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J36 Crooklands Thursday 07/11/13

Posted Thursday, 07 November 2013, 8.54pm

Caption: Champion Suckler Heifer with left Tony Temple (vendor) and Stephen Chapman (show judge)

Show & Sale of Suckled Calves

The Second Autumn Prize Show & Sale saw over 400 Suckled Calves & Store Cattle sell to a packed ringside of buyers. The show was judged by Mr Stephen Chapman of Middleton who had some great calves put before him to judge and he awarded the championship rosette to a 6 month old British Blue heifer from NA & J Temple of Broughton-in-Furness which sold for £890 to Mr G Foster.

Champion – First Prize Suckler Heifer from NA & J Temple Black Hall.
Reserve – First Prize Suckler Bullock from DJ Clarke, Orphan Crag

Suckler Heifer
1st NA & J Temple, Black Hall £890 to G Foster
2nd PW Clarke, Woodside £865 to D Wharton
3rd PW Clarke, Woodside £700 to M Dodgson

Suckler Bullock
1st DJ Clarke, Orphan Crag £890 to P Fox
2nd DJ Clarke, Orphan Crag £890 to P Fox
3rd PW Clarke, Woodside £785 to P Fox

Overall a younger show of calves were sold with the majority being only 6 months of age but all sold to a very strong trade with a strong demand for Charolais bred cattle being most noticeable.

A nice show of store cattle were also forward with cattle topping at £1160 a head for Angus bullocks from M Allen, Yealand.

A large entry of 96 cast cows were forward to a full ringside with twelve active buyers which ensured all classes met a strong trade. Richard and Janet Gorst of Killington sold a British Blue cow to 217.5p/kg. A good show of well finished cows and over age heifers were very easily sold whilst out of parlour Black & White cows were a little harder to cash. Clean cattle topped at 214.5p/kg for a Limousin bullock from AM Jennings & Son.

Another strong entry of rearing calves & stirks saw an improved trade for all types. Beef calves sold to £380 for BRB x from JW & D Robinson & Sons with others £350. Heifers fell short of buyers requirements with young Limousin x £222 from MH & AR Robinson. Dairy bulls sold to £225 for best reared types from Messrs Robson and R & J Dodgson. Medium rearers £90-£130 with smaller calves £40-£60. Stirks sold to £375 for H/F steers with H/F bulls to £420.

Dairy Cattle – Buyers left today short of cattle with a competitive ringside easily capable of 10-15 each sale. A new calved cow from R & J Dodgson led the way selling for a final bid of £1800.

– Lim : £900 Orphan Crag; £895 High Arnside; £790 Ashstead; £785 Woodside; £775 Swallowmire. Char: £950 Rooten Brook; £895 Hartrigg; £890 Orphan Crag; £815 High Wray; £810 Ashes. Sim: £755 Hartrigg. Blo: £805 Nook Farm; £715 Cornfield House; £700 Oaks Farm; £695 Steps Farm. AA: £635 Cornfield House; £630 Grace Mire; £595 Middle Birkby Short: £765 Abbots Reading Farm. BRB: £775 High Low Wood; £750 Black Hall. Baz: £730 Fairbank.
SUCKLER HEIFERS – Lim: £845 Woodside; £740 Pyes Bridg; £720 Barker Knott; £710 Oaks Farm. Char: £780 High Wray; £710 Fairbank Farm; £705 Bandrake Head. Sim: £615 Speelbank; £590 Todds Farm. Blo: £775 Nook Farm; £770 Cornfield House; £715 High Row. AA: £545 Middle Birkby. Shorthorn: £570 Greenbank Farm. BRB: £890 Black Hall; £820 Sowermire; £710 The Borrans; £705 High Low Wood. Baz: £775 Fairbank Farm.
SUCKLER BULLS – Lim: £760 Pyes Bridge; £680 Bandrake Head. Char: £855 Bandrake Head; £800 Ashes. Sim: £685 Todds Farm; £600 High Skelgill. Blo: £585 Low Fold. Short: £670 Greenbank Farm; £425 Castle How. BRB: £725 Sowermire; £685 Bank House Farm.
STORE BULLOCKS - Char: £1050 Yealand Manor. Sim: £895 Speelbank; £845 High House Farm. Blo: £880 Nook Farm. AA: £1160 Yealand Manor. Stab: £880 Kit Crag. BRB: £920 Crooklands Farm
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £740 Houlker Hall, Audlands Park.
STORE BULLS – Lim: £760 Houlker Hall.
CAST COWS – Fr: 121.5p/kg Millom Castle; 117.5p/kg Lambrigg Head; 115.5p/kg Flodder Hall; 111.5p/kg Bridge End; 109.5p/kg High Barnes, Warton Grange Farm. Lim: 187.5 & 177.5p/kg Station Farm; 151.5p/kg High Loanthwaite; 147.5p/kg Ashstead; 144.5p/kg Capplerigg; 139.5p/kg Oaks Farm. Char: 127.5p/kg Force Mill. Sim: 134.5p/kg Common Farm; 127.5p/kg Must Hill. BB: 167.5p/kg & 157.5p/kg Station Farm; 139.5p/kg Fairbank, Must Hill; 131.5p/kg Bannerigg; 130.5p/kg Low Kinmont. AA: 157.5p/kg Station Farm; 149.5p/kg Must Hill; 123.5p/kg Broad Oak. Saler: 129.5p/kg New Hall. Stab: 179.5p/kg Cragg House. BRB: 217.5p/kg The Coach House; 129.5p/kg Crosscrake. Luing: 114.5p/kg Poole Bank.
CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 167.5p/kg Barugh House; 157.5p/kg Toadpool; 147.5p/kg Longlands, Moss House. Lim: 197.5p/kg Station Farm. Hfd: 187.5p/kg Station Farm. AA: 197.5p/kg Station Farm; 187.5p/kg Millom Castle. Stab: 196.5p/kg Cragg House. BRB: 191.5p/kg Station Farm.
OTM STEERS – Lim: 214.5p/kg Must Hill.
BULL CALVES – Fr: £225 Roe Farm, Cracalt Farm; £150 Holmescales; £130 Elm Tree; £90 Swarthmoor Hall. Lim: £350 Spout House; £270 Paddock View. Hfd: £350 Moss House; £182 Birkland Barrow. BRB: £380 Hollins Farm; £315 Holmescales; £130 Hollins Farm.
HEIFER CALVES - Lim: £222 Holmescales; £210 Paddock View; £200 Halforth Farm. AA: £140 Warton Grange Farm. BRB: £200 The Lodge.
BULL STIRKS – Fr: £420 Holmescales; £270 Far Audlands. BRB: £315 Holmescales. SR&W: £290 Far Audlands
HEIFER STIRKS – SR&W: £290 Low Sizergh.
STEER STIRK – Fr: £375 Low Sizergh.

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