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Lancaster Monday 21/01/13 Primestock Sale

Posted Monday, 21 January 2013, 3.32pm

Pleasing Rise in Prices
Prime Hoggs to 195p/kg & Prime Bulls to 203.5p/kg

North West Auctions Lancaster saw a rise in the price for prime hoggs with a market average of 155p/kg. The market topped at £80 per head for a smart Texel x from P Lawrenson who also sold hoggs to 195p/kg a price also achieved by A & FM Bolland & Son. Better fleshed hoggs regularly 160p/kg – 180p/kg with hill hoggs selling to 157p/kg (£58) from AG Butler.

Cast sheep were once again in short supply with more needed to meet demand. Medium ewes sold to £69 from W Hesleth & Sons and PW & DW Roskell with rams to £102 from C & N Shearing.

Prime bulls sold to a top of 203.5p/kg (£1318) for British Blue x from S & BM Lawrenson & Son with plenty of others upto and around £2 per kilo. Dairy bulls sold to 195p/kg from GA Haston & Son and £913 from K Whitaker & Son.

PRIME HOGGS – Texel: £80 Walmsley Fold; £78.50 Old Woodhouse; £78 Parks Farm Barn, Yeat House; £75.50 The Dell; £74 Hutton Roof Hall. Suffolk: £70 Maddison Avenue; £68 Old Grange; £67.50 Fell End Farm; £66 North Farm. Masham: £64.50 Fell End Farm; £62 Holme House. Mule: £66 North Farm; £64 Holme House; £62 Fell End Farm. Horned: £64 Hutton Roof Hall; £55 Bank Farm. Char: £69.50 North Farm; £67.50 Old Woodhouse. Chev: £60 Hutton Roof Hall; £58 Parks Farm Barn.
CAST SHEEP – Texel: £102 (ram) Deepclough; £69 Springfield. Mule: £69 Old Grange; £68 Ellers Farm; £64 Burrow Heights; £62 Springfield Farm. Horned: £41 Fell End Farm. Char: £71 (ram) Deepclough; £53 Throstle Grove
PRIME BULLS – BB: 203.5p/kg Northwoods Farm. Mont: 195.5p/kg Lane House. Lim: 201.5p/kg Northwoods Farm; 200.5p/kg Yeat House. Fr: 159.5p/kg Yeat House; 154.5p/kg Stirzakers Farm.

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