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Lancaster Monday 28/10/13

Posted Monday, 28 October 2013, 3.02pm

Prime Lambs continue to be a Brisk Trade at Lancaster

Prime Lambs

An entry of over 1100 lambs forward at NWA Lancaster sold to a strong trade with majority being heavy lambs with handy weight lambs short of buyer’s requirements. Lambs sold to an average of 171ppk topping at 210ppk from R & DM Cardwell of Moss Side Farm selling a smart Texel lamb with other good quality Texel lambs selling between 180ppk to 190ppk. The top price of the day was £90 for a heavy weight lamb from Bargh Contactors of Old Woodhouse. Mules sold to £75.50 from Freddie Woodhouse of Fell End with mules from Steven Park selling to 174ppk and all mules forward averaging 166ppk.

Cast Sheep

Cast sheep continue to be a similar trade with good continental ewes continuing to be in strong demand and good to sell. Texel ewes sold to £79 from A & J Rhodes & Sin, Kit Brow with Suffolk ewes from Andrea Gardner selling to £78. Good mule ewes sold between £50 and £60 with plainer types in the £40’s.

Prime Bulls

Prime bulls prices achieved at Lancaster continue to be in line with national averages with good Limousin bulls from S & BM Lawrenson & Son of Northwood Farm selling to 217.5ppk with others from the same home selling to 211.5ppk with bulls from JA Airey selling to 207.5ppk.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs

DOR: £76.50 Beckside Barn. SUFF: £88 North Farm; £83 Far Orrest; £79.50, £79 Fell End Farm; £79 North Farm; £78.50 Hallbeck; £76 Wellington View; £74.50 Fell End Farm; £74 Ancliffe Hall, Hall Croft Barn; £73.50 Birks Farm. MULE: £75.50 Fell End Farm; £72 Highfield Farm; £70 Bank Farm, Cragg End; £68.50 Thornbush Farm; £68 Highfield Farm; £67 Ouzlethorn Farm; £66 Botton Hall. HRND: £58 Yarlsber; £47 Botton Hall Farm; £44 Thornbush Farm. CHAR: £76.50, £76 Old Glasson Farm; £75.50, £74.50 Fell End Farm; £74, £70 Wyre Farm. TEX: £90, £88 Old Woodhouse; £85 Ancliffe Hall; £84 Moss Side Farm; £83 North Farm; £80 Fell End Farm, The Dell, Sandy Hill Farm, Parks Farm Barn; £78.50 Heaton Hall Farm.

Cast Sheep

SUFF: £78 Wellington View; £64 Curwin Hill Farm. MULE: £61 Maddison Avenue; £56 Curwin Hill Farm; £53 Ancliffe Hall Farm; £43 Ellers Farm; £31 Low Moor Head Farm. HRND: £30 Curwin Hill; £28 Curwin Hill Farm. CHAR: £60 Cragg Farm. CHEV: £47, £40 Curwin Hill Farm. TEX: £79 Low Kit Brow.

Prime Bulls

LIM: 217.50 Northwoods Farm; 207.50 Old Croft; 203.50 Northwoods Farm; 199.50 Old Croft. SHORT HORN: 160 Village Farm. MRI: 173.50 Village Farm. MONT: 183.50 Lane House. BAZ: 211.50 Northwoods Farm.

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