; £84 Heaton Hall Farm. Leic: £86, £79 Havera. Belt: £85 Heaton Hall Farm.

Cast Sheep: Cont: £90 Red Scar; £86 Town End; £69 Millness Hall; £67 Holme Field. Mule: £65 Low Hall, Johnscales Farm; £63 Oldfield End; £62 Must Hill; £61 The Borrans; £60 Borrans Farm. Swale: £52 Havera; £43 Hole House; £35 Oak Head Farm; £34 Overhouses. Rgh Fell: £51 Low Fold; £45 Croft Foot. SBF: £33 Beckside Farm. Char: £90 Beckfoot Farm; £65 Underley Estate. Tex: £70, £68 Underley Estate; £63 Farleton House; £62 Beckfoot. Leic: £80 Havera, £60 The Borrans. Herd: £37 Lingmoor Rise; £32 Borwick Fold Farm; £27 Moss End Farm, Long Green Head.

Cast Rams: Suff: £74 Borrans Farm. Cont: £68 Town End. Swale: £44 Tongue House Farm; £31 Archer Hill. Rgh Fell: £28 Low Haygarth Farm. Leic: £64 Town End

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