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Lancaster Saturday - October Hill Fair Day 5/10/13

Posted Saturday, 05 October 2013, 4.59pm

Saturday 5th October 2013

A Strong Trade for all Sheep at Lancaster Hill Fair Day

The annual Hill Fair Day sale at Lancaster of all breeding and Store Sheep had its largest entry to date with a strong trade throughout the sale. The pre-sale show judging was carried out by Richard Gorst of Quernmore who cast his eye over the show classes of Ram Lambs, Mule Gimmer Lambs, Bluefaced Leicester Rams and Horned Draft Ewes. An impressive show of rams out to show with first prize awarded to a Texel lamb from M Berry, Highgate which went on to sell for £300 to Chris Batty of Friars Moss. A smaller show of Mule gimmer lambs forward but some good quality lambs presented in front of the judge who awarded the first prize to John Huddleston of Overhouses selling for £95 to Michael Hopper of Oxford. The first prized Bluefaced Leicester was awarded to a powerful stretchy shearling from John Huddleston of Overhouses. The first prize in the draft ewe class went to Andrew German of Caw house.

There was a strong trade for continental breeding rams that sold to a top price of £580 from Ken Kelsall of Brown Brook selling a Texel shearling ram to TR Prickett, Hutton Roof. Texel shearling rams from the same home also sold to £500 and £480. Texel ram lambs sold to £480 from Jack Wareing of Ormsirk. A Beltex three shear from Tony Birkett, Hall Croft sold to £320. Bluefaced Leicester rams sold well with a Ram Lamb from Bryan Carter selling to £270 and a consignment of shearlings from John Huddleston of Overhouses selling to £480 for the first prized Leicester Ram.

Mule gimmer lambs were a stronger trade then expected with the top price being £95 for the first prized lambs again from John Huddleston of Overhouses. The trade averaged out at £79 for mule gimmer lambs with the majority being running lambs. Masham gimmer lambs from Fred and Mary Woodhouse of Fell End sold to £71 with a pair of Zwartables from the Drinkalls at Catshaw realising £82.

Breeding ewes a strong a trade with mule gimmer shearlings from JT & A Armistead, Bouthwaite Farm selling to the top price of the day of £160 with pens from the same home also selling to £150. Texel gimmer shearlings sold to £120 from JA Chapman, North Farm.

Store lambs were very good to sell considering the current prime lamb trade with plenty of buyers around the ring keen to invest in both short and long keep lambs. Short keep lambs were the best trade with Texel’s from JA Chapman of North Lodge selling to £64 and £63 from Peter Thornton. Medium keep mule lambs sold to £48.50. Swaledale wether lambs sold to £40 from Jim Atkinson of Oakenclough. An annual consignment of store lambs from Jim Cuwen of Marshaw Farm had long keep Cheviot lambs, summered on the fell, acheive £48.50 a head and average at £47. A consignment of Swaledale wether lambs from Marshaw sold to £31.

Hill Fair Day Show Results

Class 1 – Draft Ewes

1st – AT German, Caw House - £80, S Park

Class 2 – Mule Gimmer Lambs

1st – JJ & D Huddleston, Botton Hall - £95, M Hopper

2nd – B & SE Carter, Cragg End - £86, R Gibson & Son

3rd – RG & H Preece, Thornbush - £85, RS & IM Kellet

Class 3 – Blue Faced Leicester Rams

1st – JJ & D Huddleston, Botton Hall - £480, J & CW Metcalf & Son

2nd – B & SE Carter, Cragg End - £270, C & N Shearing

3rd – B & SE Carter, Cragg End - £260, C & N Shearing

Class 4 – Ram Lambs – All breeds

1st – M Berry, Highgate Farm - £300, SH & M Batty & Son

2nd – Davies & Wareing, Holly Farm Bungalow - £380, SH & M Batty & Son

3rd – Hazel Carter, Cragg End - £290, JW & TE Sharp

Top Prices


CHAR: £350, £350, £300, £270 Curwin Hill. TEX/TEX X: £580, £500, £480 Brown Brook; £480, £380 Holly Farm Bungalow; £320, £300 Hall Croft Barn; £300 Highgate Farm; £290 Cragg End; £280 Brown Brook. HERDWICK: £65, £60 Moss End Farm. BELTEX: £360, £320, £300, £280, £250, £240 Tercrosset Farm. BFL: £480, £300, Botton Hall; £270, £260 Cragg End; £250, £220 Botton Hall.

Gimmer Shearlings

SUFFOLK: £90 Merryfield. MULE: £160, £150 Bouthwaite Farm; £140 Longstripes, Bouthwaite Farm; £135 Longstripes; £130 North Lodge; £125, £120, £118, £114 Longstripes. TEX: £120 North Lodge; £115 Ash Grove; £90 Merryfield; £85 Sullom Side. JACOB: £78 Wyre Farm. DALESBRED: £69 Sullom Side.

Gimmer Lambs

MULE: £95 Botton Hall; £88 Wallace Lane; £86 Cragg End; £85 Thornbush; £84 Fell End, Hare Apple Tree; £80 £78 Botton Hall, Catshaw Hall; £76 Cragg End; £74 Longstripes. MASH: £71, £65 Fell End Farm. TEX: £63, £48 Mewith Head Hall.


MASH: £88 Sullom Side; £117 Moss End Farm. SWALE: £80 Caw House; £64, £53 Marshaw Farm; £52 Oak Head Farm. ROUGH: £56, £49 Longstripes. JACOB: £58 Wyre Farm. HERDWICK: £50, £44 Moss End Farm


MULE: £48.50 Botton Hall; £47 Longstripes. HRND: £40 Wallace Lane; £31, £30.50, £29, £28 Marshaw; £27 Wallace Lane; £24 Longstripes; £24, £23, £22 Marshaw. CHEV: £48.50, £47, £45 Marshaw Farm. TEX: £68, £64 North Lodge; £63 Cliftons Farm; £59 North Lodge; £49.50 Longstripes; £43 Ewan Mill

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