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Lancaster Monday 7/10/13

Posted Monday, 07 October 2013, 4.20pm

Monday 7th October 2013

Prime Lambs

The trade for prime lambs was sharper this morning for all classes of lambs as the Muslim festival of Eid fast approaches with well fleshed and heavy lambs in strong demand. The overall sale average was 166ppk topping at 181ppk from AM & F Bollands & Sons, Yeat House. The top price of the day came from John Nuttall selling to £85 with a pair of heavy Suffolk’s. Mule lambs noticeably a stronger trade selling to £73.50 for 45kg lambs with mule lambs regularly selling between 150ppk and 160ppk.

Cast Sheep

As with the prime lambs the trade for cast ewes was also stronger. Texel ewes sold to £99 from CR Eastwood of Overdale, Bentham. Mule ewes from Jim Rhodes of Low Kit Brow sold to a top of £70 with all mule ewes forward averaging just over the £50 mark. Well fleshed horned ewes better to sell topping at £60 and averaging at £29.50.

Prime Bulls

The price of prime beef has eased slightly over the recent week and this was reflected in today’s trade. An entry of bulls today into double figures sold to a top price of 209.5ppk with a Limousin x bull from JA Airey, Old Croft topping the market. All bulls forward today averaged 186ppk.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs

SUFF: £79 Post Office Farm; £75.50 Hawkrigg End; £74.50, £74 Fell End Farm; £73 Hall Beck; £72 Maddison Avenue; £71.50 East View; £71 Fell End Farm, Maddison Avenue, Low Bendrigg, Cockerham Hall. MASH: £67 Stanley Farm; £64.50 East View. MULE: £73.50 Oak Head Farm, Sykes Farm; £72 Isle of Skye, Bank Farm; £69.50 Cragg End; £67 Rooten Brook; £65 Isle of Skye; £64 Botton Hall. HRND: £69 Burnt House; £67.50 Fell End Farm; £66 Stanley Farm; £59.50 Fell End Farm. CHAR: £75 Walmsley Farm; £72 Burnt House; £69.50 Low Bendrigg Farm; £68 Rye Close; £67.50 Cobble Hey. TEX: £85 Low Bendrigg; £76 Hall Beck, Claughton Hall; £75.50 Walmsley Fold; £74.50 Claughton Hall, Old Glasson; £74 Walmsley Fold, Hawkrigg End; £73.50 Claughton Hall. LLEYN: £68 Rye Close.

Cast Sheep

SUFF: £63 Cobble Hey. MASH: £67 Old Glasson, £65 Cobble Hey, Old Glasson; £63 Old Glasson. MULE: £70 Low Kit Brow; £69 Low Kit Brow; £55 Knotts Farm; £51 Oak Head Farm; £49 Isle of Skye. HRND: £60, £49, £42 Fell End; £24 Isle of Skye; £22 Ghyll Beck. TEX: £99 Overdale; £94 Low Kit Brow.

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