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Lancaster Friday 4/10/13

Posted Friday, 04 October 2013, 4.10pm

Weekly Sale of Store Cattle

Store Cattle

A large entry of store cattle continue to be a good trade at NWA Lancaster. 500 store cattle forward this morning saw a show of plannier types forward showing signs of a wet morning. Strong cattle continue to sell to the recent high prices, reaching a top price of the day of £1500 for a strong 24month Charollais steer from JD & GM Bracken, Greenlands Farm. Heifers topped at £1280 for smart Limousin cross from K Thomas of Hill Top, Sedbrgh. A large number of dairy steers sold to £1100 of L. Parsons & Sons, Levens. Young bulls reached £860 for Lim x from R. Eshborne, Glasson Dock. Several new and returning faces ringside today alongside regular attendees competing for all types of cattle. Next week to include special section for suckled calves. Please havce cattle forward in good time to avoid congestion. Show to commence at 9.30am.

OTM and Cast Cattle

Cast and OTM cattle sold inline with the national trend, with best meated cows selling to 187.5ppk(£1144) for a Limousion cow from P. Whitehead, Cautley. A large portion of the sale being dairy cows out of the parlour, generally selling between 95-110ppk. Heifers sold to 161ppk for BRB x from R. Farnworth with cast steers to 134.5ppk for a Freisian from SJ Brass, Ingleton.

Calves & Stirks

A larger entry of calves and stirks forward this week at Lancaster. Calves sold to a top price of £402 for a good two month old British Blue bull from I Lancaster & Son, Boon Town Farm selling to John Townson, Rishton. Black and whites sold to £270 for a two month old from the Cornall family of Bank farm selling to Sam Hargreaves of Overton. A consignment of AA calves from V & EJ Chadwick & Son, Sowerby farm sold to a top of £250 for a 5 week old bull to J Hartley & Son of Westhouse. Heifer calves to £220 for a Limousin from TM Townley, Knowsley selling to Sam Hargreaves, Overton. A larger show of stirks forward today at Lancaster with a Consignment of Black and Whites from Sandvilla selling to £290 at five months old. British blue steer from John Young sold to £470 with British blue heifers from the same home selling to £430. Named sired Herefords are currently in strong demand with a 5 month old heifers selling for £440.



FR- £1100 Low Levens; £1090 2 Church Street; £1030 Greenfield Barn; £1010 Dowlands Farm; £900 Cock Hall Farm; £890 Endmoor Farm. LIM- £1400 Raw End Farm; £1360 Sandscale Farm; £1340 Crooklands Farm; £1310 Greenlands Farm; £1300 Longlands Farm; £1200 Low Kit Brow; £990 Old Hall Farm; £970 Tarnwater Farm. CH-£1500 Greenlands Farm; £1380 King Bank Farm. HE- £1260 Daniel Fold Farm; £1170 10 Barden Croft; £860 Squires Gate Farm SIM- £1240 King Bank Farm; £1200 Greenfield Barn; £1060 Stubb Hall Farm; £650 Colloway Farm .BA- £1460 Head House .JE- £700 Gulf Farm .AA- £1330 Longlands Farm; £1290 Cock Hall Farm; £1250 Low Levens; £1240 10 Barden Croft; £1200 Greenfield Barn; £1190 Raw End Farm; £1180 Claughton Hall Farm; £1160 Cragg Farm .SH- £1180 Cock Hall Farm; £870 Tarnwater Farm. CON- £810 Askew Hill. SA- £790 Greaves Farm. MRI- £470 Colloway Farm. WB- £1020 Sullom Side Farm; £840 Haighton Hall. ST- £950 Whaitber. BRB- £1380 Longlands Farm; £1370 Endmoor Farm; £1360 Hawkrigg End; £1290 Hill Top; £1270 Cock Hall Farm; £1190 King Bank Farm; £1180 Holmegarth; £1090 Dove Cote Farm; £1080 Forton Bank. MO- £1160 Fanny House Farm; £1100 Cragg Farm; £1080 Forton Bank; £840 Sullom Side Farm; £690 Coventry Farm.SRW- £1010 Moss Croft; £890 Squires Gate Farm.


FR- £760 Coventry Farm; £660 Croft House .LIM- £1280 Hill Top; £1210 Station Hotel; £1200 Hazelslack Tower Farm; £1190 Greenlands Farm; £1170 Sandscale Farm; £1090 Cragg Farm; £1040 Brow Foot Farm.CH- £1120 Old Hall Farm; £810 Aynsome Manor Farm. HE- £1090 Corney Hill Farm; £1040 Croppers Farm; £960 Cragg Farm. SIM- £840 Stubb Hall Farm; £830 Friars Moss BA- £1040 Hosskinshire Farm. AA- £1200 Green Close; £1180 Hawkin Hall; £1040 Croppers Farm; £1030 Jolley Fold Farm. SHO- £640 Askew Hill .PI; £1090 New Laund Farm. FLE- £770 Hawkin Hall. BRB- £1200 Botton Hall Farm; £1160 Lodge Cottage; £1150 Dove Cote Farm; £1100 Pasture House Farm; £1090 Brow Foot Farm; £1070 Half Way House


LIM- £860 1 River View


FR- 134.5 Bank End Farm; 134.5 Old Hall Farm; 131.5 Downlands Farm; 131.5 Sandvilla; 127.5 Berryholme; 124.5 Gulf Farm; 124.5 Great Brunthwaite; 119.5 Hare Apple Tree . LIM- 187.5 Hole House; 169.5 Greenways; 149.5 High Gate Farm; 129.5 Hazelslack Tower Farm; 129.5 High Green. BRB- 147.5 High Green; 141.5 Capplethwaite Hall. DR- 109.6 Low Sizergh Farm. MO- 129.5 Low Sizergh Farm. SRW- 137.5 Sandvilla; 124.5 Low Sizergh Farm


FR- 129.5 Hole of Ellel; 99.5 Bank House Farm. BRB- 161.5 Bank House Farm.


FR- 134.5 2 Church Street. LIM- 114.5 Mireside Farm.


FR- £270 Lucas Farm; £185 Tills Farm; £110 Catshaw Hall Farm; £102 Boon Town Farm; £60 Hillam House Farm. AA- £250 Sowerby Lodge; £190 Pump House Farm. BRB- £402 Boon Town Farm. LH- £75 Pump House Farm.


FR- £290 Sandvilla; £235 Boon Town Farm; £210 Catshaw Hall Farm. BRB- £410 Boon Town Farm. SRW- £250 Sandvilla


LIM- £220 Knowsley Far


FR- £410 Bury Lane .HE- £440 Bury Lane .AA- £430 Moss End Farm. BRB- £430 Moss End Farm; £410 Bury Lane.


BRB-£470 Moss End Farm

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