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J36 Crooklands - Thursday 31st October 2013

Posted Friday, 01 November 2013, 9.14am

Bumper Entry of 3000 Store Lambs sold to a Strong Trade

There was a bumper entry of 3000 stores lambs forward at NWA J36 fortnightly sale of store lambs with lambs to suit every buyer’s requirement averaging up at £57.68 including a large entry of horned and longer keep lambs. There was 24 active buyers around the ring with others going away empty handed.

Lambs sold to a top price of £73 per head twice firstly from BL Swindlehurst of Low House selling a pen of 36 Texel lambs this was later equalled by DR Walker of Ulverston. This was closely followed up by TJ Beaty of Long Green Head selling Suffolks to £72.50. Mule lambs sold to a top £67 for a strong pen from FRT Cavendish. Horned lambs sold to a top of £56 from DJ & MJ Hoggarth of Old Hall with Herdwicks selling to £40 from George Redmayne of Gowan Farm.

A buoyant trade was had by all with short keep continentals regularly selling between £65 - £73 and medium keep lambs selling between £58 and £64 with long keep lambs looking the best trade of all. Many vendors went away achieving more for their lambs then previous sale.

The next sale of store lambs is Thursday 14th November 2013. Please advise office of entries by Thursday 7th November 2013

Store Lamb Leading Prices:

Suff: £72.50, £66.50 Long Green Head; £70.50 Sunny Brow; £69.50 West Plain Farm; £69 Ellergill; £68.50 Barker Knott; £67.50 Low Hundhowe; £67 Cragg House Farm; £66 Low Bendrigg, Borwick Lodge. Cont: £73 force Mill; £70 New Hall; £69 Low Bendrigg; £68 High Wardses, Old Hall, High Wray, Quarry Top; £67.50 Long Green Head; £63.50 Kirklands Road. Mule: £67 Low Borrowdale; £64.50 Low Newton Farm; £61.50 Parr Bank; £59.50 Old Hall, Yoad Pot, Valley View; £59 Oxen Park; £58.50 Stable Harvey, Cragg House. Swale: £42 Swinside Farm; £40.50 Low Borrowdale; £38.50 Castle Syke; £37 Gowan Bank; £36 High Wardses, Valley View. Rgh Fell: £45 Steps Farm; £43 Dragon Croft; £40 High Bridgestones; £39, £36 Ellergill; £38, £36 Abbey Farm. SBF: £53, £45 Roundthwaite Abbey. Horn: £54.50 Old Hall. Char: £68.50 Fold Farm; £68 Bandrake Head; £66.50 Low Bendrigg; £65 Long Green Head; £64.50 Gateside Farm; £61 School House. Chev: £63 School House; £62.50, £59 Old Hall; £55 Poole Bank. Tex: £73 Low House; £72 High Skelgill; £70.50 Sunny Bank; £70 Long Green Head; £69.50 Bowkerstead; £69 Old School House, High House, Barker Knott; £68.50 Singleton Park; £68 Stribers, Scroggs. Herd: £40 Gowan Bank. Belt: £67.50 Stable Harvey; £65 Low Bendrigg.

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