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J36 Crooklands - Tuesday 19/11/13

Posted Wednesday, 20 November 2013, 9.20am

A big show of 3100 prime lambs and cast sheep were forward with the best quality lambs being a sharp trade with commercial lambs in general being easier on the week. Lambs topped at £94 per head for a pen of Suffolk x lambs from F & SA Edmondson of Ulverston and a top price per kilo of 215p for a smart pen of Beltex x lambs from ME Wannop & Sons of Morecambe.

Cast Sheep – A big show of cast ewes were forward with a large percentage of the sale being made up of plain hill ewes and these were easier on the week and harder to place. Good well fleshed ewes were once again good to sell and short for requirements.

PRIME LAMBS – Suffolk: £94 Nether Houses; £88 Mansrigg Hall; £87.50 Burton Hill; £81 Orchard House; £80 Hawkrigg End. Masham: £71 Middale Farm. Mule: £76 Middle Sadgyll, Nether Houses; £73.50 Middle Sadghyll; £73 Burton Hill; £72.50 Low Hall; £72 Keskadale, Barrowfield. Swale: £56 Buck Bank; £53 Tongue House. Rough Fell: £64.50 Beckside Farm. Char: £82 Myers Farm; £80 Lodge Bank; £78 Halton Park. Chev: £79 Underley, Orchard House. Texel: £90 Mansrigg Hall; £85 Broats Farm; £84 Millom Castle; £83.50 Low Chapel; £83 Low Levens; £82 Underley, Far Highfield. Leicester: £71 Brown Edge. Jacob: £54 Ewan Mill. Beltex: £92 Foredales; £86 Heaton Hall.
CAST SHEEP – Suffolk: £46 Mount Eden; £44 Low Levens. Mule: £57 Green Close; £53 Moor House; £50 Swallowmire, Capplethwaite; £47 Yew Tree. Swale: £33 Valley View; £30 Blades Farm, Eskew Beck; £27 Whelpside. Rough Fell: £46 Cooper House; £40 Low Fold; £39 High Borrowbridge. Horned: £40 Bowers Farm, Moor House, High Borrowbridge; £34 Over Houses. Char: £100 Kingsland. Chev: £40 High Borrowbridge. Texel: £84 Moor House; £73 Capplethwaite; £72 Birch Bank; £68 Gilsmere. Lleyn: £38 Cragg Farm. Leicester: £68 Barrowfield. Herdwick: £40 Speelbank Farm, £35 Long Green Head.

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